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  1. g3taso

    Images - Danger Sense

    Looks like I got a winner. Situational as-is but within that situation incredibly useful.
  2. The idea is to use Images to set off someone's danger sense as a form of intimidation. You might consider it an alternate mechanic for intimidation Presence attacks. I figure I could cast it on another (or me), and that figure exudes an almost palpable aura of menace whether subtle or overt, and others get the immediate impression that to disappoint would be a VERY bad idea, even if I am not doing anything threatening. Danger Sense Group Images 1" radius, +/-4 to PER Rolls (17 Active Points). Naturally, the PER rolls would let people recognize it or not. Is the idea viable? Could it be expanded to include people without Danger Sense? Perhaps Usable as an Attack?
  3. g3taso

    Military questions

    Lets make this easy. Regardless of which U.S. service they come from there are two basic types of military critters E1 - E10: Enlisted, from greenest private to the Sergeant Major of the Army. The lowest rank of noncommissioned officers are Sergeants, which are E5. O1-O10: Officer, from greenest butterbar lieutenant to God himself. Officers control enlisted In multi-Service operations (typically large stuff, like carpet bombing the Highway of Death in Iraq or other more recent adventures, they work out who is in overall charge and go from there.
  4. g3taso

    Tricking Out Weaponsmith

    I was unsure about that one.
  5. g3taso

    Doomsday Prepper package deal?

    KS: Herbalism, Medicine, Food Preservation PS: Farmer, Carpenter, Blacksmith Obviously, these skills also come with hardware (cheese making supplies, carpentry tools, etc).
  6. g3taso

    Post-Apocalypse Firearms

    To expand on C-Note a bit 1. There won't be handloads. What factory is making cartridges? And people reusing the same cartridge for centuries doesn't work. You will have bullet molds to cast your ball of lead. 2. Black powder is king. Made from charcoal, sulphur and saltpeter (often from bird droppings). Matchlocks, flintlocks and black powder. Think Pirates of the Caribbean technology (the pirates, since the British had better arms).
  7. I'm playing Heroic, so I have a soft spot for Weaponsmith as a skill. I just like the idea of being able to make my "babies", those situational weapons for "that special case". Like Ion Blasters for droids in Star Wars, or mebbe that nice weapon mount in The Jackal. So, how might Weaponsmith really shine? I know it's "make and maintain weapons", but how could it be really cool? My first thought is complementary skills. Mechanics or Electronics would be appropriate depending on genre or technology base of course. How might you build a solid character niche on Weaponsmith? What complementary skills are awesome? What shenanigans might you contemplate?
  8. EB 8d6, Area Of Effect (4" Radius; +1) (80 Active Points) In this case I'm modeling something like a grenade. I don't want to have a 4" radius, that's huge! I'd be happy with 2" radius. I considered modeling the power with Explosion but the whole receding damage means it covers a huge area down. How might I change this Energy Blast to have an explosion/AoE that is 2" radius? I want that damage confined to a small area, taking out mooks rather than destroying a neighborhood.
  9. Like this, with the SFX it could be anything from a ham to a hand grenade? Throw Anything: EB 1d6, Area Of Effect Accurate (One Hex; +1/2) (7 Active Points); 1 Recoverable Charge (-1 1/4), OAF of Opportunity (; -1) (And some 0pt limitation saying it has to be something that could be reasonably thrown of course)
  10. So you use Blast and define it as "Thrown Object of Opportunity" and call it good


    Does that work? The idea is I can throw just about anything and be good. It didn't occur to me that I could be throwing a knife, a grenade or something and handwave that as objects of opportunity. I am thinking about that :)


    1. Greywind


      Why wouldn't you be able to?

  11. and grenades, and radio trackers, and ham sandwiches, and eggs for my neighbor's yard. I used a knife because I haven't figured out how to model an NA for throwing objects. Silly putty doesn't have an AP value I can think of, or pool balls, or a tire iron.
  12. Both good ideas. I'm happy to go CSL route or powers. I was just casting the net for better ideas. I got two! I can get the naked range modifier (which is not illegal) and CSLs
  13. I want to model a power of a "deadeye" with thrown objects like knives and suchlike weighing a few pounds at most. I was wanting to "upgrade" throwing knives with longer range and no range modifiers and was thinking a Naked Advantage was the way to go. Although normally ranged advantages aren't bought with STR, in this case it seems to be the best way I have found: 2pt Limited Range (+1/4), No Range Modifier (+1/2) for up to 15 Active Points of STR (11 Active Points); 1 Recoverable Charge (-1 1/4), OAF of Opportunity(; -1), Thrown Small Objects Only (-0) Might there be a better or other reasonably simple way, or is this a good approach?
  14. g3taso

    Making the Most of Presence?

    I like the concept of an evil Captain America-style villain. A natural leader who uses Pre (Offensive only -1, No combat effects -1) like Palpatine to convince others, to persuade, to seduce to the dark side. All for the greater good.
  15. I like Presence in 5e, and probably will like 6e later this spring. I have what I might call an optimization question, or more specifically an "optimization with style" question. I've heard people's thoughts about PRE attacks being super-powerful (usually with some ridiculous stat level), but that seems to be a DM issue than a game one. Here's my question, based on a 200-400pt game with Disadds and with Normal Characteristic Maxima: When pushing beyond the attribute score of 20 into post-NCM territory, what are some ways to effectively limit the effect of PRE while maintaining or expanding a schtick? I guess I'm looking for cool "flavors" of PREsence to share. For example, lets take a 20PRE character who is ready to become something more impressive. He might choose to buy +20PRE; Only With Leadership (-1), Req Persuasion roll (-1/2). This limits PRE to avoid the evil villain Intimidation schtick, making him more the dashing and charismatic commander who says "Get stuck in, soldiers! You wanna live forever?" as he leads his troops into the fray.