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  1. indy523

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    Multiple Aids do not stack unless they are bought with the power cumulative. In the example above you add 18 points to your aid with the 36 roll. Roll again at 13d6 and roll say a 44. That is not +11 ED more and 22 more points AID. That is now a total +11 ED only three points more than before and +22 points total to the AID +6 points more. On top of that you are probably 25% likely roll less on your 13 dice roll than your 10 dice roll due to bad luck (not sure the probability so let's accept that for sake of argument because I am not bothering with the math). This means one fourth the time you spent eight more endurance just to get no effect. This build is not munchin when you apply the rules, it is actually counterproductive. You would be better off buying the power at +_1/4A Cumulative for 2x the effect and the ability to accumulate rolls.
  2. indy523

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    That would not work I don't think. You can only AID a power that you have. So yes if someone gives you flight you could AID it however once the UBO ended the AID would end because the flight would go away and the AID with it.
  3. indy523

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    Page 135 of the section on Adjustment Powers from the Hero Book One 6th edition "At the GM’s discretion, a character can create an Absorption or Aid power which specifies that some or all of the Character Points received go to improve the effectiveness of the Adjustment Power itself. However, the GM should review such powers carefully, and forbid them or require the player to revise them if they prove to be too unbal- ancing or too disruptive of game play." Remember that using AID is an action, usually, and the points fade at 5 per turn. Someone doing this for a turn let's say uses all his actions to boost his ED and then increase the amount of total ED he can boost by adding more points to the Aid, I guess so that he can be a punching bag for lazer blasts. You should note that unless they buy cumulative successive aids do not double the benefit. They merely give the character the ability to continue increasing the AID until the roll the maximum If you have a character wanting this build explain that he is sacrificing several actions for little effect. Adding 2 dice of aid averages 6 points which will add 1 dice of AID. So by first AIDing his 2 dice AID and averaging the roll to a 3 dice attack when he uses the attack again he gets a 3.5 point increase because he does not add his rolls together just takes the highest roll. Tell him you want to outlaw it to avoid all the complication and to just buy the same power with a high level of cumulative (say 8x) for a +3/4A. This gives him the same effect he wants, cumulative increases to his ED every time he uses the power without all the extra paperwork calculating when the points came in and when the fade out for every roll because you have to determine when the ED fades and when the AID fades and the net result of multiple rolls will be increased ED value until he gets to his limit 8x points or whatever it is purchased. Honestly in the end this build loses points and is complicated for no reason. The character is failing to understand that you can never aid a power more than the total one can roll on the AID dice.
  4. indy523

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    They way to go with that is to tell the player if he takes the limitation then there will be things in game that take it away. In this example the symbiote can get sick and the power stops working or is reduced. The symbiote can also be required at times to leave the body to perform other tasks meaning the player won't have it. Enemies who become knowledgeable can do this. Even if he buys it IIF -1/4L it is possible for a bioengineer to create a chemical or biological agent that deadens the creature turning off the focus until the player can heal it. How much the GM should have this interfere with the character should depend on how much of a limitation they took.
  5. I would say that depends on two things: The system being hacked and what you want to do with it. Hacking is not a single activity: There is social engineering to uncover the schema the system is based on so that one can develop the malware tools needed to break it. Furthermore social engineering may be needed to guess the password of a user or to know which users to emulate.. Then there is the break in to the system which requires access. This is the attempts to identify users and break their passwords. For large companies and government this may mean that one has to first hack say a user's private email for clues to hack their work email, etc. This may also require devices on lines to pick up the magnetic traffic being sent and/or decryption software to uncover what is being sent. It also may mean that holes in the software and OS are exploited looking for places where even for a brief instant data is in the clear and not encrypted because of communication problems with the programs that transfer data or buffers that were overlooked in a security review. A large hack may require all of this. There is also a time aspect to this as the hacker may need to keep probing systems, uncovering people's identities and breaking in to covertly monitor just to find the user, an administrative account, that can perform the tasks he desires. He may also need to do this in order to figure out the software in place and research how it works. Not an easy task. So it my be quite alright with a penalty of -5 but this may require several steps to get through to get what he wants and even then this might take months of dedicated work. Then for every point above the required roll for a task then that timeframe can be reduced. Complicated systems are probably not more secure because they are difficult to hack because difficult to hack means difficult to use. Instead they are probably harder to hack because there are several redundancies and fail safes that the hacker has to get through requiring more time and more skill rolls.
  6. indy523

    How to: Mud breath weapon.

