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  1. Mr. R

    COH builds

    Cold hands, warm heart So again a basic brick with a few extra tools in his repetoir!
  2. Mr. R

    COH builds

    Big and Slow So again a super strength brick with stone armour for defense. Without his armour his is competent, but with his armour, he is a bulwark. Not very maneuverable, but hurting him is HARD! Add the extra strength and he can be a lynch pin for any team!
  3. Mr. R

    COH builds

    Its stunning that someone so small can do what she does So Super Str and Will power. I kept the PD and ED a bit lower, but gave her lots of exotic defenses and a Dodge ability. The extra +3 to DCV is a lot. In a campaign she would be the little lady who can throw you around like a sack of potatoes.
  4. Mr. R

    COH builds

    So now a set of bricks. I changed things a bit here as all will have Super Strength as the attack power. I want these to be classic high strength "Bricks" and will show the differences in the defenses. So first up: Stunner
  5. Mr. R

    Create a Hero Theme Team!

    Gaijet (Gadget in Hindi) is a computer and technological whiz kid. But as a girl, she was usually held back, because who wants a wife whose smarter than her husband? But then the computer boom hit India and suddenly she was at the forefront of the tech wave. With some judicious investments she became wealthy and BORED! So when a call went out she whipped up a bunch of gadgets, a small personal FF device and a knock off of the Ping Pong Gun (No deadly attacks and she pays a royalty to Foxbat). She's generally support, but her tech skills and computer knowledge is valuable for tracking down info!
  6. Mr. R

    COH builds

    Its a classic build for a reason So this is a Force Field / Psychic defender. Has all the go to powers: FF, FW, TK, Fly, and a suite of mental powers. It wasn't hard to come up with the abilities. The back story was harder actually. Power wise there is a lot of room for development as the build is so classic!
  7. Mr. R

    COH builds

    Gidget....Gadget So a gadget defender. This is one that could be justified by a Gadget Pool later on. Add a decently powered blaster rifle and she can be very dangerous!
  8. Mr. R

    6th Edition Conversions

    Have you thought of doing Hi Tech Enemies? Its nice to see some Iron Man types!
  9. Mr. R

    COH builds

    A storms a comin' So a Sonic / Storm/ Electric Defender. I find this build interesting, as he can go far, or get up close and personal. I can see him as the leader of a team, with combat commands. Build wise this is different that other Storm types I have done, but then Storm is a power type that can go in many directions. Add more to the Change environment, Darkness and some AE attacks and you can have a real mean NPC.
  10. Mr. R

    COH builds

    He has plenty of time SO this is a Power Blast / Time Manipulation defender. The PB is fairly straight forward. The TM is basically explained as manipulating time to either heal or shunt damage. So very like an empath but with a differing SFX! The high dex is a side effect of the time powers. Note about the unified. If anyone drains or suppresses just one power, everything drops as well, as they are all tied!
  11. Mr. R

    COH builds

    So now time for some defenders First someone in balance So a dark / empath defender, at least an impression of one.
  12. Here's one I read recently that I really liked! Dreadnought https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30279514-dreadnought?from_search=true
  13. Mr. R

    COH builds

    He's hot So an experiment with a Fire / Fire Scrapper. Power wise I went with a non Martial Art build. He relies on his HTH ability to see himself though, and keeps himself mobile. I actually like making him as it gave ideas for a scrapper that has no Martial Arts. Personality wise, imp has the meaning of someone who can be troublesome, but in a good way. So I went with a trickster, and added a dislike of bullies due to what I extrapolated about his society.
  14. Mr. R

    COH builds

    He's being mysterious So a Dark Melee / Super Reflex scrapper. I decided to go with the stock mysterious warrior with an unknown past. Add what ever you want to fill in what ever story need you have. Power wise, he's much Like Mynx or Captain Mako. Hard to hit and can dish out some hurt. Note I did not give him Martial Dodge. This was deliberate. He still has regular dodge and with all in has a 17 DCV. The extra damage from darkness is from the fact that he uses Darkness, so it has a channel into him.
  15. Mr. R

    COH builds

    A Knight in shining armour So a Broadsword/ invulnerable. I decided to go Power armour, because honestly I see few of them in games, and to mix up the Arthurian theme a bit. So a classic Knight from out of Time idea, with a more high tech feel. Power wise, he's a mixture of Power armour (protection and sensors and boot jets) and HTH Scrapper (energy sword/ spear)