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  1. I was not a Silver Age fan. I saw the tail end of it, but even as a small child “Camp” was an anathema. The 1966 Batman, and the final two seasons on Lost in Space made me roll my eyes. It’s part of the reason, I went away from Superhero gaming after high school. I am not a genre guy apart from the initial setting. So the examples you bring up are lost on me until the last one. Anything involving a active gunfight means all parties have to make PRE rolls to expose themselves to enemy fire. A sergeant has to make a higher PRE attack upon his troops to get them to act, than the PRE threshold of the automatic fire coming their way. Yes the PRE degrades over time. But it starts fresh for each engagement. As to Micro man, I would give him A Special that due to his size, that any block would be against his DCV, with all the additional DCV due to his reduced size, plus any relevant CSLs bought as “avoid being blocked while moving through” and/or avoiding a Martial throw. Micro Man would be nearly impossible to block, in his move through, but then again, that’s his schtick.
  2. Simple size and speed of the incoming projectile. “Everyman’s” first instinct, is to duck a rock or projectile thrown at them, not deflect, or reflect, as that takes training, first to avoid the “ flinch”, and second, to control the projectile. “Cinematic”covers a wide territory from 80’s action schlock, like The Sword & The Sorcerer, to gritty realism of Saving Private Ryan. Having dabbled in film making for a few years, the conditions are quite variable, between script, director, and budget. (Not to mention crew skill and competency. ). However, I have been gaming longer, and found that a lot of people desire, when they say “Cinematic” is some variation of that 80’s style schlock, or card board cool. I’d like to think I run a higher quality game than that.
  3. Depends on the campaign, but it’s quite possible.
  4. Correct, when in Barrier, the player declares facing (moces his minature/Cardboard hero), and is for all intents an purposes "Braced", so apply negative modifiers to DCV as needed, but generally I had them at half DCV, for off axis attacks the same phase. As for the dragon, yeah. The shield is a one shot "Get out of Damage, free" card. ajd then the hero shakes the flaming pieces of the shiield off his arm and looks the dragon in the eye, and.... (waits for the other players to dog pile on the dragon). Dragons were fairly common in my old Campaign, and they learn too, so many got quite adept at dropping large rocks from great heights, rather than use up their breath weapons to soon (or would allow a couple/three maountaed archers to ride on their backs).
  5. Worst cased scenario in FH. Massed archery. [Edited to replace link with a better clip of the film. More context.] This is why large shields were barriers. Though for "blow through" the arrows would not destroy the shield, but the bearer would take damage. Multiple blow throughs would, at one BOD per blow through, so once all the BOD was gone, the shield just crumbled off his arm. BOD would usually be defined by shield size multiplier X the rPD (Bucklers and round shields x.5, "heaters" x1. Norman shields, or a scutum X1.5. )
  6. I used encumbrance to keep the walking tanks from being too common in my FH games Adding a shield ads to encumbrance, so the standard was about a 6 rPD- 5 to 15 chain hauberk, 2-4 8 rPD plate helm, 8-10 rPD forcewall*. shield with plusses to block depending on the size, so that most fighters in my games tended to resemble those in the Bayeux Tapestry. Of course Magic Armor would give greater protection, but armor in my game was sectional. So they would find Helmets, bracers, greaves, gauntlets, and rarely chest plates. when they got up to a certain level, that's when I sent 22-25 STR, civilized monsters, with one lvl, of growth, and 25% Damage reduction, because they were big (and fast). Just to keep the level of challenge up XD> *remember this was 2nd-3rd edition rules.
  7. From my experience running FH< I am always a little leery of Damage Reduction, and instead use Focus based 0 END Forcewall, for most applications like that.Only if the shield breaks does damage get through (though minus is's regular PD/ ED subtraction.
  8. I am waiting for Peter Sripol’a account of the festivities.
  9. Giant Spiders are a staple of Fantasy (Just ask Frodo), and one must be very careful in constriucting them. Yes I would argue that you would need to buy extra limbs for a spider.
  10. Some traits we admire in men are unattractive in women.
  11. Yes, probably, They would also have shrinking, plus however you want to build their venom. I mean a spider the size of an old Silver "Ike" Dollar, can still kill you.
  12. Oooh this Is even better! I’ll steal THIS one!
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