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  1. Thanks for the interest everyone. I'm kinda new in town... where would I find the Sentry version?
  2. Yep, I read that part, but I'm just trying to make sure I understand what I'm looking at for the future of the character designer. So that's a "No"? the Hero Character Designer will stay a java distro and hopefully continue to work more than another year and a half? Not trying to be a jerk, just trying to understand what comes next. Thanks
  3. So I'll get this out first... I'm old. I'm old enough to have the DOS Champions v4 character creator. And old enough to have the Creation Workshop character generator with the Champions-specific add-on. I have the current Hero Character Designer and use it frequently. I have 4th/5th/6th edition sourcebooks, but (and here's the punch line) I like the v4 character generation system. I'm also a fan of self-contained programs more than Java-based, due primarily to Sun/Oracle experience in my working life. So... 1) is there any community interest or possibility of adding 4th edition to the Hero Character Designer? 2) is there any interest of possibility for a chargen that doesn't depend on Java? 3) Did I miss a forum topic that has this discussion already? Thanks
  4. This may be the wrong thread, but... Sun/Oracle is going to start licensing Java: https://www.java.com/en/download/release_notice.jsp Does this change how the character designer is going to work and/or be published? Thanks
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