    These are all great suggestions but don't forget mud baths do wonder for the skin of elderly ladies foliating their pores and such so you can have the mud bath add one to five levels of striking appearance (beuty) and even ugliness as well (form the smell if you like)
  7. indy523

    MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?

    Steve As a devout Catholic I'd have no problem with the inclusion of Angels and Devils in the book. There already is in theatre, film and TV a great number of fantasy shows dedicated to this topic such as Lucifer (TV show), Supernatural (TV Show), Midnight (TV show), The Fallen (movie) Ghost (movie), various works of Esther Friesner (books) and those are just the ones I can come up with off the top of my head in five seconds. There are latterly 100's more. Somehow Tinseltown, the Networks, Netflix and the publishing houses manage to make a pretty good living selling people stories on just this subject. There are even some stories that are based on Jewish mythology and not Christian out there. I don't see why people who make their own story in a gaming system have to be somehow treated differently other than Gaming companies don't have as much money for lawyers as Networks do I guess. I'd actually love to see rules and discussion on this genre whether it is in the mythology book or not. I have watched and read a lot of these stories and it seems that the good ones follow a certain theme. 1) God is absentee from the story line. Why) First off being omnipotent and omniscient there would be no conflict. God can you fix this, finger snap, Yes I can! Second and more important having God say stuff is very close to giving lectures on what God thinks which could influence the viewer and or offend if they believe God would do something else. So God is this mystery being no one sees in the story who leaves Easter eggs for the character to find and figure out on their own as the only communication form Him or Her depending on how Woke you are these days. 2) Religion, faction or creed are usually never mentioned or shown except in the case of films like the exorcist where the Catholics are the only religion that still has people that do that thing. To the extent it is, there is never attempts in the story at proselytizing. . Why) Kind of obvious. The more elusive what religion or religious system is in play the more it will tend to include anyone who is a believer even non Christians. 3) The "Angels" or their other religious counterparts such as Buddhist Bodhisattva are always troubled and don't quite know what it is they should do and many times are the de facto Villains of the story. Why) It helps if those on the side of Good have to struggle to know what is right. IF the Angels all know the right solution to every conflict they can just tell the mortals what to do and be done with it and that does not make for a good story. 4) There is usually always one demon that attempts to reform himself or herself even if it is too late. Why) It makes for better story if the not all the bad guys are thoroughly evil. This creates complex problems the good guys have to solve. 5) The macguffin in plots related to sin are always things not in dispute such as murder and do not touch on political topics such as the abortion debate for instance. No attempt is made to speak on these subjects one way or another. Sin is never something shown in a way that is judgmental of religious beliefs. Why) Obvious I think but important to remember because you have to make sure others cannot view things in that regard. Things judged as Sin have to be things that people universally see as wrong. For instance manbuns. I think that any book on this subject would probably have to have those rules in mind and directions on how to implement them in order to avoid people seeing it as trying to offend. To those that will be offended because D&D is evil well, they aren't your target audience anyways. Still I understand your reluctance. Cheers Indy
  8. indy523


    Actually if I were the GM I would rule the opposite. If the character fails the feint roll then the target knows about the attack and can abort to a dodge. If the character succeeds with the feint roll then the target does not know about the attack and cannot abort to a dodge. Sure the player who is playing the character knows the attack is coming because he saw the die roll but that is OOG (Out of Game) knowledge and can't be used in game. Thus no Abort to Dodge because he is unaware of the attack.
  9. indy523

