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  1. Narf the Mouse

    Funny pics

    So because I want to protect people in general against sexual assault and peeping, I'm a bigot? There's a difference between "Is a pervert" and "Is not Asexual". No offence to the latter group. Or those who are Asexual.. I'm being entirely impersonal. And a lot more polite. Well, it's a good thing I didn't tar anyone with the brush of pervert. Not one single individual or group. No, the label of "pervert" belongs to a certain small percentage of pretty near the entire human race, not counting Asexuals. Now, you've been throwing the "Bigot!" label around a lot. And saying that separate bathrooms for women is obviously prejudice. Even though the alternative explanation, protecting (albeit imperfectly) both women and men from sexual assault and peeping is both the actual explanation, and a perfectly valid one. I, for one, do in fact remember what some teenagers are like; and that certain few adults remain that way. I have, in turn, faced several deep insults. But don't worry. After years of being polite, friendly, and helpful to everyone I encounter on this forum and the chat channel, because that's the sort of person I generally am; if all it takes to get my name blackened on this forum is to not like the idea of a rise in sexual assault and peeping, then I'm quite fine with not being on here anymore. After all, I have had no friends just like you.
  2. Narf the Mouse

    Funny pics

    I'm fine with discriminating against perverts. Most of whom are interested in the opposite sex, because that's the way statistics rolls. Now, do you have any other brushes you would like to tar me with?
  3. Narf the Mouse

    Superhero Cosplayers

    You overestimate the phasability of the average person, I think. Especially in places with geek-based convention centres. Plus, the camera might not have been obvious; if there's an obvious camera, people are more likely to *mug for it. * Ah, English. In this slang usage, "mug" means "to play-act, in an amateur, untrained manner, as if before an audience." * Also, "mug" used to mean "face". Hence, "mug-shot", or "a picture of someone's face."
  4. Narf the Mouse

    Funny pics

    You obviously haven't considered the possibility of perverts. Which is: 1) The reason bathroom stalls were invented. 2) The reason bathrooms are not communal.
  5. Narf the Mouse

    Foods for those that just don't care anymore

    I like cranberry sauce and eggnog. And turkey. Although I like gravy better than cranberry sauce, but that's because gravy is about as good as chocolate and... ...Wait... ...What if I put gravy...On the chocolate?
  6. Narf the Mouse

    The cranky thread

    Unfortunately, the definition of "Hacker" has changed over time, and has different technical meanings than popular meanings. For example, someone who gets paid by a company to intrusion-test the company IT security...Is a "Hacker". Someone who works at a university testing a company's software, and sending the results to the company...Is a "Hacker". They may even get kick-backs from companies for this. Seriously. Certain companies have bounties for security errors in their software. Someone who runs a script they downloaded off a website that scans for security holes and makes a bot-net out of unsecured computers, to scan the internet for accounts with passwords like *"passw0rd"...Is a "Hacker". Someone who makes a program that makes a virtual puppy run around your computer screen...Is a "Hacker". The term "Hacker" is pretty meaningless as misunderstood by the general public. * Seriously, people. Why???
  7. Narf the Mouse

    The cranky thread

    Soon as someone mentions the film "Lucy", at least a few people complain that "using 100% of the brain is actually a seizure!" Congratulations; you made your Science roll. However, if we're going to list all the things in superhero movies that don't work, we'll be here next week.
  8. Narf the Mouse


    Why did the troll cross the road?
  9. Narf the Mouse

    Funny pics

    There's not enough kinetic energy in the push, and the pushed player's feet do not touch or come that close to either of the downed players. He's playing for the refs, and it's theatre, not handegg.
  10. Narf the Mouse

    Quote of the Week From My Life.

    So that's what all those Youtubers weren't talking about:
  11. Narf the Mouse


    Did you hear about the juggler who was scammed into buying shares in a chilli stew company that doesn't exist? Nobody told him
  12. Narf the Mouse

    "Neat" Pictures

    I guess...Maybe...Something about showing what the human body is capable of?...
  13. Narf the Mouse

    Funny pics

    Point of order. Not that that's not a horrible thing, but innocent until proven guilty, eh?
  14. Narf the Mouse

    "Neat" Pictures

    Impressive...But insane. Sorry, just can't fathom that level of risk just for a crowd's approval. Maybe someone can explain it to me?
  15. Narf the Mouse

    Quote of the Week From My Life.

    I'd like to remind my teeth that they are not supposed to regard me as tasty.