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    I have my temporary driver's license - and - my astronaut application form... I didn't pass that though, I failed everything but the date of birth.
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    RIP: Harry Anderson

    Growing up in New York, Night Court was one of my favorite shows.
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    Spending Willpower: When a character taps into their Willpower they push beyond their normal capacities highlighting their actions in Features. Multiple Features can be added to an action. However, unless otherwise stated a Feature can only be added once to a roll. Willpower costs based on how poten the potential bonus. Basic Features cost, 1, 2, or 3 Willpower, offering characters increasingly potent bonuses. Cost 5 Features improve on the original basic Features while 10 Willpower can cheat death. Willpower may be used in the following ways:
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    There are times I wonder, did I do this just to kill the PCs, or is it because they did this to themselves? Then I remember, they rushed in with no plan and when things got weird they pressed forward instead of backing away. Boons Languages: Creole, French, Haitian TY Drawbacks Pariah Fighting Styles Value Bully 4 (2 AP) Strength/Offense Secondary Role: Initiate MA Secondary Role: Defense MA Cost 7 AP Powers Value Ti Malice’s Blessing 12 - Mental/Support: Sleight of Hand Radius MA Added Support: Distraction, Stealth MA2 Illusions (Active Illusions, Hard Illusions, Meddling Illusions, Mirror, Mirrored Defense) MA6 Meddling (Disorenting) MA Where are they Really? (secondary Role: Defense) MA Locked Power: Radius only for Meddling Cost: 1 Power + 12 Boons + 9 AP Gear Value Sword, Great 10 Offense/Strength Devastating MA Total Devastation MA Secondary Role: Defense MA Extra Stamina MA Cost: 12 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 36/Gear = MA4TY (9 Boons)
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    reductio ad absurdum
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    Elves vs MCU villains

    Not only did they go on a road trip but about half way through met up with Rita Repulsa and were... um... out shined by her skills to entertain.
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    Elves vs MCU villains

    Clearly they all negate each other.
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    Favorite legacy/sidekick character

    I'd like to go with Captain America, who is clearly the Human Torch's son, or is it the other way around? Is it grandson maybe?
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    Price of Freedom RPG West End games
  14. Does Salvatore Bonpensiero from the Sopranos count?
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    Unique Drawback: Limited: Requires Absorption