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  1. sunny the goth

    Earth bending how do I do it?

    Thank you all for your help The character I am making isnt in the avatar setting I'm just using earth bending as the poster style The character is a demigod child of Gaia
  2. sunny the goth

    Earth bending how do I do it?

    So I am making a character based off Toph the earth bender How would I make the bending powers?
  3. i was one folder too deep in the finder thats why it wasnt showing sorry for being a noob and thank for all your help
  4. They are saved correctly as they need to be but still not showing up
  5. yes to both and the files i have saved with the hd stuff and they are .hde files downloaded from here still not showing up
  6. ok so i downloaded some export files from the downloads section but they arnt showing up as an option when i go to selext export i have placed them in the hd folder
  7. Thank you Simon one last question how do you export it that way ? Noob with the software
  8. then how do i get a pdf sheet for the vehicle ?
  9. help every time i try to make a PDF of my vehicle i get this error i dont know how to fix it