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  1. Scott Ruggels

    A Modified Champions Universe

    Awwwww, but the "grim Vigilantism is the best part! XD. ... and the guns! Woooo!😁
  2. Scott Ruggels

    DunDraCon 2019

    I wish I could go. Maybe next year? Was my favorite con for years. I just need to find my character binder for next year, then XD.
  3. Scott Ruggels

    Early editions: House rules?

    On Autocorrect? Or your game? XD. Yeah the Decreasing rewards thing was the reasons I moved so heavily into Package deals.
  4. Scott Ruggels

    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    Hey, I liked Deadpool, and Deadpool 2.
  5. Scott Ruggels

    George Perez announces retirement

    Auto correct on my iPhone is brutal.
  6. Scott Ruggels

    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    Which comics, and which Deadpool?
  7. Scott Ruggels

    A Modified Champions Universe

    I am feeling like I walked out of the Amazon after 20 years. Well I think I played Champions last in 1989, and switched to Fantasy Hero full time, until all table top ceased for me in 1996-7. And 9-11 still feels like it happened 5-6years ago, rather than the nearly 20 it has been. I have β€œheard” about Millennium City but this is the first time I knew why it existed . (Sixty thousand Democrat voters. No wonder that treaty was ratified so quickly.😳😁). [This post edited heavily, because my super advanced iPhone 8 made hash of the formatting, sorry] On the the subject of tech, it looks as if the influence is 10-15 years ahead of current year on the whole. Elon gets his Mars colony a few years early, and the supersonic airliner has returned. My second ever Champions character was a semi-prototype Military Powered Armor Suit, back in 1982. What would 30 years of progress on that look like? 😁 probably VIPER. <__<. All in all, a good response, but I still feel like I stumbled out of the Amazon.
  8. Scott Ruggels

    How do you draw an X?

    I'm an 8
  9. Scott Ruggels

    A Modified Champions Universe

    As to your initial question. I think either removing or scaling UNTIL back would work. Having a UN organization operating within the United States, with the capability of capturing and detaining supers, would have folks in the Militia movement in a tizzy, and passing around files on how to build anti-tank weapons from common hardware store items. I have always had a problem with VIPER, as to what their actual focus and goals were. Even Daesh (ISIS) has a clear goal of restoring the Caliphate, and smiting the unbelievers. The organization is a useful piece for GMs, though. As to tech, with all of the mad tech around How come the US Army hasn't gone with Micro-nuclear technology to arm tanks with? Why hasn't the Navy converted over to rail guns completely now? what about the Air Force putting beam weapons on fighters? Either Aliens or the Gadgeteer down the street would bump up the tech levels. Look at what Elon Musk is doing. he's single handedly lifting parts of large, heavy technologies, previously ignored for the introspective pursuit of small Microprocessor based technologies. Not a fan of electric cars, myself, but even i can see that once they get the utility equal to gasoline engines (450 mile range per charge with a 5-10 minute recharge time), their use will be inevitable. I think that the CU would have a certain ubiquity of supers, and as such, like pop bands, their rise and subsequent invisibility as their popularity fades, would be the reason that the Heroes from the 50's and 60's would fade from memory, except for a few standouts, and unlike Music acts, their fame would generally be local only. Make sense?
  10. Scott Ruggels

    A Modified Champions Universe

    I think a lot of this, may be because the CU kind of "acreted" due to differences between creators that preferred Marvel, or DC. In the obituaries of Stan Lee, they often mentioned that the differences between marvel and Dc was that DC tended to invent fictional cities at the drop of a hat, whereas Marvel was based on "The world outside your door", which is why with Spiderman, New York, is also a character in his stories stories. Even the Kree- Skrull war was something below the surface, and Earth was a backwater to them, usually. Even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they tried to make the Alien Invasion led by Loki something Remeniscent of 9-11, with echoes of it "realistically" reverberating through the Marvel Netflix (RIP) shows, and Agents of Shield on regular Television. You tend not to see that sort of effect in the DC shows, and they feel "Elsewhere" rather than grounded on Earth. How many times has Earth been invaded by hostile aliens in the DC universe? (Including the opening episodes of the Animated version of The Justice League ? I think what you are seeing is that conflict between Marvel fans and DC fans played out by creators working in The Champions Universe. It's also playing out generationally. The original HERO Games members were in college in the late 1970's and early 1980's. The next wave of creators were in college in the late 80's and early 1990's, and the tastes in comics have been a reflection of those. Myself, I had friends who had father that served in WW2. Mine was too young, but did serve in the cold war, and was a comics fan during the golden age. (Sadly my Grandma tossed out the superman comics, but kept the Donald Duck Comics and Stories, which we found as children and considered them an entertaining read when we were young). I had a brief time working in comics, concurrent with my work in Table Top Game art, before I moved on (following a few of the original "Heroes") into video games, but I still pick up the occasional comic book. I would expect the current Hero Creators have read comics, but according to another thread, most have not read anything recently, and got out of the habit in the late 90's, early 2000's when things became either too self referential, or too grimdark for them, so even the recent creators seem to have a fairly silver age mentality. (And Marvel since 2014, has been mostly unreadably bad.) So I think there are a lot of factors leading to a lot of the cruft and baggage that you find in the Champions Universe, but I think that because they are "game rules" it's all optional as to what you want to use. I think what you have is a fairly good start to keep to Stan Lee's vision of "the world outside your door", then, there is also a lot of history there, the one should be careful about pruning, or one might lose the flavor.
  11. Scott Ruggels

    George Perez announces retirement

    Ray Greer, said of him, while he negotiated the cover for the Champions book, that George was a very nice gut to work with. And those issues of Teen Titans were some of the few DC titles we picked up back in high school. His positive attitude will be missed.
  12. Scott Ruggels

    Maxima and Other Things

    Which is why I like the old style package deals, where, you get a whole raft of items, all at a discount, because like the old days of buying albums, you got some stuff you didn't need, but on the whole, it was a good shortcut for a character build.
  13. Scott Ruggels

    AD&D (1st Edition) Conversion - The Thread

    The the earliest D$D campaigns used the hex based board from the board game Wilderness Survival as its campaign map.