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  1. Jagged

    A New Setting

    I'd support the idea of a "modern" pulp setting and disagree with the comments that it is counter to the aesthetic. There are quite a few genres out there at the moment that attempt to mix an old-world sensibility with up to date or futuristic technology. It has grown quite naturally from steampunk. I am thinking of things like Penny Arcades Automata, the "Kids-on-bikes" genre or even things like Netflix's Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
  2. Jagged

    Superhero vs Fantasy

    For me it has always been about "ease of use". As a GM (and as a player) there is simply so much more easy to use source material for fantasy than there is for supers. This has become more true over time (or rather as I get less and less free time). I also use Maptool (a virtual table top application) to game and although it isn't a necessity, it does make me want to build all the maps before I start a session. Which frequently leads to the problem that even with neophyte Super Heroes they usually have the ability to travel large distances and go places you haven't considered. *sigh* If I want a tavern, blacksmith, alchemist's lair or virtually any fantasy environment I can think of, chances are you can google a high quality map for it. Attempting the same for a modern environment turns up far fewer results. All of which eats into my most limited resource: "Time".
  3. Jagged

    "Neat" Pictures

    Hampton Court?
  4. Jagged


    Some forgiveness may be offered if they are hard of hearing themselves. That is rarely the case though
  5. Jagged


    People with no volume control. It's usually loud kids but then you spot the parents and realise that they have no volume control either. 😣
  6. A new Daredevil show will be a mistake, because it will not be anywhere near as good. Guaranteed.
  7. "Having a better relationship with our consumer puts us in control of our own destiny." - cancelling your deal with Netflix so you can pimp your own streaming business is not how you build a better relationship with your customers.
  8. Me and Misses Jagged can regularly be found dancing round the kitchen to this and "The Distance" :-) Mind you I prefer the version with the vox pop conversations with the public, it's funnier.
  9. Jagged

    In other news...

    Neither can the writers
  10. Jagged

    In other news...

    But it can be argued that the reason the US removed those laws was because they started to lose out on the crypto market. That might not matter to the Aussies as I can't think of any big tech companies 🤔
  11. Did you mean "displace"? I assume you meant something else as Hulu is Disney's. I like the Marvel stuff but personally DIsney doesn't have the range I am interested in. Obviously different if you have kids. But also I think their style of "F the customer" will count against them. Things like cancelling great shows and Hulu plannig to show Ad Breaks when you pause will drive people away. Why pay for a streaming service AND have ads!
  12. Jagged

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    It's rare that I can find stuff to sit down and watch with Mrs Jagged. I like escapist rubbish and she likes history programmes (I know far more than I care to about the Tudors!). However she does enjoy the odd fantasy thing if it has suitably dark undertones, so we are currently working our way through the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Which is very good imo.
  13. I like both but when it comes down to it, grapes are poisonous to dogs 😞 Therefore the grapes have to go.
  14. Jagged


    There are so many parodies and outright copies now that it would need to be very close to have any hope in court imo. But still, Lawyers