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  1. Only their own, and probably only while they hold it.
  2. Hopefully a Hero System Guru can assist in designing a power based on a description of what I want it to do. I am building Fantasy Hero spells based on a popular online game, several are weapon enhancement spells. Here are the shared traits: Only one weapon power can be active on any given weapon at a time. Casting of further weapon powers replace the effects of earlier ones. Enhancement spells only affect the caster's weapons. It's typical for the caster to wield two weapons, one weapon + shield or a two-handed weapon Caster pays END (mana) on activation only. The enchant lasts at least 1 minute. Spells typically require incantations and/or gestures. The weapon enchant has a chance to activate a beneficial effect when the wielder hits with an attack with the weapon (some might be 100% but if less can we use Requires a Roll?) Examples of effects: Fire damage, the power always does an extra 1d6 killing attack damage if the weapon attack hits Taunt, the power increases the wielder's PRE specifically for taunting foes with a presence attack immediately after the weapon hits. Fury, wielder gets 2 instant attacks against the same target (or extra damage equal to such attacks) about 25% of the time after the weapon hits. Part of my confusion stems from the rules stating that the continuous modifier of a power means that you don't need to make future rolls against the same target, this was not my intention. I'd like it so that the casting of a weapon enchant takes time a half-phase to give the bonus and for it to affect future attacks for a duration.
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