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  1. Ah no, sorry. I've closed the Looking For Group listing and forgot to update this thread.
  2. @Soleil Noir: I'm looking for 2-4 hour sessions within the given spans rather than a 6-hour session. @Alverant: These are the challenges I face finding folks to play with during my available times. All that said, I've changed up my expectations a little and decided to start up a campaign. Changes are: Playing in Roll20 Using 6e Likely using Roll20's voice vs. Discord, but also utilizing an Obsidian Portal site. Added Sunday to the list of possible days. If interested or wanting more information, check out the game's listing at https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/131709/bay-city-champions
  3. I have a couple game ideas rattling around in my head and need some help deciding which to focus on. One such idea is a city-level (to start) supers game. This wouldn't be set in the Champions Universe, and would rely heavily on PC backgrounds/disadvantages to mold plots/subplots. Rough details: Set in San Francisco, California, in a universe that closely resembles our own, plus Supers(!) Expect to spend some time RPing both in and out of costume. I would prefer to play in MapTool, but will go with Roll20 if consensus demands it. Voice via Discord. I prefer Hero 5e, but if enough people prefer it, I can use 6e instead. Played on a weekday, somewhere between either 11am to 5pm or 9:30pm to 2am CDT/CST. Looking for anywhere between 3 and 6 players who are consistent and enjoy roleplaying as much as roll-playing. I've played and GMed the Hero System way back when it was originally released (as Champions 1e), and have extensive experience with the concepts. If you're interested in playing or have questions, please reply to this thread.
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