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  1.    I’m not much good at number crunching, but I went to look for the the doc but it’s gone from your original post and the one I downloaded doesn’t have any changes.

  2. I've been working on Blooded magic lately, I built out 49 spells across 8 spell lines and have put them into the setting doc. Made a prefab for them too Still looking for feedback, let me know if you want to help.
  3. That's one of the Laws that calls back to medieval Europe where peasants had no right to own land. Instead they payed rent to work on a Lord's estate and were taxed for doing so. I called it out as one of the Laws that tends not to be enforced in the modern era but left it in because a King may decide to enforce it depending upon the King.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to read over the doc and giving your feedback...I really appreciate it! To answer your question about direct email or here, it's really up you and what you feel comfortable with. I'm hesitant on posting the doc here right now because it's in such an early stage of development so there's a bit of a context gap for people lurking in the thread. At any rate, I leave it up to you. To try and answer your main question; I think that I want conflicts to be both internal and external. I don't foresee players working against each other...instead I'm envisioning them banding together for survival. One of the ideas that's been bouncing around in my head is the concept of Guilds or adventuring companies (adventurers in the D&D sense). I like the idea of having the players formally form a Guild or adventuring troupe, sort of like a hero team in Champions. There's lots of opportunities for conflicts within Blooded society itself. Those are mostly a political driven constructs and would vary from kingdom to kingdom or even between kingdoms. There's also the war between The Avalonians and The Lord's of Blight for control of Blooded society as a whole...this conflict needs more thought about what it means to the setting. Is it a burning fire of a conflict or more of a slow burning background thing? External antagonists are pretty vague at this point...still thinking on it. Witch Hunters, mortal wizards, and Elemental Lord's are what I've been throwing around as the short list. The Elemental Lords concept is this: the Blooded are in conflict with the raw forces of creation. In medieval Europe alchemists saw the classic elements as the building blocks for the universe. I like the idea that the Elements are basically trying to erase them from existence because the Blooded are inherently unnatural. I picture them being highly dangerous and powerful foes. Lots to think about still...thanks for your comments.
  5. Great, I'll send what I have your way. I understand what you mean about authoring...I write code for a living not verse.
  6. You're absolutely right about taking inspiration from White Wolf. Back in the 90s my friends and I played those games a lot and had a blast with them. There's a dash of Highlander in there too with a pinch of American Gods maybe a hint of Game of Thrones. I'm hoping that we can pull it all together into something cohesive.
  7. Anything really 😁 I know you're an artist so anything you care to do in that regard would be greatly appreciated. It would be awesome to get symbols for the Bloodlines tbh. I have written a couple if sentences for each Bloodline but I want to flesh them out more. A couple of paragraphs at least for each Bloodline would go a long way. The layout of the doc is really basic too and could use some TLC.
  8. Thanks, not quite what I had in mind as those images belong to someone else I'm guessing. Fiverr actually looks pretty cool, I was checking out some artists on there...really talented people on that site.
  9. Per the title; is there anyone interested in collaborating with me on a little side project? It's a setting that I'm working on for an Urban Fantasy game and I could use help with writing and art. The elevator pitch is this: the players are immortals, called Blooded, who have a connection to a mythic force that comes from their otherworldly blood. There are nine different Bloodlines that all have a different mystical focus such as Fae or Draconic power. The Bloodlines organize themselves in a medieval hierarchy with Kings and Queens, Dukes, Knights, and peasants. There's lots of opportunity for political intrigue and conflict as well as conflict from outside Blooded society with Elemental Lords, witch hunters, and mortal agencies. I have a short document created if you're interested in seeing what I have so far.
  10. Does anyone know a good place to find free fantasy art? I'm looking Urban Fantasy more specifically. Has anyone used https://www.fiverr.com/categories/graphics-design/digital-illustration before?
  11. Instead of (or in addition to) limitations to distinguish spell casting schools what about having the RSR characteristic be unique per element? Fire - INT Water - PRE or EGO Earth - CON or STR Air - DEX It would encourage spellcasters to focus on stats other than INT in most cases and may lead to some interesting builds. It also leaves spell design wide open in terms of limitations which may make your life easier in the long run.
  12. sentry0

    Clue Aversion

    My thoughts exactly. I think one of the most important rules a GM can follow is: know your target audience. If your group is a bunch of murderhobos then putting an RP heavy scenario or a scenario where they can't kill their way out is going to be bad for everyone.
  13. I've been buying it down and allowing it to be bought down. I think it is really a GM call in terms of if it's allowed. When something is below average (3 in this case) it generally means the character is impaired in some way...most people are simply using it as a point grab not because of some character driven reason.
  14. If you want to kill a superhuman you would need a huge KA on average. However, the average normal person has 8 BODY or so...that's roughly a 5d KA for 75 AP. On an average roll against a typical human without any rDEF that would outright kill them. It could be very effective against normal humans and make a villain seem pretty fearsome. But overall a regular 5d KA would be much more effective vs a super. I would say it could be a great "flavor" power but not terribly effective against your average super unless the KA was pumped up to some ungodly level. Edit: could make a cool MP out of it for death magic where you have the outright kill spell and a regular RKA. Maybe other fun stuff too 😁
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