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  1. Hermit

    2018 Superdraft Central

    Ah, thank you for explaining. I haven't watched Stranger Things OR the new IT yet
  2. Hermit

    World Creation Superdraft 2: July 2018

  3. Honestly, I do not consider any of the movies on my top 20 'bad'. They all have some good in it. On scales of one to ten, almost all of them are a 6 and UP to ten for me. That's partially to Marvel's credit, and partially because I'm a softy. But the whiplash Crimson Dynamo merger didn't work for me, and I felt like Justin Hammer was wasted for a punchline. I can see why they did it, but I just did not like Iron Man 2 as much as others. Iron Man 3 felt to me like it had more heart. (Pun intended) and while I can see why some folks hated the Mandirin turned into a punchline it was gutsy enough that I can respect it (Weird I know).
  4. I liked a LOT about Thor's first half... But the battle with the Destroyer was a bit too abrupt, I was hoping for a throw down there even with a fully restored Thor. The love interest angle wasn't terrible but it didn't sing (And got worse in Dark World).. not enough chemistry with Natalie Portma/Jane Foster But it did give us Loki
  5. Oh my god, a smiling DC Superhero...without ice cream even!
  6. Yeah, strange was hardest on the other male doctor but he clearly thought he was the smartest person in the room pretty much everywhere he went. Which is why it made sense Stark and he couldn't STAND each other later on imo )
  7. I'm afraid you'll have to settle for my list
  8. I'm of the opinion there is little new under the sun, so I don't mind old tropes drug out, same plots re used IF you can do it with characters I like. Which means I actually LIKE most of the movies as Marvel has done very well with casting and writing for the most part. But if I had to put them in the order of 'my favorites' RIGHT Now.. 1) Captain America: First Avenger (I know that is not 'the best' but the bias is strong in this one, I like some periods, and come on! Star Spangled man with a plan!) 2) Captain America Winter Soldier (Okay, this one possibly IS the Best) 3) Avengers (For getting the band together, great cinematic touches...and Puny God!) 4) Guardians of the Galaxy (Music, Mischief, Mayhem) 5) Black Panther (honestly, it's just damn good. Shuri steals the show) 6) Dr. Strange (One of my favorite characters, so bias. But how he wins is so fitting for the character) 7) Ant Man (Possibly because I did not set my bar high for this it wowed me. Still fun on repeated viewing) 8 ) Captain America Civil War (Should be higher I know) 9) Iron Man (Props to RDJ! ) 10) Ant Man and the Wasp (Still fresh in my mind..Ignore the after credits and it is fun) 11) Thor Ragnarok (Would be further up but I didn't like the way the warriors three got blown off with little love) 12) Avengers Infinity War (AKA the Snapture) 13) Spider Man: Home coming (Keaton has chops. Still a bit unused to Hot Aunt May) 14) Iron Man 3 (Am I the only one who liked the kid? he cracked me up) 15) Thor (Fantastic visuals, got kind of rushed at the end.) 16) Thor: Dark World (Forget the villain and Jane, it's all about Loki and Thor interacting for me) 17) Avengers Age of Ultron ( Another day it might be higher. I like a lot about it, but it's very forgetable until I 'm watching it again) 18) Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (Ditto) 19) Incredible Hulk (No gamma poodle thank god!) 20) Iron Man 2 (Both Villains failed for me)
  9. I should work on my own list. Mine wouldn't match with RDU but then, why would it? Different strokes. Interesting to see regardless
  10. Hermit

    The Academics Thread

    Oh DO You, Baron Von Doctor Von General Von Mad Science?! Or is it you have always resented young Parker's Genius and lust to get your unnatural tentacles on his dear aunt?!
  11. Now nation, are we going to listen to what he said, or what he's telling us he said, or what he's telling us he told us he said or even when he assures he did not say what he told us about telling us he said he told.. okay I'm confused again
  12. Hermit

    World Creation Superdraft 2: July 2018

    I think interference is all I have left. Mmm, World War, Civil War, Create chocolate in some far off land so some western power queen will send conquistadors after it?
  13. Hermit

    World Creation Superdraft 2: July 2018

    Next time you start to post, see if it gives you an option to clear editor