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  1. Hermit

    Create a Hero Theme Team!

    If I may then? and this is meant with love and affection as a homage to Stan Lee NEW TEAM: On the dawn after the death of a legendary comic book creator (whose works are purely fictional but much beloved in the Champion's Universe) six to seven individuals find themselves gaining the powers, and some of the trappings of his creations. The Press quickly dubs them The Marvels
  2. Hermit

    RIP: Stan Lee

    From 2016 but it fits
  3. Hermit

    RIP: Stan Lee

    To Stan "The Man" Lee, You helped teach us that with great power must come great responsibility That a man who had become a monster could still be a hero. That even a blind man could see that we should strive for Justice. That even when the world hates and fears you, especially when it hates and fears you, you should try to make it better. and so much more. Excelsior, sir
  4. Honest to God, it's like he's BEGGING for the state to secede some days.
  5. Hermit

    Order of the Stick

    New One! http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1146.html#
  6. Hermit

    Hi tech Plots

    It was made in the 5th Ed days, but the community had a lot of plot seed ideas in this thread. Just check out the technology or science based foes and see if any suit you?
  7. And I'm guessing not one dollar more to help the already overwhelmed Asylum courts in question.
  8. Hermit

    Mentors for Sidekicks

    Honestly I mix it up, taking the mentor as a perk of some sort AND as a Disad/complication Watched by... I recall some edition has this as a no no, but it makes sense to me. Heck, you could forget watched and turn them into a full on hunted with a mild punishment ("Go back to the batcave NOW") but what works in comics doesn't always work in game so I would probably find ways to sidetrack said mentor.
  9. If possible I'd probably be great with that. I do feel for conservatives who feel like they don't even have a tiny voice in their state, because I know what it's like from this angle.
  10. *Sigh* Republicans have swept Tennessee Blackburn won handily Lee took governor by even more than that I hate the direction my state seems determined to head.
  11. Parts of our state got nailed with a tornado and others had storm damage last night...not sure what affect that will have
  12. I am all for an official holiday for election day.
  13. Hermit

    Days Won

    I did not realize that the crying/sad emoji counted AGAINST folks . Ithought I was just being sympathetic with sad/bad news. I'll try to curb that.
  14. Yeah, I saw the ones about here get shooed back about 2 years ago. Very non partisan, but a republcian and a democratic candidate got shooed by the folks running the polls so it worked