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    Long-time gamer and HERO System enthusiast; publisher of San Angelo: City of Heroes
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    Veteran, 20+ year civil servant, author of HERO System books and others, cancer survivor, been on a national TV PSA, and much more. Peep my personal web site for the long version: http://marktarsenault.com
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    Civil servant; Publisher; Author
  1. goldrushg

    San Angelo

    I have a little experience running this setting back in the day. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.
  2. goldrushg

    San Angelo

    So noted. We appreciate the feedback. I think you'll like what we're planning for the relaunch.
  3. goldrushg

    San Angelo

    Just so you folks are aware, we're looking at releasing much of the setting material on a Wiki-style platform and publishing updated characters, stories and such in new books. The books would be meatier with lots of usable in-game goodness (art, stats, adventures, etc.). The Wiki would be a highly detailed resource for those who want to delve deeper into the backstory and the setting. One of the things I like about the Wiki idea is that it would allow GMs and players to use it during the game (on smartphones, tablets, etc.). We're posting quite a bit of content on the beta. Once we have the bulk of the material up that we want to release, we'll open it up for fans to participate. We're planning to license all of the text on the Wiki under the CC-BY-NC-ND.
  4. goldrushg

    San Angelo

    Noted. We appreciate feedback like this. Just FYI, we're working on a relaunch for the future (no set release date yet). You can follow some of the developments and discussion on the SACoH FB page. I'm happy to cross post stuff here, as well.