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  1. sentry0

    How do I copy and paste text?

    Try using keyboard shortcuts. On Windows it's Ctrl+c to copy and Ctrl+v to paste
  2. sentry0

    Critical Hits in the Hero System

    That's an interesting idea...if you use HAPs a critical hit could reward one. Gives the player a chance to decide on how to use their extra success.
  3. sentry0

    Critical Hits in the Hero System

    I think I'm lazy or something My go to crit rule is rolling 3 ones...automatically hits and does maximum damage. I'm not generally a big fan of systems that do x2 or more multipliers on crits (especially when crits are 5% or more of the time). Maximum damage is a lot in HERO and rarely seen like in other games where you're rolling something like a 1d8 (12.5%) vs a 12d6 blast (0.0000000459393657998%). Additionally, giving players 2x damage in HERO ends up being quite a bit, even on an average roll (assuming 3.5 per die) a 12d6 attack ends up being 84 vs a flat 72 if you just say max. If they roll well it gets crazy....
  4. sentry0

    Hi, new to the forums!

    Well, it's more like it's easier to do certain things like say make someone who's a good brawler without having a huge Dex or CSLs. You can make a brick that can know how to throw a punch but not necessarily be able to avoid them (high OCV low DCV). Not that you couldn't do that in earlier editions it's just easier.
  5. sentry0

    Hi, new to the forums!

    I was skeptical of the decoupling in 6th as well and I can honestly say that I like it now that I've used it. It actually opens up some interesting build options. Ymmv but that's my .02 cents 😀
  6. sentry0

    Attack of the random Dungeon Master

    I remember back in the day we started using random critical hit/critical fumbles table and my Fighter cut his own arm off on a fumble. He was eventually retired after we found out what it would cost to have it regrown (we were only level 7 and strapped for cash). D&D was where I learned never to let the dice rule the game. There's a reason why the "GM Screen" is a thing after all
  7. sentry0

    HERO System Mobile

    I've received a handful of bug reports over the last few months of people having issues loading the characters into the app...here are some observations about the issue: I currently believe that DropBox does NOT work as a loading location Google Drive and iCloud seem to be the most reliable way to load a character Some android phones have been sketchy with loading from the phone directly I helped someone with a Samsung Note that kept getting a permission error when trying to load from the local file system There may be more phones affected by this bug I think that reading from and SD card may be an issue I could use some help on points 1 and 4 to verify that they are indeed broken if anyone is feeling bored Thanks for the bug reports!
  8. sentry0

    XML Export Template

    Following up via email. If anyone has any bug reports, comments, or concerns regarding the app or export template please message me directly at guinchard@gmail.com or post in this thread: https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/96734-hero-system-mobile/
  9. sentry0

    Help with building a certain character

    Look into Aid 😀
  10. sentry0

    Martial Art(s) for a Batman-esque Character

    If BvS taught us anything it's that Gun Fu will be all the rage, I mean even Bats was using guns 😉
  11. sentry0


    I think vehicle is the way to go personally.
  12. sentry0

    Martial Art(s) for a Batman-esque Character

    All you need is what this badass is selling.
  13. sentry0

    Awakened AI for Kazei 5

    Nice, I'm totally stealing this for my own campaign
  14. sentry0

    Please no more Royal Wedding

    Met halfway by Charles
  15. sentry0

    Please no more Royal Wedding

    The Onion has ran this same headline many, many times...it's very sad. https://www.theonion.com/no-way-to-prevent-this-says-only-nation-where-this-r-1826142891