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  1. Jagged

    Maptool and Hero System

    For Maptool? Anything you can run Java on.
  2. I am a contributor to the Maptool project. If you are unfamiliar with Maptool its a open source, totally free virtual table top (VTT) application. Its is probably the longest running VTT project, has more functionality than any other and is still growing. What it is definitely NOT is the nicest looking or easiest to use 😉 We like to refer to it as the Millennium Falcon of VTTs as it might not look like much but she's got it where it counts kid. Anyway, I am hoping to run a hero system campaign in the not to distant future and am in the process of trying to improve some of the hex based features (such as drawing tools and area effect templates) but was wondering if there are any missing killer features that would make running a hero system game that much easier? Have you ever thought, "It would be so much easier to play hero system if I could just ..." ? If you have I would love to hear what it is and maybe I can do something about it. No promises mind 😉 Jagged
  3. Jagged

    Champions Now Information

    As I only pop in here once in a while so I totally missed this. Shame as I would probably have pledged. Do you think it will get opened up after the initial run?
  4. Jagged

    In other news...

    They are not actually very complicated. Just don't ask me to name the various fielding positions
  5. MF clearly deserved shooting
  6. Which no doubt means music of black origin.
  7. Jagged

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Secret Squirrel
  8. Jagged

    In other news...

    Don't worry. Once they start marrying each other they will be too busy fighting over where to store the cutlery to bother about us. But if we want to be doubly sure we can send them some cushions.
  9. Assuming the rest of the universe grows at the same rate as this pest-riden planet. He could have reduced it to 10% of course. So I reckon the imaginary Marvel Universe procreates at a slower rate. Maybe Thanos adjusted everyone's libido too! 😮
  10. I think 10/10 is justified. For this type of movie it's about as close to perfect as you are likely to get. Personally I never liked these "cosmic" team ups in the comics and up until now have not enjoyed the film equivalent. This one, unusually, managed to deliver on the hype. Given the huge number of characters they can't all get backstory but what we get is quality. They do well taking Thanos beyond the pantomime. The scenes with Gamora and the flashback to his home world combined with the decision to drop the "courting Death" idea produce a villain that is at least an understandable psychopath! On the acting side my MVP Award goes to Chris Hemsworth. His scenes with Rocket were excellent. Not many actors could deliver the jokes while retaining the underlying sadness. Awesome. And lastly I don't usually seen movies on their opening weekend but I was glad I went early to avoid the inevitable spoliers that will come. Marvel managed to surprise me and it's rare that a movie does that. And if I had made bets on which characters lived and died I would have lost all my money! Black Panther and Spiderman? No way could they be in any danger.
  11. Jagged

    In other news...

    If Douglas Adams was still alive I would expect him to edit his H2G2 script to say "a species so primitive they still think smartphones are a good idea."
  12. Jagged

    The Flash

    The silly thing about the jail time is not the courtroom shenanigans but the fact he was caught by police coming up the stairs to his apartment. That should have been plenty of time for post-speedforce Barry to move the body, clean the floors, remove any evidence and still be found watching TV when the police bust his door down.
  13. Jagged

    In other news...

    In the UK you can drink wine or beer in a restaurant at the age of 16 if you are with your family and they purchase it for you. I have always found it odd that America is still so puritanical about drinking. That at 19 you are not considered responsible enough to buy a beer but owning an automatic rifle is fine.
  14. I thought the LMD storyline was excellent. Current season ain't bad. Still not sure where they are going with it and I rarely like time travel stories. So there is that. It needs to acquire a direction imo. I miss Fitz :-(