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  1. Shadow7

    Members of the HeroWatch

    Sovereign City is a city of heroes. It's a city that rivals the large cities like Los Angeles or New York, being very advanced and overcrowded. It is near the ocean. It's defended by heroes of all kinds, who are welcomed by the authorities as long as they maintain some respect of the law. Stuart Caito is the D.A. of Sovereign City. He is following in his father's footsteps but has become frustrated with the faults in the justice system. Deciding he has had enough of it, he soon crafts a crime-fighter identity in order to combat against the rise of crime and evil in the city. Drawing from his legal background, he cloaks himself in long flowing gowns, wearing a mask to cover his face. He becomes the Judicator. He is careful to operate in the law as much as possible, so that the bad guys he arrests don't get out of jail because of legal loop holes. He is armed with a gun that is filled with rubber bullets (a Mercy gun) and equipped with gadgets which he calls his tools of justice. He has a superior knowledge of the law, and he is trained to handle himself in a fight. He is fearless, and determined in his quest, but he knows he can't do it alone. He calls on others to join him in the HeroWatch, who will answer his call?
  2. Shadow7

    Members of the HeroWatch

    Here's an idea perhaps that's been done before in some people's campaigns. An alliance of heroes is formed in order for their city to be protected. It's not a formal team but rather an unofficial pledge by the heroes to create the HeroWatch. Heroes come, heroes go depending on their availability, sometimes depending upon the need. Players play street level heroes when needed for the adventure, more four colored heroes when the adventure requires that. However, the campaign continues focusing on the city and the heroes that participate in the HeroWatch. I'm sure this is not a new idea but one that I recently thought of with people coming and people going in the RPG group as well, and how some adventures are better suited for different types of characters. For this forum, just for fun if we were to come up with a city that needed to be defended, who would be some of the heroes that would join the HeroWatch? For this forum please offer your character idea. The character doesn't have to be fully crafted into any type of RPG system, but more rather just sharing a character concept. Let's see what kind of interesting characters we can come up with together. Thanks for participating!
  3. The Wildcards series is actually being made into a tv series, so I would think that most of them will be reprinted if they haven't already.
  4. I read this in another forum about reading the latest Pulps, and it got me thinking about Superhero fiction. Anyone read any good or interesting original superhero fiction prose novels? Not really talking about comic books in general, but the superhero novels especially the ones that feature original characters and not just the DC or Marvel heroes in novel form. For myself I have found that the Vanguard Series by Percival Constantine is very interesting. It reads very much like a role playing campaign, even breaking the stories into several episodes for each book. The books are even numbered by season, with five of them being in the series. I have also found the Ghost series by George Mann to be very unique. It is a cross between dieselpunk and superhero fiction. Finally if I were mention a comic book series it would have to be Kurt Busiek's Astro City. The story reads like a novel, with so many different heroes (and villains) highlighted. It even portrays a lot of the adventures from the everyman's perspective. Good stuff! Anyone have anything they would like to recommend or share? Thanks! Shadow7
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to put together a RPG campaign strictly using fan fiction writing? Perhaps where all of the participants were to play a character, and one person would start off the campaign describing something. Then each of the participants would describe what they would do in the scene, and then maybe one of them would add to the next scene and so on, so that each would have a hand in contributing to the scenes of the campaign. Each of the characters would write their own involvement and maybe even interact with the other characters based on what they describe themselves as doing. Has that been done before? I know a lot of people play online, with various means of play, is that one of them? Just curious, how that would work and if it has ever been played before. Would rules be needed for this style of game, or could the participants agree to make it fun without taking advantage this? Or if rules were needed maybe using something like the LARP rules since they have been simplified or do the regular rules work in this manner? Thanks! Shadow7
  6. Thanks for that! I especially love finding the free adventures, and adding them to my campaign! Shadow7
  7. Shadow7

    Champions for One Player and One GM

    Just curious along the same lines, when you guys played with only two, was it purely a solo adventure campaign or did you add GMPC heroes to aid the player? Shadow7
  8. Really good names and ideas with so many of these! A few I had actually thought up of, some were really new such as Java....I really liked the Spider idea, that really fits the type of support that I am looking for, not someone with immense wealth but someone who operates out of her basement while still maintaining a job during the day to pay her bills..... Thanks for the ideas! Not sure which one I am going to use yet..... Shadow 7
  9. Hi all, I have always enjoyed some of the creative ideas that I have received from all of you in designing my campaign. I am looking for your help once again. I am looking at adding a Felicity Smoak or Oracle type character to the campaign to serve as a computer tech NPC to assist the PCs on their adventures. Like Felicity or Oracle, the character would strictly be at her computer, and may not even have any direct contact with the PCs at all except through their computer link. I am looking for a creative name that might represent both a cyberpunk and technology theme. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks! Shadow7
  10. Shadow7

    I need some help on a villain

    Very good idea, indeed! A true guardian angel power! What kind of power might that be in game terms? Thanks!
  11. Shadow7

    I need some help on a villain

    Based on some of the suggestions here, I am thinking of combing a few...She will receive good luck by causing bad luck on her opponents. She will also have the ability to create images based upon the worst fears of the person. Finally, she will have the ability to create a barrier, she will have mind defenses and a magic bolt to project. The more "good" luck she receives the more powerful she becomes. In order for her to be defeated, the Furies will have to reverse the karma. They should be able to do this in several ways. One of the heroines is a sorceress, Spellbound who will have a dispel power which can rid the effects of the bad luck. Another heroine, Portal is time traveler that can jump back into the past or future into short bursts, sidestepping the bad luck effects before they happen. I have yet to think of any ways in which the warrior angel character, Guardian Angel can overcome the effects on her own. She basically is combination of Wonder Woman and Shazam combined with a sword. Thanks all for your suggestions, once again all good ideas!
  12. Shadow7

    I need some help on a villain

    All great suggestions, thanks! I think I have a better idea of how to make this villain...
  13. Shadow7

    I need some help on a villain

    Hi all, I could use some help on an evil sorcerer that will be trying to resurrect a fallen supervillain. I am going to run an introductory adventure of the Furies (an all female superheroine group) against a sorcerer named Karma. I am thinking that Karma may have some powers that involve bad luck. However, I am still up in the air as to what else this evil sorcerer may have as far as powers in order to battle the Furies. She is going to break into the museum in order to steal the body of the fallen supervillain in order to resurrect him. Any one have any ideas on some powers she might have? Thanks for your help! Shadow7
  14. Shadow7

    Superheroine Team Names

    I love all these ideas, they are really well thought out! I think I am going to go with the name the Furies, which was suggested by Cassandra! Since the Furies were three female spirits of justice and vengeance. Sounds like a good description for our ladies' sg. I shared with one of them the name and the meaning behind it, and she loved it! Thanks all for your help! Shadow7