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  1. dranthor

    super small size

    thank you I had been reading a different post on it thinking it was the same one.
  2. dranthor

    super small size

    can you let me know what I would type in the command line? It doesn't like HD6 and where would I put the number in the command line. I know I'm asking a lot but I have no idea what I'm doing with this
  3. dranthor

    super small size

    Sorry I found the post you were talking about however my HD6 had to run through a jarfix and when I look at it the program just says HD6 with nothing behind it. under type it says program Jar_runner where would I put the number. I have some computer experience but it has been a long time since I tried to modify anything your help is appreciated.
  4. dranthor

    super small size

    where would I find that update?
  5. dranthor

    super small size

    Now that I am able to open my HD jar file I'm finding the program opens really really small Print is probably like 2 or 3. I need a magnifying glass to even see it and it takes up less than a one by one square on my machine. How do I get it larger so I can use it?
  6. dranthor

    HD6 can't open it

    I'm trying to open my copy of HD6 and was having difficulty so I redown loaded it. I tried again and I still can't open it. I don't see the .exe file in my download. Can you help? this is what it shows when upzipped DefaultPrintTemplate.hde DefalutPrintTemplate6e.hde HD6 HDdDocs HDLogo herologo HeroSystem_6ELogos