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  1. Actually, not mostly Hillary. Two sentences that amount to a complete fabrication and distortion of the facts. Comey appears to be the current scapegoat more than anyone else. It's almost like they included her because they thought they had to. Check out the list of Pubbies who submitted this. Do you recognize any of the names?
  2. You can take my croissants over my cold, dead body. (Of course, it helps to have the metabolism of a steam locomotive...)
  3. Waste of time to me. I don't care about all the theorizing and horsetrading and head-talking. I just read the list after it's done.
  4. He thought they said 'steak.'
  5. He didn't go for some Heineken or Guinness...no, it's gotta be Bud Light...
  6. I'm pretty good myself. I can handle the competition.
  7. You guys play fantasy football? If there's an opening, I'm down. Dynasty, keeper, redraft, I don't care.
  8. 1. 5% fast food (if that), 5% restaurants (if that), 90% or more home cookin'. No garden anymore, although I used to...nothing like the taste of freshly-harvested tomatoes in a salad. 2. One or the other of us. Standard American fare, Mexican, Italian, the occasional French. Leftovers are the rule...we always seem to make far more than we'll eat at one sitting. (And, of course, my specialties, banana bread and oatmeal-raisin cookies.) 3. I'm a strict omnivore. Tabasco sauce is a joke. Cholula, baby.
  9. Yep, about what I figured. (Btw, it's likely 388 more posts; you read my like count, not my post count.) I don't spam.
  10. A voice that reminds me of Janis but more polished, with some serious sexy going on. I recommend the entire album (Relish), which includes her best-known hit, (What if God Was) One of Us. Click on the playlist icon in the upper left for the entire album.
  11. So the inherent limitation of the multipower is that the other forms can't use the powers bought on the first form? That's no limitation at all. Add to it that it's guaranteed to be recursive, each form having a multipower structured in the same way.
  12. Until you have to get it past the GM. NIMG.
  13. Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes...
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