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  1. Hero 4a: Spider-Gwen aka Ghost-Spider aka Spider-Woman aka Gwen Stacy of another universe Hero 4B: Spider-Man aka Miles Morales
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    How do you draw an X?

    If it's almost second nature, I'm probably doing it with the Ocho!
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    Order of the Stick

    "You must be Elan" OW
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    A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    "It is not. I resent that. Slander is spoken. In print, it's libel."
  5. Duke, with the exception of some of your apologies in the last hour I have deleted your posts for today in this thread as per your request.
  6. "I don't even know who we're working with, " One ViPER agent sighed, "Where are the Dragonbranch guys we know?" "They were jerks, relax, and keep your voice down," The other agent said, "The supervillains might hear you." Ahead of them, a massive pale slightly decomposed man in a suit that was surprisingly fresh took great strides while another man played on a violin. "But their powers are being dead and a violin? How to they hope to beat those powerhouses on the good side?" the first VIPER agent said just a bit too loudly "One appears to be a moron and the other is crazy?" The Zombie turned, clearly having heard it, then grabbed the first agent up and looked him over, rather than angry, he seemed...curious. "It is true, Solomon Grundy not sharpest tool in shed, and Fiddler fight most powerful heroes there is with fiddle so he might be crazy. But, you face flying men who punch tank while you got sparkle guns? Grundy say- we all a little crazy" "He didn't mean anything by it," The second agent swallowed. Grundy snorted and let the first guy drop. "I'm really sorry," the first agent said, "In fact, you're right. We're just as messed up as you. I don't even know why we keep trying to score sometimes." The Fiddler look amused and kept his simple but jaunty tune going. "Solomon Grundy say , everyone of us is just like a fiddler who is not bullet proof, trying to get big score without having to be nice about it. You want know why we keep going? When dangerous, when universe seem like 'good guys' more?" Both agents nodded.. The Fiddler's music grew a bit louder, and Solomon Grundy turned around harms extended, "Ha! That Grundy can say in one word!" "AMBITION! Ambition, Ambition!" He sang, surprisingly well for a dead man "Who every fight must scramble to the front lines Beat up on the heroes who would otherwise crush his crew and who has the might to trade blows that break steel and take tank shots to the dome?" "The muscle! The muscle, the muscle!" The Viper agents refrained "The muscle! Ambition!" The Fiddler sang as he moved "And who has a chance to eliminate whole squads and maybe change the odds by brainwashing cops to be his own?" "The Mind Controllers, Controllers!" "Controllers!" The Agents echoed! "Ambition!" "Who do we rely to make sense of the tech stuff when most of us just wreck stuff but there's high brow needs that confuse the rest?" The Fiddler and Grundy gestured to the distance where the squad here knew Dr. Horrible was. "Mad Scientists, Mad Scientists! The Scientists!" Other Agents joined in "Ambition!" Grundy clapped and dance and pointed to the various agents "ANd then there is you, who people might say are screwed you are the peon army we need Even powerhouses can't be everywhere where at once so you'll do the dirty work and bleed!" The VIPER agents "We're Fodder! with Ambition, Ambition!" And everyone harmonized "The Muscle!" "The Controllers! "Mad Scientists!" "Fodder!" Then as one "We've all got Ambitions, Ambitions!" And the song trailed off, the Fiddler's music taking the longest to grind to a halt Solomon Grundy put a massive mitt the first agent's shoulder "That what Super Villainy is all about, Charlie Brown" "Huh?" The agent swallowed. Grundy's eyes glazed he grunted, "mmm Grundy bored, tell Grundy when you see heroes to smash!" "Yes sir," the Second Agent swallowed. And they resumed their patrol Villain 2a: Solomon Grundy Villain 2B: The Fiddler (Isaac Bowin)
  7. The title is BROADWAY on BATTLEWORLD! (A Mojoverse Production)
