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  1. I'm looking at a power (maybe more of a martial attack as opposed to a superpower) where the attacker hits the defender in a critical area, paralyzing an arm or a leg. How would you build that? What problems would that cause for the defender combat-wise; i.e. less DCV, less movement, less OCV, etc? If the attacker kept being successful, he could paralyze both arms and both legs. What then happens to the defender (probably DCV 0)?
  2. Tech

    Dimensional Lock

    I've got to get back to real life but I'm satisfied I gave my answer to Bolo's question. Btw, your extra running of +40".... martial throw.
  3. Tech

    Dimensional Lock

    As I see it, the original dimensioner is the attacker, with the power to be created defending against being, oh, invaded?
  4. Tech

    Dimensional Lock

    Why should you have to pay alot? I'm replaying to Bolo who set no campaign guidelines to his original request. A power to prevent EDM that costs huge amounts goes against something one of the Champions books said. I don't have it in front of me so I'll paraphrase "The defense should be cheaper than the attack." As we all know, a power can be built many different ways with different costs. Bolo was general but specific only in trying to emulate an 8th lvl spell. However, you seem to be very specific about a campaign situation (It was the GM that allowed EDM to being with. And to be brought by this character in particular) so I feel like I'm missing something since Bolo didn't mention any particular campaign, GM or character. I'm a bit confused.
  5. I don't disag I'm agreeing with the above. The character with CvK better play the part and use restraint, or as Alverant said " Superheroes should be held to a higher standard when dealing with normal people. If you can fly and punch holes through steel you should also be able to take care of some street toughs with guns without killing them. Otherwise, the public should turn on you."
  6. I disagree with Doc and slightly with Bolo. A disadvantage/complication is there to help you decide what your character will be like, and not like. It molds the character in the way he/she will react. It doesn't ask the GM to pitch you situations where it would make some kind of sense to kill someone: that sounds much like a sadistic GM going out of his way to punish you for holding the high ground. It's for roleplaying fun, not punishing the roleplayer. That's how I see it. The majority of the players in the campaign I'm in take CvK for roleplaying fun. If someone nasty comes along, they easily find ways to stop the person so the authorities can handle the nasty. I guess it depends on your campaign mood and tone.
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    A Thread for Random Mooings

    Ahem.................. moo.
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    Complicate the Person Above

    death tribble was voted as a nuisance by the Klingons.
  9. No one's posted in over a week. Is it ok if I post another picture?

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      death tribble

      Bolo will notice activity and will do something. Trust me. I'm a tribble

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      speaking of that, I complicated you Non-Gaming. heh

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      death tribble

      I noticed.

      There will be blood, it might be yours, so go kill someone signed Bad Horse

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    Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    The Champions game has ended and it's time for the GM to hand out experience points: GM: "Yea, you won! You get 2500 xp + 100 per level. Yeah, right! Take your measely 2 XP." Of course, 2 xp is always nice but it was still funny.
  11. Tech

    Supers Image game

    ScrewySquirrel, it has been a couple weeks: are you going to pick a winner?
  12. Tech

    Thundercats Question

    The sword's abilities should have charges. The sword was used only a certain number of times so limiting how often you can use them is applicable.
  13. Tech

    Cheek Pouches?

    A moveable base of 1 hex you can deposit items in and drop off?
  14. Tech

    Dimensional Lock

    You shouldn't have to pay 300 pts or even 195 pts to stop a power that possibly only costs 20 or 30 points to buy. What about Extra-Dimensional TP, 1 level Megascale, Usuable as Attack, only to teleport object away/back the way the came? Can throw on charges that last 1 turn/hour/etc.
  15. When you write on a hex battlemap, is it best to use water-soluble markers? I tried dry-erase and it was difficult to get off. The map bottom is canvas and the hex-top covering is a soft latex for rolling it up (I think).
  16. Tech

    Critical Hits in the Hero System

    My group never uses criticals because as one person said, it's more likely to happen to the players. In general: if a player rolls a perfect 3, they get bonus damage but certainly not maximum; if a player rolls an 18, their DCV is half for a full phase.
  17. Wow. Mad Science school... assault, I'm going to have to borrow this for a Champions episode.
  18. I think dsatow nailed it. Powers may have different effects in different environments. Try using an electric blast underwater, for example. Your wind blast is useless in outer space, and your oatmeal entangle with no def may end up with a little PD in the hot desert. A good GM will surprise the players with a bonus (or minus) for their powers used in different situations.
  19. massey said etc quote: "If a half-dozen agents show up, all with OAF ice blasters, they don't benefit unless you use the power on them individually as well. But you have to ask yourself... how often does that kind of thing happen? In 20+ years of playing Champions, I don't think I've ever seen a bunch of agents show up with ice weapons. You may be worrying about a situation that will never occur in game." No one can say that when I GM .
  20. Tech

    Battlemap question

    Thanks all for the info. I'm glad our group has 2 battlemaps since they're all sold out now.
  21. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has excellent images of the front & back of the old Champions 2 supplement? Tried some searches online but only found small images of the front cover.
  22. Tech

    Unlikely request: Champions 2

    Thanks, Doc!
  23. Tech

    Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Nah, you don't have to get them out... they'll just be bruised or with minor cuts if they're lucky. If they weren't lucky, hospital or worse...
  24. Tech


    So, Jazz, have we answered your question?
  25. Tech

    Omicron Technology

    The original concept for Ripper's omicron armor is from Stronghold Volume 1 (1981), which says little about it. "Transferred to a military hospital in the states, Allison recovered somewhat, only to be told by his doctors that he was dying from the radiation he had received. The doctors could offer him the only chance at survival -- Project Omicron. This project had been developing certain human augmentation devices for military use. The devices were adapted to Allison, and managed to keep him alive." In this version, Ripper's berserk is from his twisted mind, trying to escape his past; nothing to do with pain. So, even if someone has more information on the Omicron Technology/Project Omicron, go with whatever background you want for it that fits your campaign.