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  1. I do this for my wife's doc Martins Mainly because she is so bad with laces / shoe care
  2. Maptool 1.5.0 has finally been released. There was a considerable delay between this release and due to Oracle kindly taking stuff we used for the launcher, out of core Java. So we had to completely retool that. Thanks Oracle. As a consequence the release contains a shed-load of stuff. Bugfixes and features. Syntax highlighting in the editor. AI pathing. Terrain movement cost modifiers. New script functions and more! https://www.rptools.net/2019/03/maptool-dev-test-version-1-5-available-for-download/
  3. Totally agree. Also demonising the individual gives people the idea that this person should have been easy to detect and prevent. The cynic in me thinks it's so politicians can make some quick law change and say "job done" rather than invest in the harder job of mental health services needed to find these people.
  4. My favourite run of Captain Marvel in recent years was the stretch were she and Peter Parker were dating. It was a strange dynamic but at the same time you could totally see it. As I was annoyed by the whole MJ marriage thing, they did a good job making me like this pairing.
  5. It's interesting that in the Elder Edda it states that Thor is not allowed to use the Bifrost Bridge because he is too rough and may break it. So has to go the long way round. In Marvel terms I always imagine the long way round being use of the world tree. Whatever that might look like
  6. I think I am one of the few that place Capt Marvel above BP. Both are middle ranking MCU movies for me. But I found the BP brother rivalry plot less interesting than the amnesia plot. Plus the CGI fight in BP between the brothers was very poor. Especially when the fights using the real actors was so much better. I was trying to work out why some CGI fights really annoy me but others get a pass? I think it is because some, like in Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel aren't actually the climax of the movie (looking at you Wonder Woman). When they are supposed to supply the story's high point, I feel cheated.
  7. You have to remember that security features that used to be in place were removed for safety concerns. There are now no physical barriers in place to prevent people from getting onto the pitch.
  8. Yes, looks good. Tennant and Sheen are excellent choices although I partly wish they were playing each others role.
  9. Like many I found that a middling MCU movie. I did enjoy it more than WW, if that means anything. Probably not, since I don't really like DC movies. Fingers crossed for Shazam. Given how some people I know were excited by the cat, I found that something of an anticlimax. Likewise the reveal of Fury's eye. The de-aging tech worked well. Except for Coulson for some reason. Please let me know when this can be applied outside the cinema
  10. Yes, I read that. Very sad. Had a friend die of the condition recently too 😞
  11. I think the new cast seem like a good fit. Although I must admit to having something of a crush on Selma Blair. And the film has no Abe Sapient 😞
  12. Completely agree. I would like to see X-Men returned to Marvel and scaled down significantly. I rarely enjoy the large ensemble affairs. The Avengers movies have been hit and miss in this regard but for me X-Men has been all miss 😞
  13. I loved package deals. I thought they represented a certain kind of campaign flavour. A shorthand expressed in a points framework for both the action and the drudgery of being a Policeman, Until Agent or Paranormal Investigator. Or maybe the genetic ups and downs of being a dwarf. Can't remember if we ever got much use out of them and I think they provided the flavour equally well whether or not they were used or just read by your players when creating their characters. As a GM I was just as likely to offer everyone x number of free points for non-combat background skills.
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