  8. While all over battle world VIPER agents face superheroes in firefights and dance offs, often failing badly at both, their new Nest Leader begins stage two of his horrible, HORRIBLE plan. Inside a building where once a supergenius of the marvel universe made not one but two women into superhumans, he has strapped his only mildly powered henchman and friend to the reconstructed device hoping to make him more useful.. particularly against the Sub-Mariner! And to top it off, Le Miserables has been robbed and butchered (the latter depending on who you ask) Dr. Horrible: "Do you hear my genius sing, it is the song of evil brain it is the music that the shepple will rarely understand When I reactive this device, with the wonderflonium It'll grant the boost you need so you'll be way beyond henchman. Hey, Moist there goes the energy surge!" Moist: "Well I think I pissed myself, hey this really hurts I'd like to be a bad ass, but I've really got to say What if this doesn't work, or just gives me the squirts! Is it really safe to play with my DNAaaaaaaaaaaaiiee?" VIPER AGENTS: "We're giving all that we can give to our new Leader of the Nest He's hardly the worst we've served but we're not sure he's the best He told us to distract the heroes while he schemes! But they're kicking the asses of our five and eight teams and we hope he knows what, the hell that he is doing oh my god is it two turns already I could really use a rest!" Dr. Horrible: "Just give all that you can give so my Horrible plans they can advance we're gonna need more muscle if we want to have a chance! Though the truth of it is that not all of you will live The're a bigger prize that waits beyond this sing and dance! " VIPER: "So we let our new boss do his thing" Dr. Horrible: "Like you have a choice!" Moist: "I hope I power up to doing more than making folks just moist!" VIPER: "It's like we're the underdogs though we're baddies through and through and without a villain with a pHD to lead we're really quite confused" Dr. Horrible: "So trust in me, our odds are better than you think the heroes who meet my goggled stare will be the ones to blink because if all else fails I happen to have Neil Patrick Harris' voice!" Moist screams as a finale and.... Dr. Horrible begins to laugh with success VILLAIN 1A: Dr. Horrible (From Doctor Horrible's Sing A Long Blog) VILLAIN 1B: Moist!
  9. Ah. I misread something. Mmm If I understand, for option picks where it's not specific individuals it can be unrelated.. so the other option to go with VIPER is ... Lazarus pits
  10. (With apologies to The Greatest Showman's "the other side') "We're on an alien planet, but there's some high tech terrorist group with blaster rifles who seem as lost as we are, but are deciding to take over a chunk from Denver Colorado of yet another alternate Earth I got that right?" Huntress dodged a barrage of blasts duckng behind a Starbucks, "Viper, they're calling themselves VIPER…" Black Canary let loose a scream toppling over one of the Green and yellow tanks. "We need to find out who their leader is, get to him or her and take them down or the sheer numbers of this…" One of the agents cried out in pain as a quarrel tore through his helmet. If he hadn't turned at the exact right moment it would have him him square through the eye, visor or not. "Hey!" Black Canary cursed Helena had come so far, but it was obvious she was slipping into some nasty habits. And she began to sing to her friend, unaware that somehow over the din of blasts and grenade explosions,, music was coming through "Right here, right now Let's spell the boundaries out Lay sound ground rules down I know you know you know this You fight Besides me Remember we're not just vigilantes We've got higher standards, we're superheroes!" "Are you, SINGING this lecture?" Huntress said and fired again, but at this this time she aimed for a hand. Black Canary suddenly realized she was, but she wasn''t able to stop "So trade that broodiness, that killer moodiness, for something better! And if kid gloves are crazy, well let's be a little crazy! You play it killer grim, you just keep the whole world dim! Or you can try to stand taller and find…." Black Canary sidekicked another agent before swinging around to clip another, and though it all she kept singing "Don't you, want to get away from the D&D brainless hack and slay? Cause that's not what we need If you want to make this grungy world shine? We do not cross that line! Cause you kill like you do, and spread more misery Or you can rise above it all, hey it works look at me! Stay in hate's cage or listen to me as I hand you the key? Oh, damn, suddenly better side flies! Because you will not cross that line!" Huntress dislocated an agent's arm and got ready to tell Black Canary to kiss off but instead "Okay, my friend, you want to hem me in Well I hate to tell you but we're at war here So thanks, but no I'll still do me you know Because terrorists deserved methods beyond hand slapping! Now I admire you, and this goody two shoe show you do! I wish you good luck here, really good luck here! But innocent people die on the streets, and that takes more than being sweet I'll leave the kid gloves off to you!" Black Canary flipped a foe into another a bit amused at the