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  1. Either sounds good. The biggest drawback now isn’t that we haven’t sat down to discuss the character and she is not 100% nailed down on a concept, aside from magick hero.
  2. We’re not sure yet. That’s why I am looking for some rules now. I was thinking of using boost or aid power to fuel the summon, slowing the point bleed down over time.
  3. I am looking for rules to create cursed items for the players. one of my players wants to create a ceremonial dagger. She has to draw blood in order to use her spells. I get how that works, giving the spells she is casting a disadvantage that she has to draw blood, even her own if necessary. However, there is a thought to add a summon onto the dagger that once a threshold is reached it will automatically summon a monster of some form which the PC will have no control over. I have started researching but haven’t found the rules that satisfy me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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