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  1. Indeed. Extremely fond of pretty much anything Miyazaki touches.
  2. I'm very fond of Star Trek Discovery! I'm very fond of Jonny Quest! I'm very fond of Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes!
  3. Awesome! I have that box set (with the 3e booklet). My kids discovered it and we're about half way through the first disk. They're loving it and I'm surprised how well it seems to hold up today.
  4. Finally watched Oblivion which I thought was pretty great! I knew I was going to like it and was not disappointed. Particularly nice M83 music.
  5. sorry, probably should have posted this in the Hero Designer forum. Can it be moved? Thank you
  6. What does the Hero Designer Fantasy Hero 6th Edition Character Pack contain? I'm expecting to be able to select races and classes through Hero Designer once purchased and installed. Is that about right?
  7. Fantastic movie! Atomic Blonde 2 is coming! But only just announced, so we have a ways to go
  8. There's a whole series of these... https://waveyourgeekflag.blogspot.com/2018/11/disney-princesses-dragons.html
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