horrified look on Helena's face. Turn about was far play. Huntress continued, "Don't you see that I'm okay with this bloody price I got to pay Because I do what's needed and I am willing to pay karma's fine Sometimes you have to cross that line! So you do what you do I'll do like me Some dogs go rabid and deserve a vigilante! Oh Damn, can't you see taking them entirely works fine! So, I'll keep crossing that line!" Black Canary started singing again, her voice the stronger one in more ways than one, "Is this really how you want to endanger your soul ? A blood thirsty killer her heart now a hole?" Huntress hissed but only a moment as she rebutted, "If I took up your path, We'd risk a revolving door. The system is broken, if it weren't so sad I would laugh!" "But you're a teacher in your secret ID, not yet yet retired. You could protect and ALSO inspire Just find the courage to dream and it'll Wake you up and cure your aching You can also build and not just bee breaking Now that's a deal that seems worth taking But I guess I'll leave that up to youuuuu" Huntress wrinkled her nose, damn it, Dinah had a point. Helena had tried a better path. Was she really ready to abandon it because she thought it didn't work, or was it because she couldn't hack it? She replied to her fishneted friend. "Well, you've got a point there but there are no absoultes here Surely there are times when it might be even jjustified to you, dear!" They each broke a different man's jaw "Fair enough, I'd be a hypocrite to say I was never tempted But you have to change your ways or you'll never give yourself redemption!" BC sang back "You take care of your soul, God will take care of mine" Huntress fired a flare arrow. "How about no killing unless an civillain's life is immediately on the line?" Canary suggested/sang "Cops" Huntress reminded Black Canary nodded at that "Fine" "Friends.." Huntress also said, but whether she meant she' kill to save a friend's life, or was telling Dinah she considered her one was lost in the last refrain they both shared! As they did so they kicked ass in choreography that could only be described as brutally beautiful "so, we'll try to enter every fray with awareness of our better angels being at play Because the night needs more than more blood to make it kind We'll try not to cross that line!!" "So I'll try like you do," Huntress slammed a guy in the balls, his armor not enough to protect him fully. "And I'll try to see" Black Canary screamed and sent a dozen over. Together they sang "Looks like there's room on Code vs Killing that we can agree!" "Oh Damn, Lady Justice isn't so blind! If we try not to cross that line!" Over twenty four agents were down, and the ladies bowed as if to an invisible crowd. The music stopped. "What the hell just happened to us?" Huntress said "Besides the usual code vs killing debate I mean?" "I don't know," Black Canary said, "But I liked it." "I hated it," Huntress glared around looking at someone to blame. "Why, you were a bit flat on one of the high notes but other wise…" Dinah smirked. "Bite me, Fishnets." Huntress huffed. "Pick for me where and we'll inspire fanfiction," Dinah smirked. "Sad but probably true" the two women went off to solve this mystery on this strange battle world. ........... I'm behind so picks are... Black Canary (Dinah Lance) and Huntress (Helena Bertinelli version) And as an option... VIPER!
  11. Oh if I were the dems I wouldn't give them any wiggle room to weasel it. Make the offer. Make the offer public. Let people find out that the Dems tried to negotiate to help the health care of kids and that got nixed along with the wall. Trump's loyalists won't change their minds but even more folks on the fence would probably realize that at least the Dems are trying to negotiate Least that's my hope
  12. Hermit


    Agreed. A lot of Boomers have no clue how much rent and or education is anymore. They think because a Millenial has a smart phone he should be able to pay for college by 'working harder'. They assume Millenials don't want families because they're selfish, when a lot of it has to do with exactly how costly it is to raise kids and it might be seen as rather responsible to hold that off. And while I've met some Millennials I'd like to kick in the butt, you'll find those guys in every generation. Most Millenials I know face a system designed to screw them over and they soldier on in their own way, sometimes making mistakes. Just like every generation has.
  13. Honestly , at this point I think the Dems should go for something big and progressive and say "Here, you want five billion for the wall? You got it, IF you get twice as much to starting universal health care. We'll start with free health care for kids 12 and under. And build up from there."