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  1. Honestly? I personally could care less whether End 0 is tied into Charges or no. The simple fact of the matter is that it's trying to simulate more than one thing. As mentioned way on above, it seem to most readily indicate something that someone can only do so often, a daily sort of thing, and items with limited uses. End 0 seems tied into Charges due to the assumption that Charges would be used for items more than powers, and thus would go off the energy of the item, or simply being a persistent effect. Marbles are round regardless of energy, just as caltrops are pointy. No matter which way you cut it, the guys who developed Hero had to pick one of the two to presume. Presume the limitation is meant for objects, and cut Endurance intrinsically, or powers, and have the cost reflect that without an Endurance cut. If you disagree with their implementation, fantastic. Hero lets you do that, so do that. If you're the GM, modify the cost and remove End 0. Or don't. You're the GM. If you're the player? Ask the GM about it if it tears you up real bad. Come to a solution on a person to person level. Am I saying that Charges should start with the 0 End quality? Nah. It is, as you all have repeatedly harped on a bonus. What I can tell you though is that it currently is written up that it does include it. So lest you and your GM hash out a solution like the ones above, just take the -1/2 Limitation for Costs Endurance and move on. Heck, if I had to hazard a guess, those who believe that Charges shouldn't reduce Endurance Cost are already doing that, or a houseruled version. But for the love of villainy, unless you're the GM, if someone else is using the Charge method you disagree with? Bloody well let them. Argument's between players to figure out the minutia of what should and shouldn't cost a few or less points on an ability or two shouldn't be what the game is about. If they are cheesing it up, yeah, talk to them and the GM. Work it out there. Regardless of where one stands on this issue, it seems to have struck a nerve for many. So might we take this to a separate thread? That way people later on can see the discussion happening in an apt named thread, not a discussion on how to implement a lengthy sort of Healing Spell. Note: Speaking of that healing spell, I'd probably put it in something like... this: Healing Prayer - Healing 1d6, BODY & STUN (+1/2) (15 Active Points); Limitations (-X) + Healing Strength - Healing 5d6, BODY & STUN (+1/2) (75 Active Points); Limitations, Only for the purposes of Maximum Healing (Limited Power -1), Linked (Greater to Lesser, Non-Proportional -0) Limitations (-X) Each action used to heal can only do 1d6 of healing, can be non-consecutive, but cost an ammount of End based on how much you are aiming to heal at that moment. Only up to 6, can toss 1 End that way and be golden. Trying to heal more than 6? Toss two End, and so on. I settled on the -1 for Limited power as that is where it indicates the power looses about half it's utility. This healing spell is absolutely fantastic out of combat... but in combat... You're still only healing 1d6. Good, but probably not what you are wanting in that moment.
  2. I'll admit, this part made me chuckle. Not for any particularly good or bad reason, but tis a False Comparison you've got there. Not only because you're comparing One Power with a Separate Power, but you're comparing two separate Types of powers to boot. Heck, if you wanted to be "Crunchy" and abide by RAW you could take TurtleMan's UltraShield with Duration Limit Instant for your extra -1/2. Different powers get different amount of utility depending on the limitation and advantage placed on them. Flash is nice constant, but comparatively blows compared to a Constant Entangle. Blast with Double Knockback is simply less effective than Killing Attack with Double Knockback, even at the same Base Cost. Simply put, Different powers are Different for a reason. An Advantage/Limitation will effect two different powers differently due to them being made for different purposes. So let's compare Apples to Apples. More Gala to Fuji, but whatever. NovaMan's Blast vs ElectricMan's Blast. NovaMan took his blast with, let's say, 4 charges. He gets a -1. ElectricMan took his blast with No Endurance +1/2. And let's say they both spent... Oh, 30 Real Points first. NovaMan will come in swinging with a mean 'ol 12d6. Painful! ElectricMan however, is only coming in with a piddly 4d6 compared. How outrageous! Clearly this is in the wrong! And you'd be right! Except.... It's not. That's 30 Real Points, not Active Points. ElectricMan put in only 30 Active Points. NovaMan? 60. So it would make sense that NovaMan is doing three times the damage. So let's modify the scenario a bit! Instead of 30 Real Points, they both spend 30 Active points, and thus are "Saving" the same amount of endurance. Novaman then comes in swinging his 6d6 at ElectricMan's 4d6. Novaman's still wiping the floor! Until two turns from then. When NovaMan run's out of his Blasts, and ElectricMan's still swinging away. Because this balance isn't just on a single point, it's on a continuous exchange. No End says a Resource cost has been cut. Charges says a Resource has been put in its stead. That's the benefit of No Endurance. You can use it all day without losing anything. Charge limits that. Charge says, "These many times, no more." You lose something from No Endurance in Charge, that being continued use. Is it perfect? Nah. It's trying to simulate everything from a Once-Daily PerfectBlock to a Laser Rifle with a battery Pack, to a bunch of fireworks. Of course it isn't going to be perfectly balanced. Should it be that it comes with 0 End? Honestly, the way the system was set up, it seems to indicate there is expected to be more gadgets and objects used, rather than X-Daily Powers. If you think it should Not have the 0 End requirement, then that's easy enough. Adjust it down. If you think it should, keep it where it is. Or don't. Buying the Limitation Costs Endurance or Advantage 0 End is near the same. (0 End on a Constant for +1/2, Make a Constant cost end for -1/2) And in the end... You're saving or losing a few points for a power or idea in a Tabletop based around being Superhero's, where Rule 0 is literally Ask the GM. If the crunch is the draw... Isn't that missing the point?
