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  1. L Marcus once mistook Copenhagen for Gothenburg
  2. Loot the bodies and then search for secret doors Demon beatdown wimp time Lemure vs Manes
  3. 2nd Generation (Nightcrawler for the win) Demons vs Devils beatdown Succubus vs Erinyes
  4. You missed Green Lantern I assume line 5 should have been Dr Manhatten OR Green Lantern OR Superman
  5. Port Afrique A pilot returns home to Africa after World War 2 and finds his wife is dead. He is then caught up in the investigation into how and why she died. The Old Dark House A salesman who shares his apartment with a guy who is part of a rich family has to visit said family's estate to deliver a car. Murder is the result as the family must gather there each night to inherit part of the estate. This could work in either black and white or colour but this is a colour film. The Cat and the Canary This is the 1978 version of the film. A family gathers 20 years after the death of the head of the family. This is in the 30s but the head made a film and had his voice recorded to match the footage. Only one member of the family will inherit provided they last the night. However a doctor from the lunatic asylum nearby enters the house saying that there is an escaped lunatic on the loose and they should lock the doors and stay quiet for the night. Legend of Hell House A team has a week to investigate paranormal activities at the house where an evil man disappeared and all his guests died. A previous attempt ended in disaster and the sole survivor is back to try again. He is a medium. As is one of the others. A scientist is the third member of the party and his wife is with him. This is an interesting haunted house tale. Roddy McDowell stars. Anne of the Indies This is a pirate adventure film wit the titular Anne being a pirate captain trained by Blackbeard. Saw this last in the 1970s. Royal Flash Harry Flashman the notorious bully from Tom Brown's schoolboys makes an enemy of Otto Bismark who uses him in a Prisoner of Zenda plot. This is fun. Oliver Reed is Bismark and Malcolm McDowell is Flashman. The Devilship Pirates A pirate ship suborned by the Spanish Armada has to take refuge in England due to damage received. They lie to the locals saying the Spanish won. But resistance grows... Stars Christopher Lee as the pirate captain.
  6. Pharaoh because I want my Mummy ! And I am not sorry I made that joke. Undead beatdown agin Skeleton vs Zombie
  7. Climate Change Denial is worse Back to D+D heavy hitters Juiblex vs Baalzebul
  8. Karl Lagerfeld one of the world's leading fashion designers dies at 85 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47293637
  9. The number of times that Lucius has been confused for Luscious Jackson is no odds to nobody
  10. Oops. Ok. Here is my backup choice. Hela https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hela_(comics)
  11. The avalanche has already started it is too late for the pebble to vote
  12. 5th hero Karnilla https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karnilla Option (villain) Morgaine Le Fey https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgaine_le_Fey_(DC_Comics) Option (villain) MODOK https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MODOK
  13. I have heard of Lacuna Coil so does that mean the other one wins ? Back to D+D heavy hitters Orcus vs Geryon
  14. 4th hero Black Panther https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Panther_(comics)
  15. Is this more Resident Evil 'zombie' stuff as Umbrella is the bad guys in that ?
  16. If L Marcus had his way Svarlbard would have been called Snowland after all it worked with Iceland.
  17. I, I won ? Anyway let's go for the obvious candidate Batman And Storm of the X-Men
  18. Hercules as that gets you Xena Shapechanging showdown Jackelwere vs Werewolf
  19. February 16th 1923 the burial chamber of Tutankhamun was unsealed. February 16th 1862. The end of the Battle of Fort Donelson results in the nickname of Unconditional Surrender for U S Grant
  20. Try this and please note the gems and the arms. They both need to be referenced.
  21. And just who has to clean off the mud in front of mum or dad ?
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