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    A guy going through high school as well as he can, and a born geek and nerd.
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  1. DancingBagel

    Similarities and Differences between Gnomes and Halflings?

    I seem to get the idea now. But I have a cool idea. If possible, what would the offspring of a gnome and halfling be like?
  2. DancingBagel

    Futuristic Sports & Entertainment

    Don't forget virtual reality resorts. Going into your VR pod and choosing a list of resorts that you can spend your day in. Going to the Iota-4 Snow Resort and ski and snowboard it up, or the Delarian Beltway Tropicasphere and cruising on your Jet Ski while viewing beautiful opalescent crystal formations in a cave right outside your cottage. Or if you want wackier things, go to Mesozoic Meadows for a dino-riffic experience that is also much safer than Jurassic Park, or the Glucose Archipelago for all with a sweet tooth who used to play Candy Land and celebrate Halloween back on Earth. Better yet, you could access them from various locations, and since they are online, you can chill with your friend who, in reality, is 532 parsecs away. There would be so much fun to have, so let's hope you don't get addicted to a false reality and see no more pleasure in real life.
  3. Hello all. I eventually want to get together a group of friends and play Fantasy Hero with them. I'd like to play one of the small folk, because I like the idea of the "tiny but mighty" sort of character, so I like the gnomes and halflings. But seeing all the different versions of fantasy RPGs like D&D, Pathfinder, and so on, can you all please tell me a concise and consistent comparison between gnomes and halflings? What they are more or less like, their pastimes and combat tactics, and their boons and banes. I'd like to have info encompassing many different versions of other fantasy RPGs to give me a solid idea. Any help? Thanks.
  4. DancingBagel

    Goodbye Balabanto

    I'm only just joining the HERO community but I still send my condolences. Rest in peace.