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  1. By the rules, if a Hero with a DEX 25 starts to take a recovery and gets hit by a villain on DEX 20, the recovery is lost. However, if a villain with DEX 25 hits the hero who takes damage, can the Hero with DEX 20 take a recovery on the same phase he was hit?
  2. Tech

    The Unluck Is Strong In This One

    Fortunately, it wasn't me but my brother rolled three 18s in a roll, one after another. Never seen that happen before, never seen it since. (Scenario: A tank is about to run over a superstrong hero. The hero's going to try to grab the tank and do something to it (forgot). 18. He begs to try again. Sooo, the GM allows it. Another 18. He wants to try a third time - a sigh from the GM but allowed. Third 18... GM: The tank runs over you! Take your damage!) Of course, I've also had the pleasure of seeing a friend roll two Perfect 3s one after another.
  3. I'm thinking of an attack which I'm not sure how to build. The attacker throws a ball of energy at an opponent. Assuming the ball hits the opponent, the ball of energy will continue to hit (unless Missile Deflected, it doesn't penetrate a defensive Force Wall, etc). The damage can vary from say, 6d6 Blast Stun to 3d6 RKA. If the low level damage doesn't affect the opponent, the ball of energy can change to it's higher damage in mid-attack. The attacker can eat a hotdog or watch paint dry which the attack continues on its initial damage. Should the attacker decide, the damage will increase. That's kind of my power idea. How would you build it?
  4. Tech

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Saw "Big Hero 6" yesterday. Surprisingly, a good movie.
  5. Ragitsu, if it's meant just to give water, go with Hugh's write-up. I don't think the other write-ups for damage are what the poster is looking for, since the description is for drinking water or taking a shower.
  6. Tech

    How to Build: Dancing weapons?

    It could be built that way, but it doesn't convey an atmosphere of adventure, where the PC can block or at least dodge the dancing sword.
  7. Tech

    How to Build: Dancing weapons?

    For myself, I'd go with the Automaton. I've used it and it works.
  8. Tech


    In our campaign, "E" has created some of our heros' costumes. That's "E" from The Incredibles.
  9. The power is TK which en globes one target, regardless of size with a glow which surrounds the entire object, regardless of size (to a point). If it's a 60 foot yacht, the entire yacht will glow, but if it's only a human, you'll only get a man-sized glow. Now, I was thinking of adding Area Effect because if the object is large (like the aforementioned yacht), the entire object takes damage, not just a section of it. If a train engine gets en globed, the entire engine will take damage. The limitation on the Area Effect is that only one object (the one aimed at/targeted) will take the damage; if a dog was nearby, it's not the target and will not take damage. So, help me out with this power. Let's assume a 50 Str TK for purposes of the power.
  10. Tech

    Question about published villain origins

    Good point. Published anywhere by Hero Games. I want to avoid magic origins.
  11. Are there any published villains who, in their past, were seriously injured but then due to the wonders of modern science/drugs gained superpowers (and of course got healed)? If so, which ones? I'm thinking of making an Champions game with this in mind.
  12. Tech

    Is Area Effect needed for this power?

    IndianaJoe3, TK now allows you to do damage with the power. "A single object" is defined by commonsense understanding of what's being said. If you say a 'yacht', the player is being ridiculous to say a 'yacht' when he means a 'rivet of the yacht'. If you say a 'car', everyone knows what a car is; we don't ask if the gas cap or tailpipe is being referred to (unless there is a problem with the car). To be overly descriptive of what 'an object is' would cause the same problem if a player says "I'm spreading my blast to hit the supervillain"; do you mean the supervillain's clothes, his foci, etc? It's self-explanatory to mean: blast the villain and take some damage you evil foe! However, grabbing a door on a yacht is very specific and the player would have to specify that, thus adding Selective on the Area Effect. However, that's not the case for the power.
  13. Tech

    Choice of Supervillains

    For published villains, some stay the same, others don't. The majority of the villains I use though are about 50% my own creation, the rest a mix.
  14. Tech

    The Sutherland Presidency

    Since I avoid politics in my game, I really really don't like Invictus. I'm with Badger.
  15. I'm curious how much damage do you think a hero or villain who was at the bottom of the 6.8 mile deep Mariana Trench would take? Down there, it's been listed as 15,750 psi.
  16. For tonight's Champions game, I'm using a villain from "Enemies for Hire" - Thunderhead. However, I decided for fun to change him to be the hero Thunderhead from the movie "The Incredibles." What happened is the missile that nabbed his cape and supposedly yanked him to his doom didn't actually kill him. He recovered and now is a supervillain trying to get some money so he can retire. Oh... and he doesn't wear a cape anymore. I think this will be way more fun than the background for this guy in the sourcebook.
  17. Tech


    Cyclops didn't have a problem sleeping or having his eye lids hurting when he shut them because his power is hurting him.
  18. Tech

    Damage of the Mariana Trench

    In a manner of speaking, someone's going there, although it's going to be a villain. No one's going to kick the bucket if you're wondering.
  19. Tech

    Damage of the Mariana Trench

    Thanks so much cptpatriot!
  20. When you build a player character or a supervillain (or see one written up), what do you think makes a good character or even a great character? Is it the stats? Is it the power-scale of the bad guy vs. the heroes? Is it the background that you write-up? What criteria do you use? For myself, it's a combination of multiple things. It could be the picture that the players like. I remember someone drawing their own version of villains and we still laugh and shudder remembering the pictures. It could be that the villain is solo and is powerful enough to handle the team but not so powerful that the heroes have no chance of defeating him. It could be the villain is funny, like how I use Foxbat. It could be the villain is a wimp and keeps trying to take on heroes that will obviously defeat him. A combination of these is what could make a villain great and fun to use. There definitely has to be a chemistry with how a character is played with the other characters, whether hero or villains. I've had villains I've made that I thought would work out wonderful and the players were like 'meh'. I've had a few surprises where I made one-shot villains and the players really liked them and wanted to see them again, to my surprise. So what about you?
  21. Not me. Why should it be removed?
  22. No worse than some of the earliest supervillain history write-ups, and certainly better than European Enemies.
  23. I don't use them as a team; Thunderhead is GM'd solo, modified, and the hero (now villain) from the movie. I've modified alot of the villains in that book: some are just weird to be played or too weak.
  24. I'm agreeing that 'yes', this power would work, as well as needing a PER roll each phase, and keeping END cost going for each phase. However, realizing something is an illusion doesn't automatically break you out of it. I could see the hero with Mental Illusion telling the blinded hero what they're about to do and the target hero willing to accept it to be able to help her fellow heroes. It wouldn't disappear, even unintentionally: the target hero is glad to be able to be helped by a teammate, knowing that what is being "seen" is an accurate illusion.