    Why Does the Monk Class Work in DnD

    Nolgroth DnD Monks are basically something thrown in to have a class that was hand to hand with mystic powers. Although it had an Oriental feel to it the way the game reacted to it was to just throw monasteries in with Castles and Mages in with Druids. The original DnD was based on Tolkein and the east was Mordor the land of the Dead and Cursed Evil. Monasteries was something they just fit in along with hobbits and Druids. IT fit because the world was designed for them to fit and they were a specialty class. Back in the day 1st edition had a set number of high level monks and Druids with the Grand Druid being 14th level and the Grandmaster of Flowers being 17th and there only being one character with that level. To get to that level you had to defeat the old master in combat. This was most unlike how a pacifist Buddhist or Shoalin Monastery probably operates. For me though I think it is not an issue to convert the Monk Class to a western version based on Friar Tuck for instance. Instead of hand to hand these monks fight best with a staff, or a club, never use sharp weapons that draw blood, have skills in research, literacy in ancient languages and more points in knowledges. Maybe a 3 point skill focus that gives one point off any geographic, cultural, noble, religious or natural lore knowledge only a Monk class can have. Instead of mystical powers based on inward practice and honing of chi the Monk could have divine gifts that give him benefits such as the Jawbone of Sampson that makes the Monk's weapon Penetrating or the Walk on Water ability that gives bonuses to acrobatics and allows running over water, etc. Maybe Western Monks have the ability to attack undead, etc. You could keep the eastern Monk as well and maybe do an Arabian version using powers based on those culture's myths.
  10. indy523

    Hyperman in the hospital

    Hyperman I hope you recover fully to continue to fight crime! Get Better!
  11. Hi Steve I asked a question earlier about a limitation where you can use a power but it does not recharge for set period of time for the same person/area etc. if you remember. Your response below was: There is a Limitation for doing this. It's called Delayed Use, and you can find the rules for it on page 162 of Fantasy Hero. I bought the Fantasy Hero Complete and I like it so I did not buy it just for this but I don't see Delayed Use on page 162 or anywhere else in the book. Can you help me out please?'
  12. Ok so essentially I have a power with a time limit that is set for up to five minutes let's say and has an RSR that is one minute plus one minute per extra point 5 minute max which is whatever the book says it is not important for the discussion. I want to limit the number of uses based on time so you can use whenever you want in an area or on a person but can't reuse it for let's say one hour. The only way I can thing of this is buy Damage over Time at +1A then don't buy any extra uses (so only one use) and then buy it with a -2 to the calculation every hour. This is a -1L which the rules might require I make it a +1/4A minimum (can't remember). In that case since the point is not to have multiple uses of the power but to limit its use on any one area (let's say its an AOE) to no more than once an hour even though it lasts no more than five minutes I will house rule the limitation can be applied as normal. Other than that is this legal and if not is there another way that one could do this? Not sure.
  13. Ok so earlier I asked a question about a character with an astral body bought as invisible always on for a 0 level limitation because it is linked to the projection (desolidification) i.e. the astral body is always invisible. I wanted the ability of the spirit to manifest or become visible so I have to buy a images with set effect to appear as the character's body -1L and obvious -1/4L image appears ghostly so obviously desolid not real etc. I bought this with an RSR and 2x end to make it expensive for the character to use to simulate the stress of maintaining visibility. So what if I want the character to have a magic spell for instance that allows him to change his appearance to appear as any humanoid. This reduces the set effect from -1L to -1/2L. What if I also want the spell to make the image appear real and not spectral getting rid of the -1/4 Obvious limitation. Can I buy this as a +3/4 Naked Advantage (paying 3/4 the point of the power) and then apply limitations such as RSR to cast, cost end and 2x end to maintain, incantations to start (image has to speak in physical world as well as body in the astral) and whatever other limitations that go with casting a spell to mirror that effect? Technically this is not an advantage but the removal of a limitation but does that really matter?.
  14. AS I understand it you can buy powers with a limitation range based on STR to simulate attacks that are limited in range by the strength of the character which you could apply to a Blast or RKA. You could buy extra Strength with the limitation only to increase the range of thrown objects along with the penalty CSLs.
  15. indy523

    ultimate base (Example Kingdoms)

    I would say that you are building a hero/villain group with various resources. This will entail two things that you have to buy. The first is a base of operations which would be the country, corporation, government r criminal underground that the ninjas represent. There might be one base or several and there might be vehicles as well. All of that would be purchased using the +5 2x multiple to get the numbers you want. This gives the number of safe houses, hideaways, false store fronts, secret training bases, governmental buildings etc. that the organization controls as well as the number of vehicles that they have access to. The next thing to buy is a group of followers again using the 2x +5 point metric to buy the number you need. These are all the leaders, ninja soldiers, recruiters, face men, bureaucrats, criminal earners etc. that make up the organization. In both cases you don't have to define each element of either one just the total number. I would link the base to the followers to indicate they run the group. You should also then buy several perks for the ninja group including licenses and authoritative powers, contacts, favors and money. This will define your ninja group and give your players, once they research it, how many facets have to be undone in order to defeat it eventually. Good Luck with the Insurgency!