  3. Sveta

    Looking for player in Waterloo, ON, Canada

    Bugger for the slow response. You wouldn't happen to still be searching for that one player, would you? Edit: Ah, pardon. Missed the Area requirement by a hundred or so miles. Pardon!
  4. I may be inexperienced and relatively new compared, but I see Charges as covering two separate effects. Powers that are so exhaustive that they can only be used so often, and items, or battery powered devices. Say for example, Mr Stereotypical NovaMan with his three times a day massive nova blast, that drains him a whole lot each time they use it. Would that make sense to have an End cost? I'd say yeah. Then you have Jack-in-the-Mallet with his firecracker sight-flash for a few times a day. Does that drain him? Nah, the device explodes and does it's effect. Maybe an end cost for how far he threw it if you were being picky. If I required a power that cost End and used charges, I'd probably put in that the charge effect would be applied first, before placing in the limitation Cost End. Could you change the Charge table instead and assume it costs End first, and then Cut away End Cost? Yeah. Totally within your power. However, the Charge table has many more moving parts in it, even if it is just sliding up and down the chart. Thus, apply the easier Cost End afterward. Occam's Razor and all that. All in all, it's the inherent problem with trying to simulate all possible limited-number effects while still being able to write it down. Some Charge powers should, some Shouldn't. It's as much a bug dressed as a feature, as it is a feature with bugs.
  5. Sveta

    Adjustment Power Framework Thoughts

    Note: I am drawing my info from Hero System 5th Revised. Firstly, if I am reading this right, you are attempting to determine a method to "Connect" to the other Characters, and Apply your powers. The rest of the post is running off the assumption that this is what you are asking help determining how to do. Looking over what you are aiming to do, two immediate "Check this" flags raise in my head. Firstly and foremost being that all of the listed powers (Aid, Succor, Healing, Transfer, and Endurance Reserve) are listed as No Range. The second being Endurance Reserve requires the user to decide what powers draw energy from it. Not what you mentioned, but my two cents are being thrown in. These can provide potential problems as explained below. No Range Problem As all the listed powers are described as being No range, and Via some yet undetermined manner, you are attempting to have them be Ranged, it causes me to take pause. Not particularly due to applying range to them, but as your suggested method as a blend between Mind Scan and Mind Link. Mind Link requires LOS, but with an easy addition has a low-range of a planet, and a high range of Multi-dimensional. Mind Scan can be as low as one person, or as many as all people everywhere. Thus, requiring the limitation Must be Mind Linked to Activate, provides no functional range limitation, and if that was placed instead of natural range, would be an advantage instead, at least in my eyes. No Range Solutions I see two possible options for you to apply these powers at range. Firstly, place the Adjustment on the Power Framework. Something such as: Multipower: Area of Effect: Radius 1"*2^N +1+(N/4) This places the advantage on each power in the multipower. Handy, and requires no "Conduit" Power as you mentioned. You could place the limitation "Only on current targets of a Mind Link -N," but as also mentioned above, this has no functional range limitation. Not only this, it would prevent it from being used on people whom you don't want to aid. Thus, I'd probably expect a -0, or -1/4 at best from that. Shoot, a picky GM might see it as a Cheap way to apply Selective. As for re-tooling it to fit your Special Effect, that's typically between you and your GM. Given that you'd be aiming for help, I'd probably limit more direct telepathic conversation to more instinctual "Help, Hurt, Heal" sort of conversation. A second option for this for this would be... Stretching actually. You'd want to check with your GM, as always, but provided a touch of a tweak you could wind up with something such as: Stretching: Does not cross Intervening Space +1/4 This could be used to deliver No Range Attacks within your Expanded Reach, without leaving you open and reducing your OCV or DCV. Granted, this would require that you spend End on the power to connect, but that too could be modified, if so chosen. You'd probably want to apply a few limits such as Cannot do Damage -1/2, or Range Modifiers Apply -1/4. Then it is simply up to how you and the GM want to hash out how it Looks and Functions from Special Effects. Endurance Reserve Problem This is either a Non-Issue, or a Problem. Do you plan to let other character's use it? If not, this is a Non-issue, and you may ignore this section! If you do plan to let other character's use it, then it is a problem, and can take or ignore this section as you will regardless! The core problem with an Other User Endurance Reserve is more in part theme, than part mechanics. Granted, the mechanics list a harsh stipulation on Endurance Reserve that this use of it either skirts it, or prevents this from being done at all. When taking the power, one must designate what powers it goes to. Thus, even applying it to others with UOO advantage at best links to their own powers of similar types (You give Endurance Reserve: Your Blast to The Friend. The Friend's Blast can use it.) Or requires a more lengthy exchange. (You give Endurance Reserve: Your Blast to The Friend. The Friend can now Power Your Blast... if They also acquire Your Blast.) Endurance Reserve Solution Now presuming that you can reassign what powers that Endurance Reserve applies to, then you get to the theme question of... Do you want the power to come from you, or from them? If you are Granting