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  1. That all you know about a character's ability to lift is like 98% of his max deadlift. And form factor isn't taken into consideration at all. As far as the game is concerned, the same 10 strength that lets you pick up a 100kg barbell and stammer two paces lets you pick up a 100kg sleeping man and stammer two paces.
  2. I don't care what settings they were meant for, I want to know if there's a book which simply contains all the skills, characteristics, powers, advantages, and disadvantages, talents, magic, whatever that have ever appeared in any books. All the raw materials that I could ever need to build any of my own settings. I don't like the feeling of these things being tucked away in different genre books, I just want all the character building tools extant within the system. I feel like the splatbooks should exclusively contain package deals that, no matter the setting or genre, only reference a single book worth of raw building materials. Does such a book exist? Am I an idiot, and that's already what the 6e core book is?