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  1. Um, I think that's a gas company phone number. Seems even more fitting now.
  2. The answer is simple, as simple can be, the day before Christmas, take down these stockings, take every present: Pop guns, pampoogas, pantookas, and drums! Checkerboards, bizilbigs, popcorn, and plums! Suff them in bags. One by one up the chimney.
  3. It's the final update! Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man? The Shadow knows! Ghosts may not be true specters of the deceased but they move unseen through the world. http://housedok.com/power-archetype-the-ghost/
  4. After a brief break for the holidays we're back with the Symbiotic. http://housedok.com/power-archetype-the-symbiotic/
  5. Let's get mythical, mythical, let me see your legends walk. http://housedok.com/power-archetype-the-mythic/
  6. Lets put it all together and see what we can make. It's the Gadgeteer. This was a fun write up, if only because there are so many ways to take the Archetype. While we don't really get into it in the article, we do provide a character example from our AP series that uses magic instead of tech. http://housedok.com/power-archetype-the-gadgeteer/
  7. This seems like the Superman movie Zack Synder wanted to make. It fits right in with the DC movies. I'm not sure if this movie will offer us anything new, but it may be fun to watch.
  8. Don't rush to conclusion on this one, it's the Speedster. http://housedok.com/power-archetypes-the-speedster/
  9. Did you see it coming? Time to talk about the Mentalist. http://housedok.com/power-archetype-the-mentalist/
  10. This was a fun write up. A lot of the archetypes have very broad scope, the Blaster narrows things down to just blowing things up. http://housedok.com/power-archetype-the-blaster/
  11. More human than human, lets talk the Ultra-Human http://housedok.com/power-archetype-the-ultra-human/
  12. Who am I? http://housedok.com/power-archetypes-the-shapeshifter/
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