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    Policy for Fan Fiction

    Thank you, Phantom!
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    Policy for Fan Fiction

    Yah, I have what I need to swap out anything licensed. I know that is the easier road. Creating material is not an issue as world-building has never been a weak issue for me. The desire to share with others something that is familiar with them (and that has the imprimatur from the Licensing Powers That Be) yet different enough to not be a forced-canon (alternate, near-future, c. 2100) to have fellow enthusiasts of the game, go, "Wait! I recognize that reference!" would be great. However, I just want to write a story. I don't want to be bogged down in the trenches with trying to develop a sideline setting or acting as a game developer in any capacity. Those guys are tops. The ability to write a story AND set it up for general play? No, my limitations are simply understanding story structure, creating compelling characters, and entertaining. Sure, GM-ing games for three decades and I have created more than my share of stories, but nothing I would want to write a 32-, 64-, or 96-page sourcebook or module or adventure path about. Now, if it were something that were popular enough to be picked up by the devs for transformation into a game play experience, wonderful! That is not my forte, though. Even without any licensing allowances, a fully ground-up creative work still owes to the muses that gave it life. To that end, HERO Games (and some of its past luminaries in particular) will be given credit on the dedications page. Though I have not played HERO/CHAMPIONS recently (3 years or so), my time well-spent is what brought forth many great ideas that would not have been possible without the RP system to have given us a sounding board for story ideas and working things out. It created the means of structuring a universe with verisimilitude despite its fantastic elements that helped act as a "laboratory" instead of just "eyeballing" with a story created and shot forth from the hip.
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    Policy for Fan Fiction

    I know that normally "Writer's Guidelines" regards actual gaming material - be that submission of material for use in HERO-published material, or seeking copyright permission for 3pp material. What I am curious about is what it takes to get permission to write prose fiction - that might be sold at a later date - that includes some previously published materials from HERO system: reference to minor criminals, major criminals, special settings, and even reference to some events, even the names of some spells. Does HERO Games even have a fiction line like WotC or Paizo, or is it game-play material only? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I know that as a writer I can simply make up things whole cloth and be done with it and owe nothing to anyone. But what got me thinking about things long ago for the story I intend to sit down and write really owes its life and muse to this game that we here love. The honest fact is that the likelihood of getting ANY superhero prose fiction published is infinitesimally small, but one doesn't write with failure in mind. To that end, I would be more than happy to pay what piper must be paid in licensing fees as they may relate to any Trademarked, Registered, and/or Copyrighted material. Is this a "just don't, it's easier that way" .... and I should create from scratch? or, is there a way to honor those that have gone before or even enter into a writing partnership in some manner? I'm just thinking how great it would be to be either the creator/owner of the material, or even just a player, and get to read a book containing some of what you had written or what you play with (while having no real impact on what is considered "canon").