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  1. Okay. I'm gonna catch up this weekend. Very sorry folks. Haven't had as much computer access that I can count on. And RL has been up ended.
  2. I hear the Cardinals are really making a come back this season
  3. http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1159.html New one up!
  4. I believe today is your last pick. Though we'll keep it open a few more days after that for late comers or those like I who got RL side swiped.
  5. Sorry, folks, let me catch up on the rosters. My lap top is dead. My housemate's elderly mother did a face plant on concrete. And other stuff all happened around the same time
  6. I didn't see that coming either, but I am glad to hear it.
  7. About 3 miles apart according to this https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/49-killed-in-terrorist-attack-at-mosques-in-christchurch-new-zealand/ar-BBUNdQG?ocid=spartanntp I am gratified they are calling these terrorists TERRORISTS.
  8. Fair. I liked a LOT about it and some of the problems I had with it faded in time. I guess mostly "only the fun" remains, and yes, Tony gets that great lesson about the man and the machine blah blah But the character of the Kid was gold. I want him to appear in a movie as a new Hire for Stark, maybe a brilliant Intern
  9. I can understand that. I can't name the number of times I hear about some hate fueled incident done by a moron and I find myself thinking "Please don't be from Tennessee" If I feel REALLY optimistic, it's "Please, don't be from a Southern state!"
  10. I've tried showing I'm better than the peasants and peons of the world, for some reason the little cake eaters didn't like it *Sniff* Typical commoner reaction.
  11. It happens! ANd I eagerly await your theme music choices
  12. As far as ranking ….mmm still haven't seen Captain Marvel. Not sure if we're talking 'best' or 'favorites'... which are not always the same. There are movies I can recognize as utterly amazing, but are either the wrong genre for me, or just don't make me feel as much personally, or don't have the same rewatch value. Favorites? Well ones with a * can likely be swaped with other near it also so marked, depending on mood. * 1) Captain America Winter Soldier (I loved first avenger, but this movie takes that one's lessons and shows it in brilliant practice as Steve Rogers, patriot, remains loyal enough to his country's ideals to defy those in power. It sets the seeds for CA: Civil War) * 2) Captain America First Avenger (I like period films now and then anyway, and I've been waiting for a GOOD Cap movie live action all my life. Much bias perhaps, but this hit the important parts of who Steve is for me) 3) Avengers (The rich ripe fruit of Marvel Studio's miracle gardenining, every Avenger has a moment, humor laced but high stakes are not diminished by that) 4) Ant-Man (Surprised? SO am I. I enjoy the occasional thief with a heart of gold set up, and Scott Lang movie version won me over. And Pym? Oh wow... You could see the nod to the anger issues without duplicating the mistake of the comics. All around a very pleasant surprise) *5) Iron Man (RDJ makes a B list hero an A level star, and nails it so perfectly its going to be hard to imagine anyone else's voice for a while. We meet Coulson. Pepper is a smart cookie. This is...well, damn good) * 6) Black Panther (Pulp influences often go unmentioned but they are rife through out this film. Shuri threatens to steal the show but they made MAN APE work... yeah. ) 7) Doctor Strange (The Ancient One is actually a bit of a defect here, in trying to run away from one risky racial cliché, they lost something. Oh she does fine, but meh. The rest of the movie though? Arrogant Doctor learns redemption through the mystic arts? Wong an equal. gold) 8 ) Captain America Civil War (Honestly this should be higher, but hey I'm talking favorites not best. It is perhaps too bitter sweet for me to want to watch it a lot) 9) Guardians of the Galaxy (A-holes Assemble!) 10) Spider-Man Homecoming ('MJ' is..jarring, like someone in the studios decided to tease the fans then yank the rug from under them. Dimmed my fun a bit. Otherwise, every bit what a Spider-Man movie ought to be. A young hero doing the right thing when even his sense of self is on the line) 11) Iron Man 3 (Am I the only one on the planet who liked that kid?) 12) Avengers: Age of Ultron (Honestly, I don't think about this movie much, but I always sit down and watch when I see it on. I think I remember it being worse than it is, as it has some moments that are laugh out loud funny ,and even Hawkeye gets his moments of humor and inspiration where he is almost the guy he should be) 13) Ant Man and Wasp (Sue me, I like the crew. Scott Lang remains awesome as a dad. The Bill Foster reference made me smile..also? "Baba Yaga") 14) Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (I should like this one more. While Quill's story, I actually think Yondu and Rocket had the stand out scenes) 15) Thor Ragnorok (I don't hate it, I don't hate any of these. I'm glad I saw it, it was funny, it made me laugh, but I can't help but think the damage wasn't worth the pay off. Waste of the Warriors three and that's just the start) 16) Thor (The first... actually amazing set, good intro of Loki and Thor... but that last chapter of it so to speak felt rushed and a bit anti climatic.) 17) Avengers Infinity War (i'm a bit stunned this isn't higher up. I think because, as a comic reader? Very little surprised me in it. It was a part one, and the idiot ball got passed around a bit too much. Honestly, good stuff, served it's purpose, but when the part I remember BEST is Doctor Strange holding Thanos for an amazing minute or so it's just not staying with me.) 18) Thor Dark World (The love interest who slept walk through her romance, and her dorky side kick really hurt this movie for me. Loki and Thor's brotherly banter isn't enough to elevate it but I did enjoy the lines) 19) The Incredible Hulk (Oddly liked Banner and Betty's interactions and some of the action scenes were good.) 20) Iron man 2 (Cannot state how much I didn't like their take on Justin Hammer, and the main big bad did little for me) Of course, ask me next month and it might scramble more than I thought
  13. The colleges are claiming to be victims too because this makes them look bad when it was actually one or two members of the faculty in each and a few coaches that were really in on it. While I agree that the universities are not all in on it, it's a bad read of the room for them to claim 'victimhood' here when the real losers are the kids who got bumped by affluenza laden scams like this. If the colleges want to instill some good will? How about hunt down those that might have been cheated and see if they want a highly discounted ride if they're still looking.
  14. I myself am expecting the restoration of everyone else lost, but at the cost of Tony and Steve who make a big sacrifice play.. when the proverbial smoke clears, only two things remain a shield, and a helmet's face plate. But that's just a theory
  15. Which one is he? the organization or the hunter? those are two different slots. Do you want him on both?
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