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    So, I've been looking to see what others have come up with for a Fallout conversion, hand in the process came up with some thoughts of my own. 1) What to do about "power creep". Let's face it, it's an computer RPG game. Opponents are going to get more difficult, therefore weapons/armor/perks/talents will need to be stronger as you go. From what I recall of HERO (I am getting back into it here), that concept doesn't 100% mesh with the system. Part of me just wants to try and smooth things out, especially with weapons. 2) Keeping things true. Now, what I want to do (and have started looking at) is trying to keep all the perks and talents available to select in the game. Some are easy to convert, some I'm having a bit of trouble with, some are just pointless, some look to really cost themselves out, and some just don't seem to work at all. Should I try and 'stay true' and keep all of them in, or sort of pick and choose the most useful ones? 3) Source material. I've played the Fallouts up to Fallout 3 (so not New Vegas or 4). Is trying to integrate all of them a good idea?
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    Mahalo. Looking over it, and it's a good basis to start on for Fallout 3 (and maybe New Vegas and 4, though never played either of them). I don't necessarily agree with this person's approach to weapons - they built weapons like powers (really miltipowers), with an extra "power" for Critical hits which I think complicate things overly, but the overall concept is good to start with. I'm going to try building weapons more like they are "traditionally" built in Hero. (I'm also working on adding uniques and add-on weapons/armor to the lists). Traits/Perks I'm still looking into, some are redundant, some don't convert at all, and some I want to make just because they are neat (more of the FO1+2 ones). Was looking at "game" requirements for certain perks, was thinking of a 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 Limitation: "Requires [xxx Attribute/Skill] (and possibly experience points)" (1/4 for lighter/lower requirements to 3/4 for heavier/higher requirements). I think I'm going to ultimately use FO3 as my basis for conversion, and "convert up" my FO1+2 materials to this standard. Now if the concept of APs and how they are used so radically differently between the "old" and "new" games wasn't giving me such a headache...
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    Update. Been going through Traits and Perks. Some might get skipped, as they don't really have any game effect (Bloody Mess, anything with Critical hits/damage), don't necessarily work with HERO mechanics, or largely equate to a single skill/Characteristic bonus, unless there's a condition/negative attached to them. Multi-skill perks I'm looking at Skill Levels. Rad and Poison Resistance I'm still trying to convert. Leaning towards Damage Reduction/Resistance over Life Support. Mind you, because of how 3d6 rolls scale, I'm wondering if giving anything more than a +/- 2 skill/roll bonus/penalty is too much? One other thing I'm trying to sort out right now, Bonus Attacks (reduced Fallout AP costs) with ranged and HtH, Bonus damage with ranged and HtH. For Attacks, I'm wondering if giving a +1 to SPD (only with specific form of attack, -1/2, +OAF or Linked for weapons), and for Damage +1/2d6 HA/HKA/RKA (only with specific form of attack, -1/2, +OAF or Linked for weapons).
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    Hadn't gotten that far yet. Still making an outline of what I want to get done. 1) Using 5th edition. That I've decided on. 2) Do I do Fallout 1&2, Tactics, Fallout 3, all of them combined, or break them down seperately. (Leaning towards Fallouts 1, 2, and 3 - allowing for Ghoul and Super Mutant characters - ABSOLUTELY no Deathclaw characters) 3) Make package templates - so far I've got Vault Dweller, Wastelander, Tribal, Raider, Mercenary, Brotherhood and Enclave. 4) Convert Perks et al. 5) Convert Weapons and Armor. 6) Other stuff. Think I'm missing anything?