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  1. Scorpion

    New Champs Site

    So what does an Asian restaurant in the UK have to do with my site? And again, why would you need HD to view my site?
  2. Scorpion

    Writer's Guidelines

    I have since received clarification that you can publish for editions other than 6th or Complete with explicit permissions from HERO Games. However, they are amenable to the idea in certain cases, so I would follow up with Jason Walters. Sorry for my misleading post initially, but do contact him, he's a pretty cool and reasonable guy.
  3. Scorpion

    Nah...Better Not

    There are no ideas too stupid for a one-shot villain! I've written up: Bio-Degrader (Transform organic matter) Intoxicant (Area Effect Drain INT can be killer!) Mosquito, Master of Vampirism (yes, his costume looked like a certain mutant supremacist) Pinball (an android composed of pinball machine parts, lots of EB with Bouncing attacks). You know, even the best character concept can be explained so it sounds stupid. How much better is it to take a dumb concept and make it awesome?
  4. Scorpion

    New Champs Site

    New post! One of my own PCs. http://www.champions-4ever.com/2017/05/20/kid-magus-for-champions/
  5. Scorpion

    New Champs Site

    Should be done now, I think. I don't use RSS feeds, but it should be good now. Have a look, and let me know if it doesn't work.
  6. Scorpion

    New Champs Site

    I'm not following. What is HTML HERO? And/or why would you need Hero Designer to view my site?
  7. Scorpion

    New Champs Site

    Maybe? I'll look into it!
  8. Scorpion

    New Champs Site

    The recent Bundle of Holding inspired me, so I made a new Champs blog! It will focus on Champs 4th Edition, but will have some resources for Champions Complete also. Enjoy! http://www.champions-4ever.com/
  9. Scorpion

    Writer's Guidelines

    I emailed Jason Walters about this, and he said the existing Hero Games license will cover 4th Edition also. AWESOME. Ideas swirling in my head already!
  10. Scorpion

    Writer's Guidelines

    For that matter, since 4th Edition is available once again, it would be great if there were any sort of license for 4E. I know HERO Games isn't publishing anything except 6th, but undoubtedly some third parties would love to publish some stuff for their favorite old version.