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  1. sentry0

    what would you call this skill?

    Probably a PS: Detective roll or something like it
  2. sentry0

    The Turakian Age is Seriously Underrated

    That's a very tempting location I must admit. I'm currently planning a 1-shot set in Aarn for a group of D&D players but if that goes well and there's interest I would totally look at that region for a campaign
  3. sentry0

    The Turakian Age is Seriously Underrated

    It is - https://www.herogames.com/forums/store/product/417-turakian-age-bookpdf/ There's a PDF only available for $10 too 😀
  4. I love the setting and was curious if there's anyone else on these boards who do too? Steve did and amazing job with the book and I think it deserves more supplements. Although the base book is very detailed in terms of races, geography, theology, etc, I think there's tons of room to expand on. The setting has such good bones that it feels criminal to not expand on it. Also, an update to 6th edition would be fantastic although strictly not necessary.
  5. sentry0

    Campaign Prompts

    I once co-ran a game where everyone had a common origin much like the Fantastic Four (accident gave them powers). It was a lot of fun but everyone bought into the idea from the start...I think it's the only way to get a common origin story going. Also, we had a player join us later in the campaign and he was kind of the odd man out unfortunately...he broke the vibe of the story through no fault of his own.
  6. Champions: New Millennium ...I'll show myself out.
  7. sentry0

    Maxima and Other Things

    Interesting, I personally don't bother with hard Maxima in my games but I do impose a soft cap at the normal levels (ie: 20 for characteristics, 8 for PD/ED, etc). I allow players to exceed Maxima based on race out of the gate and also over time as the game evolves without penalty so long as it conceptually makes sense. I'm also super lazy when comes to things like prefabs and editing templates to have different Maxima although I have done it in the past. I like the idea of characters being able to attain Legendary status given enough time and experience. I'm not a low fantasy junkie by any stretch of the imagination though so YMMV
  8. sentry0

    Maxima and Other Things

    If I understand the question correctly I think the system already balances packages by virtue of assigning them a cost. HERO costs are already balanced around combat, that's why things like LS: Immortality is so cheap compared to a 12d6 Blast.
  9. sentry0

    Rule of X Calculator

    That's really cool
  10. sentry0

    Can you create temporary weapons?

    Sounds like an HKA to me. This thread is very similar to your question:
  11. sentry0

    Rolling Dice

    Shameless self plug but the HERO System Mobile app handles all these use cases and more and it's free. I use it to speed up combat on the GM side when I'm running...for more powerful tools for GMing check out HERO Combat Manager. I know that dice are an important part of the role-playing experience for some but the app helps take away some of the ponderous nature of HERO with a lot of options turned on. If you're a player you can load in your character into the app and long press on an attack power to pre-populate the die roller.
  12. sentry0

    Penetrating RKA Cheese

    Also, that END cost is per shot. 360 END would likely put the user straight into a coma 😀
  13. sentry0

    Champions for High School D&D Players

    It's a really good intro for anyone coming from D&D, not just high schoolers. There's a possibility that I will be introducing a bunch of older D&D players to Champions in the new year. I'm totally lifting this 😀
  14. sentry0

    Flute power suggestions

    I'll just leave this here and run away...
  15. sentry0

    Random Plot Generator

    Unfortunately, no there appears to be no way to get it to work on an iPad. I actually bought the Android app and could not get it to work for me. Their Windows app does work if you run it.