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  1. Certified

    2018 World Cup

    Strategic tea supplies have been cut off from Croatia.
  2. Certified

    2018 World Cup

    Those poor Croatian families. Anyone hear that there's been an outbreak of radiation poisoning.
  3. Certified

    Poll: A War for the Ages

    Woot! Now for my inspiration! I would like you all to image the following scene, replacing Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase with the Doctor and Martha Jones, and our other doctors with the assembled characters. Of course the GSG20s are our rogue Council of Reeds.
  4. Certified


  5. Okay, here we go: With the pending holiday, how about: Captain America (Steve Rogers) Cyclops (Earth-81122) Falcon Hawkeye Patriot (Elijah Bradley,) Winter Solider Now if we are going for the 'mightiest heroes' mantle: Captain Marvel Hulk Scarlet Witch Thor Quasar Wonder Man
  6. Wait a moment ... that's sounds a lot more like a group of Defenders than Avengers.
  7. Interesting question. Here is a list of all the heroes who have been Avengers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Avengers_members
  8. Certified


  9. Certified

    Representation Matters

    Close enough... To date this, that was Sony's launch of the 4 MB memory stick.
  10. Certified

    Representation Matters

    It's hard to formulate words that would be respectful enough, so we'll keep it short, thank you for the honesty. It takes so much to speak to these parts of one's life. So again, thank you and I hope that everyone in your life accepts you and helps you to more through the transition as painlessly as possible. On a side note, my avatar is me at a computer convention. It's not a great image, but I thought it looked cool.
  11. Certified

    Funny pics

    No roll required for at least one of my players.
  12. Certified


  13. Certified

    June '18 Superdraft: A War for the Ages

    Link to the title and description post
  14. Certified

    June '18 Superdraft: A War for the Ages

    Option 2: A train...
  15. Certified


    Character Creation Part 0: Campaign Scope & World Building Introduction Tone Four panels Ronin, Elf and Nox standing together