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  1. Durzan Malakim

    A Human Firewing

    <comic-book-store-nerd>Actually, Valiant is at 725 points. It's his multiforms Dread and Beacon that are at 825 points.</comic-book-store-nerd> It appears that all the women in Valiant's life will have more points than he does, but he's already got lots of experience being a damsel in distress. My team mates seem to be rescuing Valiant every other episode. Maybe Valiant can be Casey's DNPC now.
  2. Durzan Malakim

    The Unluck Is Strong In This One

    Dork tower had it right. Your dice really do hate you. http://www.dorktower.com/2012/08/23/your-dice-hate-you-free-download-poster/
  3. Durzan Malakim

    The Unluck Is Strong In This One

    Actually the second 18 was an EGO roll to push teleport. That 18 burned out teleport and reduced Dread to her run speed. The Acrobatics roll to dive into the ship was a failure, a 16, just not an 18. Still 18, 18, and 16 was a bad combo. Now if I had been rolling for D&D stats I'd be off to a good start.
  4. Durzan Malakim


    I've updated the complications section again. Adder text for some complications was not displaying but now displays properly. I saw the error in Rivalries where the rival description was not displaying, but now does.
  5. Durzan Malakim

    John Wick 6e

  6. Durzan Malakim

    Trying to get foreign naming right

    Flexibility is what makes English both the "Devil language" and "the language of the Devil."
  7. My intent is to make my normal PD resistant and hardened only when my hero raises his force field Resistant Protection. The limitations are the same one I have on Resistant Protection.
  8. This is like getting an unexpected tax return. I don't understand it, but I'll take it. Thank you for confirming the math.
  9. When adding a characteristic as a power and using the "Add Modifiers to Base Characteristic" option, HERO Designer calculates the real cost of incorrectly. In this example, the Base Characteristic is a PD of 5. Applying +3/4 worth of Advantages generates 3.75 or 4 Active points, which HERO Designer calculates correctly. Applying -1 worth of Limitations should generate a cost of 2 Real points, but instead generates a cost of 0 Real points. As a workaround, I can use a custom adder of 3 to force the real cost to be 2 points.
  10. Durzan Malakim

    Do you have a personal life?

    I've seen hero personal lives come up in two different ways in our group. When one story arc ends and before we start another we tend to have a round-table where the GM asks each of us, "What has your character being doing in their off time?" This gives every character some time in the spotlight, but it can also mean some of us zone out/don't play while we're not the focus of attention. When it's my turn, I prefer off-time activities that might conceivably include my cohorts and give them permission to participate in my personal life. We've gotten some interesting stories and plot hooks from that approach. A character's personal life can also generate adventure seeds for the group. Ideally one character's personal mission becomes the group's mission, but so far all we've had is one character's hunted becoming the group's problem. Frankly, I'd prefer we took turns completing personal missions as a group. We have the story hooks to do it. We could help our wizard become the archmagus. We could help our Jedi yeti recover his memory and find Shangra La. This would require us to be comfortable being the guest star in someone else's solo movie, but I think it would make for some good stories.
  11. Durzan Malakim

    Heroes of the Multiverse

    This premise reminds me of Brandon Sanderson's The Reckoners series. In that series, there's a reason power corrupts most people. Certainly you have an opportunity to create a common origin story or perhaps have players explain why they weren't corrupted. I'd also expect this multiverse to have a lot prejudice against powered-people since they are mostly villains behaving badly. I suspect there would be a strong selective-pressure for invulnerability or a high-villain mortality rate in the beginning.
  12. Durzan Malakim

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    Here today, retconned tomorrow.
  13. Durzan Malakim

    Ways to destroy the world

    Since Mechanon is working through catspaws, I'd suggest he provides his dupes a new augmented-reality/virtual-reality item that explodes in popularity. The device can be anything, but if you're looking for ideas I suggest the Wingman glasses from the novel After On. They are basically just a Google Glass upgrade linked to an AI. The dupes believe the glasses slowly brainwash and make their wearers more compliant, which they can do, but Mechanon would obviously have the override codes to transform people into full on borg-cyber-zombies. Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned zombie apocalypse?
  14. Durzan Malakim

    Who should be the Nest Leader of Campaign City?

    I suggest making him a Catalonian pigment scientist who dabbles in day trading because no one expects the Spanish ink position.