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  1. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    An opponent or an ally? You decide! For once they have a NPC that didn't need a lot of clean up, and that was interesting. The build is straight forward. He has a fair bit of versatility, but if he ever shifts it all to his blast, you are in trouble. The only real additions I made were +2 all combat (which I am tempted to make Overall) as it fits a NPC with his experience. Personality wise, he's either the noble opponent ( My government demands your capitulation) or a worthy ally ( We agree that this is the greater threat, so for now we fight together). One thing is to play up his military background. He's army, with years of combat experience.
  2. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    It does allow him to add a bit of defense while attacking (armour and blast) or to multi attack (HTH with a blast). So I left it in!
  3. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    He's like Iron Man, if Iron Man was not rich! So a Battlesuit build but by someone on a budget. Seriously this was like Shellhead's first armours, bulky, slow and with limited devices. First I added a few more entries in the Characteristics list to represent servo motors and reaction modules. Then I added some minimal flight. Cleaned up the attacks MP. And made his disadvantages fit better. So power wise the only flag I have is the 15d6 no range attack. It is a doozy, but it also has enough problems to be used only in certain situations. (Example getting through a door or wall and getting that nice presence attack). Personality wise I find him refreshing. An arrogant scientist, shunned by his peers who has become a hero on his own terms. You may not like him, but he is on the side of the angels (Just remember In God we trust, all others pay cash)!
  4. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

  5. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    Another versatile build Not much to say here. He's fairly straightforward but has a lot of options due to the variable SFX of his powers. And he has a lot of room to grow in! Future Druid Supreme?!
  6. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    And the team brick with extras He was a bit to do. He can shift into a gas form with two different effects, OR, a crystal statue. I was going to do a multiform, but instead went for this build here. If you can see any improvements that can be to the build, please let me know. Now I like the concept, but I am not really sure about his hatred of his powers as its not like the Thing, he does have a human form! It does work. He can fill multiple roles in the team and is pretty versatile.
  7. Mr. R

    Hi tech Plots

    This is my problem, and my last group. Anything high tech, can we reverse engineer it and make a fast buck! Or I could do something like the above and get a "YEAH! RIGHT!"
  8. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    So some american heroes for now. First another air manipulator So an example of how the same SFX can be used in a different build. Vortex is less versatile than Wild Wind, but her focus makes her more straightforward. Build wise she was a mess. 77 pts for a 70" flight, low stats. So I fixed the Flight, fixed the Multipower, gave a bit more cohesion to the power list, expanded the skill list. Power wise though she's now fairly competent. She can adjust her damage and defenses and the Find Weakness makes for a very nasty surprise if she ever succeeds with it. Personality wise she is good as a mentor to up and coming heroes, or to a hero with new powers.
  9. Mr. R

    Hi tech Plots

    So its easy to come up with plots that involve magic/mystical. Insert magical ceremony / ritual / artifact. World wide chase to stop / disrupt opponents. Strange portals to OTHER Worlds with gibbering horrors slurping their way through. But I find it harder for High tech type plots. So Hero fans, give me some ideas. Stir up the high tech soup for those people who play the gadgeteer / power armour / super agent type.
  10. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    A stranger from a different tribe This was a very straight-forward build, but very much a glass cannon as well. Her two attacks are very powerful, but her defenses and SPD are low. On her own, she would not last long. With a decent team and tactics, she's awesome. A combo attack with another super could take out almost anyone, and the Entangle lets her set up opponents for those dreaded pushed haymakers. Personality, not bad. A classic devoted to duty, but I want MORE type.
  11. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    So a pair of agent level villains Comments after the lady So they obviously meant for this pair to be the humourish part of the module. A pair of hoodlums who had a facsination with the 1920's and so dressed like Bonnie and Clyde Wanna-be's. Well it is about 30 years later and so lets bring them up a bit, like the 1950's. Still a bit strange, but not so out of place. Now the powers. Well they are thugs for hire. But somewhere they got a set of real GOOD armour (like 15pd 8ed good). But he uses a tommy gun and she has a pair of 38's. So lets fix a bit. Better guns, some skills, a bit of Martial Arts. And voila! Bugsey and Muriel for the modern villain. No they are not as tough as say Laser or Steel Commando or Salvo or MechAssassin. But they can round out a team with some good skills and decent firepower. And they come as a pair, and will support each other. In total they have six actions, so make em count. Personality wise, I just cleaned them up a bit and gave them a motivation. Seriously you could get to like them, if it wasn't for the fact that they are amoral mercs!
  12. Mr. R

    Reduced Endurance

    In the last game I was in, movement and defense were usually brought down to 0 End. Attack powers would have a 0 End, a 1/2 End and a full End component. So Like a MP: MP 62 Pts 8d6 EB at 0 End 10d6 EB at 1/2 End (2) 12d6 EB (6)
  13. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    I can see your point. This could be her inexperienced build. As she goes along, give her ) end to fly and FF, and a 1/2 End to the TK. That should take care of the end problems. Adding a couple of points to Rec would make sense also. But the background change I really like. As far as the climbing, leave it in. Its not as if she knew one day she would be able to fly and so said NAW I'll pass in learning to climb for my anthropology studies!
  14. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    She's a wild one, wild one wild one....... This one needed work. The stats were OK, but the powers were a mess. Like 12" flight then +25" filght, but no limitation that would affect the extra flight. Also this was the era when powers cost 1 End / 5 Points. So here Autofire EB was 15 end per shot. If she did a 5 shot autofire, 75 End. So they gave her 80. It needed serious cleaning. So now her powers are in a nice Elemental Control. Her EB cost 3 per shot or 15 for a 5 shot burst. And she has the TK for surprise moves. This is another of don't let the cost fool you, she has serious power. She's a classic flying blaster and can go toe to toe with most opponents. Two and three shot autofires should be the norm. And with her speed, she can get where ever she wants on the battle field. Personality wise, she's a dark mirror to the altruistic heroes. Play up her selfishness, her vanity and her desire for thrills at the expense of others.
  15. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    So the Iconic NPC of this module This NPC needed little change from the original. Just some re-order and re-calculate some points, clean up some terminology and he's good to go. Power wise, he's scary. He comes from the mold of Whip-lash, Constrictor and Omega Red. Whips are cool and so we have a whip based guy. Decent strength, an armoured body, and great reaction times. He's half Martial Artist and half Brick. In any fight, he'll take point and go toe to toe with the biggest, meanest opponent. Personality wise, he's the villain with a tragic background. If they find his background, some great scientist type could fix him. But good luck getting through to him.