them the Endurance Reserve, then they get a "Battery" to use, and thus they are powering it. If you want them to use Your Battery, I'd recommend instead getting UOO Advantage, with the limitation that You must supply the End. (And possibly an Advantage/Limitation to your Endurance Reserve that it is usable only for powers granted to others/by others) However, if you are planning to apply the Battery only to your own powers anyway, you're golden. Mind Link Now, I've been harsh on Mind Link here, so I'm going to put up a version more akin to the conduit you've been expressing. Something that, should it be placed as a limitation on your Multipower, or what have you, I'd feel okay with actually giving a discount for. Mind Link: Any Willing Target +15, Up to four people +10, Costs End to Maintain -1/2 The Reason why it would be to Maintain is that if it were to only be a start cost, one could begin it... hours before it becomes important. Now however... I do continue to mention this as a Limitation, and not a Conduit for a simple reason. This does not grant Range. Unless a GM explicitly denote that it would, having a required Conduit power, no matter how it is written up, does not grant your Aid, Healing, Transfer and such Range. As always, GM word is law, but by how it reads and works... This would be a limit, not an advantage. Long, long story short: A conduit power would be a nice limitation. I'd probably work with Mind Link as the core, and have it be more empathic than conversational. Getting your powers to range can be done by giving them range or stretching. Endurance Reserve better be for you to use, or else it is complicated. But yeah. That's my two cents.
  6. Update: I was thinking back over this issue for a while, and re-examined Drain Electricity in particular. The primary flaw I noticed was that thanks to drawing from EMP Grenades, which are area of effects that effect everything in the area simultaneously, I am more looking towards creating a drain that impacts only one object or power at a time. If you grab Mr Science's techno-glove and drain the energy from that, you obviously won't be effecting his jetpack. Thus: Drain Electricity : Nd6, Variable Effect (Electrical Based Powers +1/2), No Range (Touching device or it's electrical supply -1/4) I took out the Gestures and Suppression from a touch of a mechanical standpoint, as well as a character point. Thanks to Suppression's caveat that whenever the connection would be broken, all the drained characteristics return, Gestures caused that to be an easy out. Whilst I still enjoy the idea of only being able to do this in a touch sort of range, dismissing the lingering effect by removing their hand... Well, that's all but simply saying Drain Electricity only works in a grapple, which is kinda unfortunate. It would make it so the power functionally works by applying Restrainable to a power that the opponent has. If I want to do that, there are easier ways. Thus, I'm left with the conundrum of whether to simply amp up the dice pool to represent a more powerful drain at a moment's notice, apply Suppression with a caveat that the attack can only be made again once they touch the device again, or have a lower amount of dice, but increase the time it takes to recover from the Drain. Personally, I'm not liking the idea of the Suppression option, as it indicates that they did something to the device that's preventing it from recovering. That would thematically be something like both draining the energy, and putting in an energy sink into it all in one. Not what I'm looking for, but added for completeness. Static Field though, I've pretty well hammered out in the meantime. Static Field: N Stun with Defense being Insulation, Area of Effect (32m +1), Restrainable (Tail, -1/2), Lockout (Non-Linked Powers -1/2), Unified Power (-1/4) The idea for this one looks sorta wonky, but will explain. After bumming around a bit, I wondered how he'd sustain a field like this, so I said, "Hey, what about a magic orb?" I didn't want to run a magic orb though, so I figured, Attach it to him. Give him a tail with an orb that holds the electricity he tends to use for this. Write it up as an Endurance Reserve (Inherent +1/4, Limited Effect to Only regain when the Character would be capable of it, -1/4, Side Effect -1/4 or -1/2) that only powers Static Field to start with, and give it a nasty side effect about dumping electricity around them when it's hit with a targeted attack. Boom, done, easy. So with an electro-orb on their tail, that makes the field Restrainable, so that it someone snags it they can't really use the bloody thing. Sounds neat, But what then? Well, treat that Electro orb as the sort of hub of their energy, so slap Unified Power on things that come from it and anything else that could reasonably be caused by the thing being hit. Probably a mediocre Multipower. But I said, Hey... Multipower. If I'm going to have this be tied to a Multipower, Have this limit the utility of that Multipower and this. If they are going without any Focus or focusing devices, their locked out of anything except these two powers, Static Field and the Multipower. Probably slap Range Limitation on Ranged powers from that Multipower so they don't leave the Static Field. Long Story Short: Static field is located on an orb on the tai. Use Static Field. Gain Access to Separate Multipower, but loose access to everything else. They drain Static Field? They drain the Multipower too. Oh, and as may be noticed, I didn't put Personal Immunity on this power for a reason. Given how often they would be using Electrical powers, I figured I'd make them Natively Insulated. (Life Support, probably 5 Base points to start with, Inherent, Always On) So, uh, this has turned less into How would this Power be Designed, and more a complete thought... Anyway, hope you enjoy it, and comments, thoughts and ideas are still greatly appreciated!
