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  1. That's fair. Though I tend to cut some folks slack when it comes to ancestry tales partially because DNA tests being a hobby is fairly new and a lot of folks I've met claim some sort of heritage with very little proof just because they were told so by a grandmother or something. It's not malice so much as passed on ignorance in such cases.
  2. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/elizabeth-warren-wealthy-native-american/ Snopes gives what it knows
  3. Oh there will be many sheriffs and police captains whining...pardon, protesting this all over the country about how this makes law enforcement hard.
  4. Yeah, hard to remember that "innocent until proven guilty" bit sometimes, our nation seems very quick to judge and eager for blood these days. But if he did do this, yup, a lot of harm.
  5. the monkees were fun. So thanks for that, sir. RIP
  6. I watched GLOW on Netflix..loosely based on/inspired by the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling of the 80s early nineties... I really enjoyed it, which surprised me. The characters are flawed, very flawed, but not the level where I didn't care if they lived or died (Honestly at times fiction tries to push too hard for the 'flawed' where they become such colossal monsters I want them to die... in fire..and that's the protagonists) . Rather I winced, groaned, got invested, smiled at improvements, sympathized a little or a lot... and laughed at some of the comedy interlaced..which could veer towards dark and certainly crude. It has an excellent cast, and even the 'side characters' have moments that flesh them out beautifully.
  7. Bernie AND Warren are both possibilities? Well, rock on.
  8. I think this should count for a severe reduction in sentence time.
  9. At risk of stating the obvious- A lot depends on the director and script playing to shore up an actors weak points and playing up their strengths. Aquaman , for example, Jason is solid but hardly an oscar caliber star (Sorry, fans) but the direction and script played to his strong points and shored up weak points (IMO).
  10. Hermit

    Malva Awakened

    Very much so. Maybe a touch of Mojo from X-Men
  11. It was training for the trench run later
  12. Hermit

    Malva Awakened

    Oh, now if players aren't against a unified origin, I can easily see one step of Malvan influence being in what they do best, enjoying spectacle...and expanding it further by empowering a smattering of humans but also making them unknown living cameras (To use a crude term) who can be watched and observed at any time, but especially when they battle. All it takes is one Malvan with a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, a rivalry with that fellow on the moon, and a 'let's genetically alter humans tech kit' and you can have say a dozen (or two) humans with new powers and maybe whole new bodies ,and some of them would be the PCs. Heck, one of the PCs could even be a somewhat sympathetic Malvan (as sympathetic as they get) coming to warn the humans what's been done to them because he thinks it violates the spirit of the arena to have them fighting outside of it or not knowing they are being treated properly as gladiators etc so he will help them. Or keep it a mystery and each PC is confused on what happened whatever works. As Malvans love the exotic, it could be quite the team of 'beautiful freaks' to use the term with odd skin or hair, extra limbs ,etc.Or maybe whatever patron is behind this will insist they remain VERY human looking thank you..that's the point, or a mix. Whatever actually suits the players best. Why you'd even have an excuse for new Psychological complications/disadvantages 'imprinted' by the Malvans to encourage a better show. A shy young woman with social anxiety remembers two muggers coming for her, a flash of light, and now she's a veritable superstrong lavender skinned amazon with the pscyh lim "overconfidence" or "show off"- That should help her provide a better show. A soon to retire 60 year old librarian who likes peace and quiet finds himself walking through a door in the library that was never there before, then returned as a very fit age 25 but now with energyblasts, wings and a new Psych Lim "Enjoys a good fight!" implanted. A wheel chair bound cop, now behind a desk , drinks some odd tasting coffee, and discovers her legs work again, she can also change size at will... but that new psych Lim/complication "Maverick" means its' hard to follow the rules. And so on. Meanwhile , Malvan audiences tune in, and enjoy their superpowered soap opera placing bets on which ones will be come heroes, which ones will become villains etc and eagerly make a tailgate party every time their 'earth bound gladiators' get into fights with each other or other superhumans. Or maybe your players would hate that... though now I wish my old f2F gaming group were available
  13. To be fair, if Captain Marvel is going to end up as the Fetch of the Marvel Movie Universe (as in 'stop trying to make Fetch happen, it's not going to happen') then they're following in the vein of Marvel comics itself. Which has really pushed her with varying degrees of success (I would say more comic readers know OF her but she's hardly equal to Wolverine, Spider-Man etc). This could blow up in Marvel Studios faces, or the estimation could be a sign that they're smart enough to not expect too much of a relative (to the mainstream) unknown heroine... ie more Dr. Strange Solo movie money less Black Panther money as others have said. A good script can salvage a superman level powerset by showing us 'mo power, mo' problems' or other counterbalance, so that's not necessarily a film killer but it is a danger.
  14. The force is largely spiritual imo... thus inspiring religions
  15. Well,, yeah, you and Starlord are allowed to be right now and then
  16. Hermit

    Malva Awakened

    If the Malvans are aware humans aided them against a curse? Oh boy Imagine the form the "Thanks" might take? Even if that's only from a few Malvans? We're talking a species that terraforms for a hobby.
  17. Well, let's see how much worse Mitch McConnell makes an already bad situation. That's his niche
  18. Yes. Just about any character touched by this, new or old, came out diminished.
  19. Well, now that there's a constitutional crisis over funding or Trump's ego, NOW I feel less secure.
  20. Oh if you go way back, I mention Poe being an idiot too at times. I still think HOldo was worse but that's me (And many others)
  21. See if you can book your day with dental work instead.
  22. Oh, yes, Holdo is the winner of the ''Dear god what were they thinking?' category . I can't think of any redeeming features to her. Even her noble sacrifice ended up being problematic
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