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  1. Lollypopalopicus

    Dealing with equipement and cost

    We've used it in both Heroic, and Superheroic in the past. Like I said, since none of us really play characters based around gadgets, it usually isn't much of an issue
  2. Lollypopalopicus

    Magic and Science VPP

    That makes sense. Setting wise, there is basically 4 main powers. Magic, Psychic, Ki, and Technology. VPP with no limitation basically represents either having all of them, or some unknown, godlike, world altering powers. Generally, If you are highly resistant to magic, you can bet you enemy is hiring a psychic to hunt you down.
  3. Lollypopalopicus

    Dealing with equipement and cost

    I just figured I would mention this idea that one of my groups used with regards to characters finding items and using equipment, without permanently investing points into it. I remembered it after starting a thread dealing with a tech based VPP To us, it never really made sense that certain things had to be paid for. For example, sure, a peasant would have no idea how to use a sword well, represented by a low OCV and no abilities related to using one, but any moron with an arm and average arm strength can at least pick up a sharp piece of mental and attack someone, no matter unskilled at it they may be. In a heroic campaign, Those small amounts can add up fast. I should preface this by mentioning that said group didn't really have any “gadgeteers”, so there was no issue with anyone feeling as though there character was being made weaker in comparison, so that was one of the reasons I think the whole thing worked. Basically, every character and npc has what was called "The equipment pool". Everyone had a VPP that basically represented your equipment, There were obvious restrictions. -You had to find said item in game, or make it -Originally, it was not something you could invest points into improve, (more on that later). -You got a significant penalty if it was something you would have no feasible idea on how to use, like a peasant with a sword, or a wizard from the medieval ages with a gun. -Obviously, you had to have said item on you, and you could not change said item out of the blue. Meaning you could just suddenly devote more of your pool to increase a magic items damage. (Though if you wanted to do so, when you character had the time, they could improve the item, though that meant it would take up more of your equipment pool when actually using it). -I think there were some others, but I can't remember, as I haven't played with the group in a while. This made everyone pretty happy. The Magic user got to have some magic items at their disposal that didn't detract from their actual spell casting. The warrior characters were able to invest said points into doing more cool tricks with their weapons rather than having to spend character points to use a weapon that had all the same design and skill requirements of the weapon they already had, but was just more powerful, and thus, would have to not use it until they got more CP. If there was concern for characters being over powered, well, the solution was simple. After all, everyone had this pool. There was one fight were the fighter lost one of their more powerful weapons, and before they had a chance to get it, the boss started attacking him. They kept fighting, when suddenly, a random mook stabs him in the back with the sword he dropped. As for things that didn't use equipment, we either made them stronger to balance things out, or we decided that it would make sense for it to be easier to beat. After all, tool usage is how humans beat things like wolves and bears, and took over the planet. Depending on the type of game, there were some adjustments to the way it worked, and how large it was. For example, in one fantasy game, we decided that the VPP would scale relative to how much CP a character actually had, as it showed that as they grew stronger, they could wield more magical items at once, and control more powerful ones. You could try and use something that was beyond your power, but it would have a side effect based on what the item did, and just how out of your league it was. The magic user almost died trying to use an amulet he found before checking to see how strong it was because it actually belonged to the king of Demons. Later on, he was able to try again. It still hurt, but he managed to pull off what he was trying to do. In another game, you just couldn't activate it because you were too weak. If you really wanted, you could probably figure out a way to incorporate this into games even with “gadgeteers”. They way we decided it was that they could either invest in a separate, less restricted VPP, or to increase their equipment VPP, which would alleviate some of the restrictions on it, but not all of them. No one really did it all that much, so I can't say for certain how well it would go. This is just something my group came up with that seemed to work well for us, so I thought I would share it with everyone here to see what others think, and to give people the opportunity to use the idea if they were struggling to solve the issue like we were.
  4. Lollypopalopicus

    Magic and Science VPP

    Make sense, but it seems odd to have one VPP that is just magic cost the same as one that is magic and tech.
  5. Lollypopalopicus

    Magic and Science VPP

    That could work. My plan was to basically have them to have their goal to effectively become their worlds equivalent of a good Dr. Doom. Master Sorcerer and Scientist, so if I do, I would have to find a way to get them to be about the same level. Still that does sound like a good starting point. Gadgets and the like was never a problem for me before, because one of the house rules used in one of the groups I'm in was basically what we called, "The equipment pool" which was something everyone had. I might make a second thread on it just to throw the idea out there for others to try if they are interested.
  6. Lollypopalopicus

    Magic and Science VPP

    So, I was thinking of a making a character who used both magic and technology, and was going to give them a VPP. The problem is, the disadvantage for just magic is (-1/4). That means, if I had science and magic, it would be even less of an advantage, which does not exist, meaning I may as well just give said character access to things like psychic powers, Mutant powers, etc. I could just have two VPP's, 1 with just magic, and another that has just tech, but that would end up being ludicrously expensive. I suppose I am stuck, where I want to go with the character idea without having them be worthless due to point distribution, while not being so broken that they would be disallowed or no fun to play.
  7. Just wondering, would buying characteristics as a power, not with a focus, but with something like costs END to activate/maintian, rather than using Aid or Boost and rolling for the result work? Mainly asking because another player had a power frame work with the x2 END limitation, and figured that, since it was a spell that had a more structured casting as opposed to being random, it would make sense for it to have the same effect each time.
  8. Lollypopalopicus

    Two way communication devices.

    I was trying to build something like a crystal ball that you can call other people who have their own. Would unified scrying and transmit senses work best, or would transmit senses with usable on others and requires multiple users be better? Any suggestions?
  9. Lollypopalopicus

    Cosmetic transform... on the universe?

    Just to chime in, Champions Beyond does have the scepter of annihilation which was designed to "restart the universe". If anyone has it, they can look it up, or I can do it later, but I think it was ten thousand+ active points.
  10. Basically, the idea is that the caster spends five minutes creating a magic circle and casting a spell, and once done, the spell lasts for about twenty minutes (as per 1 lasting charge). The problem is, is that it is supposed to be used by up to eight people at a time, and anyone can use it, for as long as the spell lasts. Effectively, it gives anyone who stands in the circle the ability to use a megascale teleport to anywhere on the planet for no END, as the magic of the circle does all the work. I considered just using gate, but the way it is supposed to work is that it is not only one way, but allows the user to go anywhere they want. They just stand in the circle, think about where they want to go, and they suddenly appear there, so a gate that leads to one place wouldn't work either. I have some ideas, I just don't know the right advantages to use, or at least, what ways to use them. I was thinking Usable on others, no conscious control and uncontrolled, but I am not entirely sure how to go about all the details, simply because while it takes concentration, incantations, gestures, etc, to make it, once made, using it takes no time, so no one else has to spend that amount of time doing all the rituals and such, so I don't know how granting the powers to others would work, especially since I am possibly granting it to others beyond the original 8. Any advice would be appreciated, and my thanks in advance.