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  1. Scott Ruggels

    Fiction emulation: Warging\Skinchanging

    In Fantasy games, there is a variety in the ways GMs handle animals, and I have found, the more experience the GMs have with Real animals, the harder it becomes to keep animals "loyal". To a point, they will remain loyal, but the closer to an animals "Disads" the more fractious they can become. In the ASOI&F books the amount of control was total. THe more this is discussed though and the more thinking back on the books, where there is more detail on how it works, the moreit may be a multiform. I tried to do it on the "cheap" point wise for the power, but to be "accurate", it may be necessary to look at Multiform... ****SPOILERS FOR THE BOOKS:**** There is some supposition that John Snow may have avoided permanent Death by Warging into Ghost, until the Red Lady dragged him back with his resurrection. In the Books, the longer you stay with the animal, you become the animal, reduction in INT, and EGO, and your body dies of starvation or dehydration, while what's left of your mind lives on as the animal. (and the other animal companions eat the body and run away>)
  2. Scott Ruggels

    Fiction emulation: Warging\Skinchanging

    The problem is compulsion and degree of control. The caster in the GRRM version has total control, in that he could see through the senses of the target, and command it to his will completely. The targets will and desires are subsumed completely. However, this also makes a compelling argument for Multiform with limitations. In any case the animal companions are their own agents when not controlled, and therefore are their own character sheets. (No, they are not stretching at range with Clairyoyance) x
  3. Scott Ruggels

    Fiction emulation: Warging\Skinchanging

    I would say INT >AND< EGO above 8, so that there might be edge cases, like particularly willful horses like INT6, but EGO 14, "No one can tame that stallion, but he's friendly around Ol' John. " It would also serve in cases like high INT, but low ego humanoids/monsters allowing our Hero to perhaps poach individuals from a hive mind, or people under certain spells or potions? If you really want that added GRTM effect, give it a limitation that certain monsters or flavors of undead can detect the mindlink and fen determine the direction and range of the faster. XD
  4. Scott Ruggels

    Fiction emulation: Warging\Skinchanging

    This would be the the G. R. R. Martin definition of the word, rather than the J. R. R. Tolkien definition, yes? If so, how are the " animal companions" described? Assuming they have their own character sheets, the main character would need mind link with each of his animal companions and a mind control power with limitations like only works on mind linked targets, user is 0DCV and treated as asleep as per the rules when using the mind control,, isn't effective if targets EGO and INT are above 8 so that the automatic targeting over mindlink slides off normal humans and above. Something like that?
  5. Scott Ruggels

    'Get over here!' build question.

    Agree with Hugh. I can only add that it's going to be important how that focus is defined. A web gun which is OAF, and can be grabbed, or be pulled out of their hand. Spidey style web shooters built into the costume or worn as bracers under it would be OIF. One advantage that Spidey's webs seem to have is that they are non-conductive, so electrical damage and some others do not transfer to the character. That may be another effect to think about.
  6. Scott Ruggels

    Gen Con 2018

    A lot of fond mempories pof the old Milwaukee Gencons through the 80's and 90's.
  7. Scott Ruggels

    HERO System Mobile

    Actually, thinkng back, it varied depending on who was GMing. usually with LDG during the Fantasy Hero playtest it was 1D6. But in the superhero games at cons it waas 1D6-1, but a one was always a one. (no zeo stun mod, usually)
  8. Scott Ruggels

    Older Versions of Champions Character Generators

    Another 4th edition fan ( and did the pixel art work for the DOS based Heromaker). What is the status of ownership of the code on it?
  9. Scott Ruggels

    Maptool and Hero System

    Sounds interesting. What are the system requirements?
  10. Scott Ruggels

    Cellphone Version Of Roll20?

    It crashes to desktop on my 3 year old Samsung Android Tablet. Useless.
  11. Scott Ruggels

    Fantasy Race book project...thinking out loud

    Thank you very much
  12. Scott Ruggels

    Limitations: There should be only one!

    I take HERO on a more war gamey approach. This idea seems good for a more narative approach. In my case I like my players to think about the powers they create and the limitations they pick for it. I often run into assumption clash with newer players and HEROs specificity clears one avenue of that. YMMV
  13. Scott Ruggels

    Resourcing Hero games on Roll20

    I will be out of the hospital soon, and I was xhecking up to see how progress was coming along?
  14. Scott Ruggels

    HERO System Mobile

    As one who sat at the tables with the original Heroes, in the pre- 5th edition days, the RKA stun multiple was 1d6.
  15. Scott Ruggels

    Cool Guns for your Games

    I'd thinking a game with supers, a proliferation of the various modern (and WW2), man portable, 20mm cannons would proliferate amongst those that can afford them (or steal them. things in the 4,1/2Dt6 and 5 D6 category are possible, and with the various ammunition types, would allow a lot of utility. A recent-ish addition to this family is the Denel NTW 20 Anti-Material weapon. The South Africans Military and arms industry has been working on other systems that work on 20mm cases as well. Next is the Inkunzi PAW, formerly known as the NeoPup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHbqHx3TLBE That weapon would be more suitable as single man portable, for agents and organized thugs expecting super opposition All of these are based around the standard 20mm projectile, that Oerlikon made famous in WW2, so much so that every combatant in WW2, used the Cannon or a licensed copy of it. Because a 20mm projectiles is just under an inch in diameter, you can fit all sorts of things in it, and it has enough size nd mass to carry it's payload to your target. Today anything that can use standard 20mm projectiles, even if they are mated to proprietary cases, still will give the weapon a lot of capability to put damage down range.Here are the ammo types currently available, for you system tinkerers to make for the system https://www.rheinmetall-defence.com/en/rheinmetall_defence/systems_and_products/weapons_and_ammunition/direct_fire/mittelkalibermunition/index.php]] Hopefully this gives you something extra to arm your agents and thugs with, in a more serious, dark and gritty campaign, perfect for Dark Champions.