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  1. Tech priest support

    Musings on Random Musings

    If you owned a TARDIS what would you disguise it as? I was thinking that after seeing the 2017 special. I'd want it to be something with a door so it would e easy to get in and out of. But i'd want it to be something that people wouldn't be trying to get into usually. So, something designed to get into and out if easily but something by and large people wouldn't want to get into..... Ok, I have to go with a Yugo....
  2. Tech priest support

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    2017 Dr. Who Christmas special. It was good, acknowledged a special recent character. Also acknowledged a very old character. It was touching to me as I watched the original series. I'm glad I saw it.
  3. Tech priest support

    Have a great Christmas.

    Can't really say "merry Christmas" because you know what is claiming it made is possible to say that again, so in will wish a great Christmas on everyone here. P.S. movie tip: Batman vs two face is a lovingly made tribute to the Adam West series. It's corny, groovy and fun. A worthy sequel to "batman return of the caped crusaders" and Adam West's final performance. I recommend it.
  4. Tech priest support

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Hey simon, is calling it how you see it histrionics now? Look go ahead and ban me, I kinda like this board but obviously ICM gonna get banned sooner or later.
  5. Tech priest support

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    I've been banned from forums for being "too liberal" and "too conservative". I've been banned for being " a Zionist" and for being ”a fascist". I've been banned for being "a misognyst" and for being a feminist. Icve beennbanned for being an atheost and for being too religious. It happens. One thing I've noticed is that contrary to the idea that the intrawabz were going to facilitate discussion and cm Monica at I on it tends to create a million little echo chambers where only certain views are allowed.
  6. Tech priest support

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    I'm not an anarchist. I believe in a constitutional government as long as all players follow the rules. I don't talk about some of the things you talk about because they didn't happen in the universe I live in. Some of those things only happened in the "alternate fact" based universe. You know, the one where Obama is a Kenyan born Muslim and Hillary willfully caused the deaths of the behn ghazi staff because reasons. Those things didn't happen in my reality. The democrat party may ave steered things in favor of Hillary, So be it. Recent supreme court decisions allowing unlimited big business finances of campaigns have made political campaigns a rigged game anyway.
  7. Tech priest support

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    We're had some institution disobedience to the current regime. Clifornia has practiced the sanctuary city doctrine in open defiance of orders to cease it. Likewise we had institutional disobedience from the right when a judge defied the supreme court and placed a religious monument on court grounds. Sheriff Arpaio famously defied federal court orders and maintained racially based harassment of Hispanics. So we've had disobedience on both sides. And both sides have lately taken it to a higher level, like when supporters of cliven Bundy aimed rifles at federal agents during a standoff and very recently when people determined to feed and aid the homeless in defiance of local laws did so while carrying assault weapons after seeing people routinely stopped, cuffed and carried off for doing so while unarmed. Like it or not things are escalating on both sides in America. At this point I think the only questions are when does open conflict start and who wins. Personally I'd rather it be my side.
  8. Tech priest support

    Who wins Squirrel Girl vs Batman

    Sadly I have to agree with this to an extant.
  9. Tech priest support

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    The democrats were the mature adult for 8 years while republicans threw a huge ongoing tantrum, filibustering everything democrats tried to do. McConnell even advocated a bill that Obama said he would support so he filibustered his own bill. We were the adults, and we got 8 years of childish spite thrown in our faces for it. Now we have a ranting man baby in the whitehouse who seems like his whole mission is to spit on democrats by eliminating every single thing Obama managed to do and he's getting wide support. As to burning our own house down, yes. I would rather burn it all down that let it become a country where only one party had taken over had any effective power.
  10. Tech priest support

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    This is a question for British people: how is that brexit thing going? What's the current status on it? How do people feel about it now in Britain?
  11. Tech priest support

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Also defying the law isn't automatically wrong. Some if the worst horrors in human history were perfectly legal. Likewise many great things started as illegal act. Personally I view America law as utterly corrupt and not simply unjust but actively hostile to justice. As is the America legal system is something that one must often defy to do the right thing. I have as much respect for the law as it deserves, which is virtually none. Democrats Pollard by the rules and the law for 8 years with Obama and republicans basically shut down the presidency the people overwhelmingly elected for 8 years. Now we have a republican president talking and acting like a dictator. Time to take the gloves off.
  12. Tech priest support

    Who wins Squirrel Girl vs Batman

    Squirrel girl has a hidden power, she can invert probability. So the more likely an enemy is to beat her the more likely she is to beat him due to the probability inversion.
  13. Tech priest support

    I challenge you!

    ATST height 9.04 meters. Reboot Ed 209 height 3.35 meters. Not quite big enough to stomp on Ed 209, maybe could kick. ATAT vs Gundam.
  14. Tech priest support

    I challenge you!

    Goijira, any version. Darth Vader vs Predator.