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  1. Hiya! Yeah. I was born in Crescent City in northern California and lived there for about 8 months. Then we moved to Los Angeles where I lived up to age 9 (my "childhood"...looking back, interesting fact, I had a grand total of ZERO white friends...they were all Mexican with a token Chinese kid). Moved to Edmonton and stayed there for about 6 months or so ('winter', basically). Then up to the Great White North! Had my 10th birthday the month we arrived. Pretty much been here ever since other than a 10 month stint in Lethbridge (GF went to Uni there so I tagged along), and about 2.5 years in Vancouver (lived in North Van; went to Vancouver Film School and then CDIS...both for 3D animation; CDIS was/is in Burnaby, btw). I remember when we first moved up here to Whitehorse. No paved streets. Mainstreet was a boardwalk, so no concrete sidewalk, and the whole of the city had but ONE traffic light. Population was something like 11,000 at that time ('79). Very little traffic, wolves, moose, and the occasional bear would walk through town. It was nice. Now? Lights everywhere, VERY rarely do wild animals come through other than fox and coyote's. Bigger buildings, rush-hour traffic (turning a normal 4 minute drive from A to B into a 15 minute drive), traffic circles (!), and a population of about 26,000. Waaaay to many people for my taste. Anyway, 'small town/city' is definitely where I want to live. No need to lock your car or house, everyone is generally nice and helpful...because everyone knows who you are or would see you around. Vancouver was ok for those 2.5 years...but I don't think I'd want to live there unless I was a multi-millionaire. Which I'm not. Paul L. Ming
  2. Hiya! Whitehorse, Yukon. Have a feeling I may be moving north a bit more, to Dawson City (another 600km or so). Whitehorse is getting to big for my liking. Not for another five to ten years, but I do kinda see myself up there later. Mind you, in five to ten years even Dawson City might be "too big city" for me. Paul L. Ming
  3. Hiya! Well, mallet, I'm about 2,400 km north of you. Paul L. Ming
  4. Hiya! Thanks for the suggestions! I don't think we will use HERO for our "Super Hero" games though, in all honesty. We have tried a handful of other super games over the decades, and we all know that for a Super Hero game, we want "fast n' loose". Up until about a year ago that was Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set (playing it since it hit the market back in '86). But a year ago I bought a PDF of a game called "SUPERS! Revised Edition", gave it a quick read, and promptly forgot about it for a couple months. Then read it again more thoroughly. I thought "This actually sounds pretty cool..." so I grabbed a hard copy. A few weeks later only two people could make it to our Sunday game session...and the SUPERS! book was right there so I said "Lets try this". After an hour we were hooked! Started a SUPERS! campaign right then and there and ordered hard copies for all my players. With Champions, I think we'd get too bogged down in numbers and stats and who goes when, and if someone can interrupt another, and all the other stuff a more detailed system has. With SUPERS! Revised Edition ("SUPERS! RED, as it is usually called), it hits that sweet spot of "wide-open interpretation, but enough detail to give us easily understood boundaries". Then again...I'll probably give Champions at least one or two serious tries. You never know when a game's play is going to really hit the sweet spots! :) Thanks again all! I'm still slowly digesting the hundred pounds of books I bought....slow going, like climbing the cliffs of insanity I guess. ;) ^_^ Paul L. Ming
  5. Hiya! Well, I've "skimmed through" most of them. Wowzers. I remember reading and making (or trying to) a character for Champions (I think it was the 2e book...it was back in the early/mid 80's iirc). I remember the difference between "Stun" and "Killing" damage and thinking to myself..."That's a pretty cool idea...hmmm...". One thing I did notice...I can't believe I forgot a couple books I wanted! O_O I just now (last minute or two) ordered Ultimate Base, Champions, Champions: Universe, Champions: Powers, and Champions: Beyond. I generally like more "simplistic, fast n' furious" style systems for my comic book RPG's, but I am also a sucker for 'em. I own a LOT of different super hero systems, and Champions was sorely lacking. Well, that' problem's fixed now! Should have another box or two showing up in a couple weeks (...and what's another $260, right?... ). Anyway...this summer I think I'm going to run a "HERO System" campaign. Better to have more books than I need than need more books that I have! Paul L. Ming
  6. Hiya! Ok, got it all just a few minutes ago. Here's a crappy pic, but hopefully it's clear enough. Looking forward to giving it a run this summer! (hope this shows up...) Paul L. Ming
  7. Hiya! Will do...once the books arrive. Where I live, it's "2 - 6 weeks"...probably closer to the 6 than the 2, but you never know. But at least I get the PDF's to read until then! I'll try and remember to take some pics or video or something. Can't imagine what the "duty" on the batch will be when it crosses the border into Canada (hell, shipping was a couple cents under $95). Expensive hobby! Then again, if I get even a tenth of the value that I have gotten out of my BECMI box sets and 1e AD&D books...it's a steal! Paul L. Ming
  8. Hiya! Thanks guys! I think I got myself a nice, fat Check Out Cart from RPGNow.com of...well... a lot of things (about $615 worth; multiple copies of a few, all in Print). I figure that should do it for now. Thanks again! Paul L. Ming
  9. Hiya! Question: If money was no object, what books would everyone recommend for an experienced RPG'er looking to get the "Full Delux Experience" of the system? Thanks! PS: I'm a very experienced RPG'er with 38+ years under my belt (and about 38+ pounds above it!... ), mostly as DM. I'm just a newb with the HERO system is all... Paul L. Ming