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  1. douglaswick

    SF Bay area (preferably north bay)

    Hi Khymeria- glad to hear from you! Likely it will be about three months before the team switches over from Shadowrun to Champions. I'll check back here! Welcome back to the bay, just in time for the hottest days in recorded history.... Destroyer must be testing out his new apparatus on its lowest setting.
  2. douglaswick

    Comments and suggestions on a build

    Thanks all- this is all good feedback.
  3. douglaswick

    Comments and suggestions on a build

    Hi Opale- thanks. I agree that 9d6 is quite low, and I'll think about ways to save points for DEX. Thanks for your confirmation on the multipower and comments on the side effect/linked sound blast. I'll ponder that too. Any thoughts about how to save points on the two big expenses- the damage shield and the multipower pool? Once again, I appreciate the input.
  4. douglaswick

    the Lady in Red

    Howdy, Beast. Enjoyed reading your work. Take this for what it's worth, because 1) I am new to 6th edition and 2) I am a crusty and conservative GM. I love your creative and thoughtful use of stretching (offensive multipower slot 6, portal punch). But I am pretty mystified by the following slot (portal fast strike). The text and rule use is a little confusing. If I were your GM, I would make you buy powers outside of the multipower that add to the stretching slot in order to perform martial maneuvers at range. Similarly, if you are going to routinely use small swords via the portals, I'd make you buy an RKA. Here's why. When a super complicated adaptation of one power ends up accomplishing the same thing as an existing simple power, just buy the simple power. Just describe all the complicated stuff ("her arms disappear into tiny portals, and the exits of the portals are right between the shoulder blades of her target!") as a special effect of RKA. Simple, fun, and already game-balanced. I'm also hesitant as a GM to allow "unified power" limitation. The text on pp 118-119 says it "typically represents constructs where the character needs multiple powers.... to build the aspects or facets of a single power". If I have a PC who takes a lot of powers with "unified power", I'm going to warn him/her up front: "within the next five sessions, you absolutely will face someone who can drain one of your slots... are you willing to give up every one of them when you meet the electron drain monster?" Finally, the "teleport ball bearings" attack is kind of unbalanced. It's a "you die" power. Yes, it will take a few attack rolls to kill a sturdy hero, but not many characters have the right defense. And "AVAD Does Body' has that great big STOP sign. I'd probably make you define another substance (force fields, lead, strong magnetic fields) that disrupts the teleport in addition to hardened resistant PD or just running for your life. I feel bad for throwing many speed bumps at you. Great creativity, and of course this is just one random dude's opinion!
  5. douglaswick

    Comments and suggestions on a build

    Hi all, First, apologies if there is another thread already for this purpose- I scanned twice but didn't find an appropriate thread. I'd like comments and suggestions on this build. I've been away for 20 years (4th ed) and I am slowly warming back up to 6th edition and the Hero Designer system. The attached character sheet is for a "background: hero in a city a couple of hours away- an allied NPC that my PC's might interact with. I'm probably going to start my PC's at 350 points, so this guy was built around the idea that he was a new 350 point hero several years ago and has been gaining experience and reputation since then. I'm most interested in comments like "that -1/2 you gave was too generous, because", or "that character conception cries out for a limitation of the offense powers that works like this...." I also have a specific question. I built his damage shield outside of his multipower, because it seems to me that switching multipower slots would make even a constant power turn off. Agreed? Flavor text and character sheet attached. One thing that is not obvious: his "no range hearing flash attack, linked to flight" represents the enormous roaring noise of his sonic special effect. Thanks, everybody! Lone Star Lion flavor text - Google Docs.pdf Lone Star Lion.pdf
  6. douglaswick

    Game balance for an introductory scenario for noobs

    Hi QM- thanks for those summaries, excellent!
  7. douglaswick

    SF Bay area (preferably north bay)

    Addendum- my current Shadowrun gaming group is going to give it a whirl, but we have room for one veteran. Tentatively I will GM but of course a newcomer with experience is most welcome to take it on.
  8. douglaswick

    Game balance for an introductory scenario for noobs

    Hi Mrinku- thanks for the suggestions! I do indeed have classic organizations. And updating the agents to the new rules formats is good practice with the HERO generator software. Thanks especially for the thought of entwining the escaped villains with future campaign action.
  9. Hi all, I played a moderate amount of 4th edition and I'm planning on introducing my gaming group to 6th edition Champions (we currently play Shadowrun). I thought a quick one-off session to introduce them to the game system might be worth a shot. So here was my first idea. I'm eager to hear suggestions for improvement and suggestions for game balance. Each player (usually 4-6 of us) would play an agent of the "coping with supers" agency (UNTIL?). They are manning a super prison when a couple of bad guys attack! The attackers have scrambled the robot defenses, so it's up to the intrepid agents to hold off the bad guys for 5 combat turns or so until help arrives (the generators come back online? Captain Overpowered appears from his charity event downtown?). The reason for playing as agents is it would allow a noob to be handed a character sheet with only 2 or 3 offensive options and one or two skills. I would let my PC's each choose skills from a short prepared list and one nonlethal subduing weapon from the "oh crap, emergency" rack at the prison. (For instance: grappling hook with an entangle and an electrical stun attack, dart gun with attack vs limited defense, pneumatic ram arm prosthetic with STR enhancement and double knockback, super low friction AOE running drain.) I was imagining two low powered supervillains, 250 or 300 points, and building the agents on perhaps 150 points (including the points for a weapon), each agent with a single psychological complication or vulnerability. How does this sound for a very rusty GM and some completely new players? My hope is to make them use a little common sense (don't entangle a brick) and/or be smart with terrain & tactics to win. Then, once they have a sense of how the system works, they could do a better job designing characters for regular play. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  10. douglaswick

    SF Bay area (preferably north bay)

    Hey all- I'm returning to Champions after many years away and looking for a group. Willing to GM but prefer not. San Fransisco Bay area (San Rafael specifically) but willing to travel. Cheers!