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  1. Durzan Malakim

    Extinction Event Kickstarter FEB 18th 2018

    Good to know that they have not gone extinct.
  2. Durzan Malakim

    A Human Firewing

    <comic-book-store-nerd>Actually, Valiant is at 725 points. It's his multiforms Dread and Beacon that are at 825 points.</comic-book-store-nerd> It appears that all the women in Valiant's life will have more points than he does, but he's already got lots of experience being a damsel in distress. My team mates seem to be rescuing Valiant every other episode. Maybe Valiant can be Casey's DNPC now.
  3. Durzan Malakim

    The Unluck Is Strong In This One

    Dork tower had it right. Your dice really do hate you. http://www.dorktower.com/2012/08/23/your-dice-hate-you-free-download-poster/
  4. Durzan Malakim

    The Unluck Is Strong In This One

    Actually the second 18 was an EGO roll to push teleport. That 18 burned out teleport and reduced Dread to her run speed. The Acrobatics roll to dive into the ship was a failure, a 16, just not an 18. Still 18, 18, and 16 was a bad combo. Now if I had been rolling for D&D stats I'd be off to a good start.
  5. Durzan Malakim


    I've updated the complications section again. Adder text for some complications was not displaying but now displays properly. I saw the error in Rivalries where the rival description was not displaying, but now does.
  6. Durzan Malakim

    John Wick 6e

  7. Durzan Malakim

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    Here today, retconned tomorrow.
  8. Durzan Malakim

    Help with Generic Heros

    How combat-optimized do you expect these heroes to be? While I'm sure there are Champions games that require and reward role-playing and skill challenges, I suspect most new players will be expecting to join Superhero Fight Club. You don't want to give them an Ang Lee Hulk when they are expecting a "Hulk Smash!" version. Things to consider: Beast: Will hate any opponent who can move out of her reach, especially vertically. Belt: Will probably not like superhero fight club since he spent nearly 100 character points on skills appropriate to his origin rather than abilities to fight other super heroes. Blur: will play like a video game character controlled by one-button. "I press the Passing Strike button again and again forever." Is there no other attack option you can give her? Blast: Will probably do well in the inevitable "superheroes fight each other when they first meet" encounter. Bolt: Is already well built for superhero fight club, but could be even scarier if he invested fewer points in customization skills. Brain: Is already well built for superhero fight club, and can hover just out of Beast's reach and ruin her day. Brick: Will also hate any opponent who can move out of his reach, especially vertically.
  9. Durzan Malakim


    I updated the complications section to have properly display all the adders in parentheses. I also updated all the preview screenshots to show version 2.05.
  10. Durzan Malakim


    I updated the Perks section to display adders in parentheses, properly display positive reputation bonuses, and properly display contact rolls. Using the magic of REPLACE and REG_REPLACE, the export format distinguishes between Perks where the Levels are bonuses, such as with Positive Reputation, and Perks where the Levels increase the Perk Roll, such as with Contacts.
  11. Durzan Malakim

    How do you build characters

    Several of my early builds of my current super hero included useless flavor skills and perks that fit the character concept. After several rounds of GM review and suggestions, these items are essentially free flavor items that cost no points. Granted, that's because they don't show up in game or only show up in exposition between scenes/adventures. My current build is much more utilitarian and combat-effective, but that's what my team needs. As the designated face-man and backup tank/brick I can't afford to be a glass canon.
  12. Durzan Malakim


    I've updated the export format to display both primary and secondary values in the damage tracking blocks. I think Elastigirl looks usable in the new format.
  13. Durzan Malakim


    I failed both my perception and deduction rolls here. Yes, the big blocks are indeed intended for live tracking of values in combat. I didn't occur to me to list multiple values for STUN, BODY, and END in those tracking boxes. I blame years of D&D-based conditioning of tracking one-and-only-one pool of hit points for this oversight. "Who would create separate hit point pools? That's just crazy!" I don't think I'll fix that display since it will throw off the layout of the page. Besides players can write in the correct number in the current max box if they're actually tracking totals.
  14. Durzan Malakim


    Is the 30 / 60 display not sufficient? The export is just displaying the primary and secondary values from HD. You can change the calculation to add the +30 STUN and +30 END to the primary value instead of the secondary value.