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  1. Scott Ruggels

    Alternative "Tech Level" system

    Also, the Albedo game by Paul Kidd.
  2. Hmmm this may be why I want to stick with 4th Ed.. I worked in video games, and the analogy for me is that the size of the game books is like the increasing graphics requirements for games. Champions was originally like Quake, then came Champions 2e like Quake2, 3rd edition was like Unreal. 4th was like Unreal Tournament, etc. The work needed for the increased requirement grows exponentially. I am not convinced the increased specificity of modifiers, was a good thing.
  3. Scott Ruggels

    Cool Guns for your Games

    Yep, Unless it has a forward magazine like a Mauser broomhandle, and the cartridges were stubby like M-79's it would still be no fun to shoot, but the weight might be manageable.
  4. Scott Ruggels

    Question on pathfinder

    Hence the very streamlined Pathfinder 2. But it's also a case of where the crunch is. In Pathfinder the crunch is in special cases, and character advancement, it's not the advanced Calculus the point budgeting that Hero started with, because after the character creation, Hero is pretty easy. It's just that for a Pathfinder player, the crunch doesn't hit until a few levels in, after you have made some emotional investment in the character.. Insidious, that is.
  5. Scott Ruggels

    RIP Roy Clark

    Awwww, .__. This has been a hell of a week. (Also Fred Patten, who was instrumental for bringing Anime to the states, prolific Science Fiction book reviewer, and a common SoCal fan personality).
  6. Scott Ruggels

    Question on pathfinder

    ...or why high crunch systems like Hero or old school war games are declining, especially amongst the younger generation.
  7. Scott Ruggels

    Browsing through the HERO store

    How is this done? Your scanner model number, Ouput into what sort of files. Processing those files, and exporting them to PDF< What software, ect. That is what I was asking about. Try8ing to figure out if I could help in terms of any sort of high end Photoshop processing. That's all.
  8. Scott Ruggels

    Question on pathfinder

    You may have to remember that Pathfinder is a young person's game. a large majority of the people playing it weren't even alive in the 1980's. Ancient history is what happened before you were born. People play the references they were familiar with.
  9. Scott Ruggels

    Random Television Quotes

    "Gee Mr. Tracy.."
  10. Scott Ruggels

    Browsing through the HERO store

    What is your process on this?
  11. Scott Ruggels

    It's an unpleasant day when.....

    Will you please knock it off with the Trump bashing? Take it to the political thread, not here, Okay?
  12. Scott Ruggels

    Who’s on the cover of Enemies 1?

    If you need layered large format files I can deal with it if you want. Do you have Drop box?
  13. I think it's more like the Twitter effect. in that there are a few loud voices and celebrities that have engaged in the activity, making it seem more in the public eye, but that in terms of real numbers, it's not all that common, yet. Much like twitter mobs consisting of tiny amounts of the population forcing companies into "Getting woke", and then allowing said companies to "Go broke", because the Twitter mob isn't the core customer base of the product or service, The celebrities playing D&D are seen as "cool" on YouTube, but in reality, most of the game stores are still mostly card shops and D&D manuals and D&D miniatures.. Formerly popular games liek the "Star Wars" ship battle game, and Warhammer seemed to have evaporated at least locally. Now it's just Magic, and Yugi-Oh.
  14. No, the orcs are in Los Angeles, see: Bright on Netflix (or don't, it wasn't that good).
  15. ....how old are you? XD