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  1. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    One of the major big bads! SO OUCH! This guy is supposed to be one of the major big bads in the book. And it shows. And I reduced him from what the book has. As someone has said, versatility costs. He originally had a very large EC. And they said that he had at least another 10 effects not listed under the Sorcery ability. So instead I placed his EC just with his go to combat spells, and placed the rest in a VPP, with some examples, that you can fill in. Also I gave him a few extra disadvantages just to make him less monolithic. If it looks like he can take on an entire team, you're right. My question is if he is charged with killing Gargoyle, why isn't there a smoldering corpse somewhere. Otherwise, he just doesn't turn my crank. Selfish, sadistic, no redeemable features. Seriously this guy needs the power or he's gonna be killed.
  2. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    So a Superman/Captain America analogue! An interesting back story, lots of hooks and a decent build. This was one that I really had little to do to fix. He was fairly balanced right from the start. I just added some skills and perks. The only change I did is make him more international in outlook.
  3. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    So a city protector! There was a thief in San Angelos who has a Guardian Spirit power written as an Invisible TK. I see great similarities. So this guy is a very Daredevil homage with a dose of Batman added in. But his powers are much different. He's a HTH nasty and against normals should mop the floor. Against more competent adversaries he should be able to hold his own. To be honest this was a build I had to do the least to fix, just add some Martial Arts and some SPD.
  4. Mr. R

    A Human Firewing

    I like this. It can give other power sets to the person. You mention it is a DNPC. Can we get some info on her. Is she an Aunt May type? or more of a talented normal like a police officer? or even more competent like an Until Agent? Personality? Take a page from Scott Bennie and let her personality fit her powers. A nurturer? Then that water, prosperity and healing set looks pretty good! Also I like the idea that she loses the DNPC status. It gives the feel of an organic growing world. I hated that scene in Iron Man 3 where he "Fixes" Pepper. Really, she was broken? But you will have to compensate the player for the lost points somehow!
  5. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    That is a typo. When doing a build I generally place 80 to 100 pts in the MP pool. That is so when I make a power in the pool I can fit it in with all the advantages I want. Then I reduce the cost to make in more in line with the most expensive power. So he should have a 60 pt MP! Or you can add the extras you stated to give him a bit more unpredictability/versatility! And thank you for the kind comment!
  6. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    The past must die so his present can live! So another that I did a big change to. In the original he had a jet pack, energy pistol and energy sword. And some troops that followed him back to the past to fight with him. Those troops were a big chunk of his cost (close to 75 pts out of 400) which meant he was a 325 pt NPC. And what happens when the troops die (Wolvie clone to fight scene). How does he get more as his travel device is broken. So I changed him to a powered armour user. No troops except those he gains here. This actually give a reason for some high tech gear to be around! Maybe he even founds his own Conspiracy so that his Emperor from the future is HIM! Otherwise he's good for any sort of scenario. He needs funds and troops so he may be in the employ of others, but his own mission will always take prominence!
  7. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    He's got some weird powers SO this guy looks like he's from V&V (Flame Powers, Elasticity, Heightened Str B, Shape shift). But there is some potential so I just organized it a bit better. So basically he's a thief, but he likes a challenge. But not so much as to defeat him, just enough to gloat. Solo, he'll have some thugs. Otherwise he'll hire super muscle. He'll be the leader, not a follower. So if you want a Riddler type NPC, but one who can pack a punch, here you go!
  8. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    A lady to put men in their place! This was another build that needed a severe overhaul. In their version she had a 65 Int (I am serious). Oh and over 80 pts MD. Wasted points. So a major rewrite. Make her more a classic Jean Gray type psionic. Now onto the personality. UGGG! First she is totally tied to the Drake, there is no reason to use her outside of it. And considering her powers, why isn't he still her sexy boy? And she secretly loves him and want to..... Man the 60's cliches just keep on coming. So I updated it to modern times with a big element of the Me Too movement. Given the right support, she could become a dangerous player!
  9. Mr. R

    The Alphabet Squad

    Good to know!
  10. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    The tree that walks like a man So the original was all kinds of broken. His concept was a Man Cactus, and was just silly to me, so I made it plants in general. Then he had 11d6 absorbtion energy and physical that goes to his strength. SO eventually he can get to 110 Str. So I reduced the absorbtion and made it able to use as a defense. And I took a page from the NPC Brick from Viper, where he can throw parts of himself to give him a ranged option. Otherwise I left the core idea alone. He's a thug, but a very strong and effective one. He could be used in many ideas, hired out as extra muscle, or even sent as a diversion for another job.
  11. Mr. R

    The Alphabet Squad

    WOW! Well I have some ideas now. I'll keep them in mind when I get around to this project!
  12. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    And his greatest enemy OK he's all kinds of scary. Use him only if you plan on a body count. And I powered him down. Originally he had 7 level all combat! As it is he's still a serious threat.
  13. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    So I will be doing my interpretations from Omlevex, Gurps SuperThugs, Trouble with HAVOC, and Silver Age Sentinals. So first up Omlevex and their signature hero So changes I did: Upped the stats a bit, gave him more armour, speedster MA and more skills. Basically as described he's a Speedster with some gadgets. But as written his damage is pathetic and his movement is slow. These are his defining characteristics. I think now he makes a decent NPC. Certainly playable as a PC.
  14. Mr. R

    The Alphabet Squad

    That is a cool idea!
  15. Mr. R

    The Alphabet Squad

    So M&Ms Atlas of the world had for their UN organization a group called the Alphabet Squad. Each agent named after a letter in the alphabet. All extremely capable, but with a high turn over. This got me thinking about a Super Squad for a UN type organization but made up of super heroes (sort of like an earth bound version of DC Legion of Super Heroes.) But I am stuck on getting started. I don't know if I want the letters to match the Powers (A is for AIR), or just make a codename that fits the letter (Airhammer is a flying power armour user) I think I am leaning toward the second, but what do you think?