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  1. Hm ... I like the Time Limit idea. Pretty close to what I was looking for. Thanks!
  2. Good day. I have a character whose abilities revolve around creating "warp bubbles" in space-time. The general idea is that such "bubbles" will diminish and collapse over time (since the universe doesn't like its fundamentals messed with). Drain and Aid both have built-in "decay" features, so they work well. Now, let's say you want to expand to Barrier. A normal Barrier sticks around until it's destroyed or dismissed (if you buy that Adder). You want to create a "warp bubble" that decays over time. Making it a Constant power doesn't work; it just collapses immediately when you turn it off. Other than the obvious Limited Power option (say, "Loses 5 AP per turn", -1/4), what options would you consider to build this?
  3. Player wants to use Teleportation UAA to execute a Sucker Attack (6E2 128). General idea: Hold action, wait for the opponent to announce an attack, and Teleport one of the opponent's teammates in front of it. Legitimate?
  4. Couple of questions about using Teleportation as an attack. 1) Player wants to have Teleportation UAA as an Area of Effect, Selective. Can he specify different destination hexes for each target? 2) It’s not possible to Spread a Teleportation to get a better chance to hit? Or spread to 1 m radius?
  5. There are some powers that are not Attack Powers, but whose use requires an Attack Action (e.g., Aid). Is it legal for a character to execute a Multiple Attack that includes one of these powers?
  6. This is probably a dumb question, but if you want to create a (for example) Darkness field that is centered on the character, and moves with him, is that the same as the Mobile Advantage? The character can't target at range, and the field only moves when the character moves, so that seems not to be a good fit. Thanks!
  7. Good day. I’m a little confused about the rules on changing SPD. 1) The rules state that a character can voluntarily change SPD, but cannot act until both SPD values “would have had” a phase. So just to clarify, let’s take an example. A character changes his SPD on segment 2 from 6 to 3. That means he would have had a phase at both SPD values on segment 4. So does he act on segment 4, or segment 8? 2) Does the same procedure apply if a character’s SPD changes due to an Adjustment Power? Thanks!
  8. 1) A character has an Entangle, Area of Effect, Dismissible. When he chooses to exercise the Dismissible option, does that remove the entire Entangle, or can he choose to free selected targets? 2) Does the Selective Advantage change the answer? Thanks!
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