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  1. Hello. I am looking for a GM that would be interested in run a campaign that is set in the GoT (Game of Thrones) universe. The details and hoped for GM skills are listed below. I have had a game like this ran for me until recently, but the GM is unable to continue. I was hoping to find someone who could run this as a solo game, with just me as the player interacting with the GM's take on the Game of Thrones universe. Details Type of campaign: Self-insert. I'd have my real world knowledge and memories (including whatever I know about GoT universe). Style: Sandbox. I'd appear in the body of a random non-important (like random slave) NPC, having been dropped there by some omnipotent god (or what have you). Timeline: Game probably starts at the beginning of the books, and uses the books as the basis, though we can definitely discuss the start time. Would be cool if I could start doing stuff from the beginning of the story like not letting Dany marry Drogo if I didnt want that, or stopping the death of John Arryn if I get there in time. Method of playing: Game is probably played over discord. We would sit down for a few hours and have a session. I'd prefer text (aka we just type back and forth), as that leaves a record of the session, is easy to do even when im travelling, and gives me a minute to think of what I'd say as im typing it out. Players: Just me. In the previous campaign (and I do want to keep this bit), the character was given a boon of their choice (like "choose your superpower") that was to help them get the mission done (save the world from white walkers). I quite liked the boon I chose, and while I amm definitely open to discussing it, I'd prefer to keep it roughly as it was. It does make me much much stronger than individual humans, but the campaign should (in my opinion) focus less on me fighting some weak soldiers, and more on politics and the like. So even if I can take on a several dozen soldiers without breaking a sweat, I can still only be in one place at a time, there are still going to be people with magic in the world, my allies can still be kidnapped/targeted, etc. My boon were the Powers of Emiya Shirou from the Fate series, modified to some degree to make them less effective at pure fighting power, and in exchange giving some more versatility. GM qualifications (Or atleast what I think would make the game more enjoyable for all involved): 1) You need to have read the song of ice and fire series. No way around this, it's the setting for the game. 2) Several years of GM experience. Sandbox games are somewhat difficult, and my actions will make the story start deviating from the books quite alot I imagine. 3) Aptitude for Political games. As I said, its less about me being super strong, and more about me needing to leverage that power, since I still cant 1v1 actual enemy armies with thousands of soldiers, can still only be in one place at a time, and so on. So higher focus on interaction with NPCs through words than through hitting things hard. 4) Not necessary, but it would be useful if the GM had knowledge of the Hero system. It is what was used in the previous game for the few fights my character had, and to model the boon (I'll be getting the notes on that from my old GM so we can have a look at it and see what we keep/change). Though since most skilled GMs can pick up the gist of a system (took me a few days to get the general feel for Hero system), this isn't as important as the above points. If you are interested, please contact me so I can answer any questions you have, and to provide examples on how games were ran so far, and so on.
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    Looking for GM for a Fantasy game (D&D?)

    No problem. Let me know if you find a Hero game as a player (Be it fantasy or not), and there are some empty spots.
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    Looking for GM for a Fantasy game (D&D?)

    I am looking for a GM (The question mark in the title was only for the brackets). Info on me: I am in EST time zone, but can be online for a game most times unless im like working or such, but since im not busy every day, I can generally tell you when i can definitely sit down for a game. So I have 2 options for what I want to run: 1) Is basically any DnD style campaign. I dont have any big preferences, though i hear people love Eberron. 2) Continuing the game that recently went on hiatus due to GM getting busy.
  4. Come across this site which basically translates DnD into the hero system, and got the idea to run a fantasy game (perhaps just a DnD setting), just using the hero system. Had some amazing experiences with a competent GM using the hero system for how flexible it is, so I hope to find someone who will run a game for me (and perhaps a few others). I would prefer to have the game ran over Discord for how well it accommodates either voice communication, or a PbP format (or heck, just having people get together for a few hours and make back-to-back posts via text, but at the speed of a live game)