  7. So I've been thinking over a character design based around Electrical Manipulation, and came across these two sticking points. It's easy to design a Lightning Bolt, or a Paralytic Entangle, or Flash, or so on, but these two got caught in my craw as I began to consider them. So, thoughts and ideas would be much appreciated. Drain Electricity is a simple enough idea. The character puts their hand or foot or such on a device, or the electrical line to said device. They reroute and pull that energy back into themselves, and cut it off from the object. Whether I add that second half in as a Linked Endurance Reserve or Aid for some power makes little difference at this time, as I pretty well know how that would look. Now, for the draining part, it doesn't so much reduce the ability of things to function, as simply cuts off their power source. Ideas for this vary, but I'm only coming up with the following: Drain Electronic Device: Nd6, Expanded Effect + Variable Effect (All Electronic Powers simultaneously +4), No Range (Touching device or it's electrical supply -1/4), Gestures (Unable to remove limb from said device whilst draining -1/4), Suppression 1/2, ect... This idea came from examining equipment lists for inspiration, and drew from EMP Grenades. However, this becomes prohibitively expensive nigh instantly. End cost of 5 per d6, adding ontop of that each turn that it is continued by Suppression. It does generally what I'm looking for, but given the prohibitive cost, I'm trying to check to see if this is the only way this could be done. Drain Electronic Device: Nd6, Expanded Effect (END and REC +1/2), No Range (Touching device or it's electrical supply -1/4), Gestures (Unable to remove limb from said device whilst draining -1/4), Suppression 1/2, ect... This idea came from examining exactly what I'd be trying to do. Not limit the powers in any way, but draining the source of energy to it. The power can still be used, just getting energy to it isn't going to happen. This does pretty well exactly what I'm looking for. However, upon looking over what this might effect, I thought about it in a sense of how it would act in the world. Reach out, touch a wire, and cut the power to a Lightbulb... Except most devices don't have END or REC. They function either on a using character's power, or on fuel, or such. It would be useful for something like an Endurance Reserve or Battery as it is listed, but beyond that it seem as though it is missing something. So I thought what about a combat scenario, Reach for Mr Gadget's laser gun and... Same problem. If I was a nightmare, I could try to figure a limitation on the END and REC cut out by it applying only to electrical devices, but that makes bookeeping a nightmare. Static Field is as much an easier idea as it is complicated to implement. The character discharges energy into the area around, the air filling with ozone, the conductivity of the area going through the roof. Static sparks from fingers and runs rampant through fabric and metallic devices. A gentle hum seeming to surround, hair rising amid a light shiver as the electrical energy flows. So this one is equally easy to figure the overall of it. Something akin to: Static Field, Change Environment: Area of Effect Radius +1 or +3/4, Pick Limitations as appropriate Rather than though, I'm struggling to determine what would be an apt effect that is signified by this. Something such as reducing Dex Characteristic and Skill rolls would make sense, given a more jittery atmosphere and area. Applying low Stun damage would also make sense, protection being insulation. Examining Low Pressure for inspiration I found that perhaps causing an active END cost for being in the place would be possible. At the moment, I'm leaning towards the low Stun Damage. All in all, Thoughts and Advice would be appreciated!
  8. First and Foremost, I'd mention the point of comment on Limited Power. The GM should also watch out for Power Limitations that are too sweeping. For instance, a character probably shouldn’t be allowed to buy all of his powers with the Limitation Only Works In Darkness. Such a character would be worthless during the daytime and very powerful at night; that’s no fun in a roleplaying campaign, and it’s unfair to the other players. Logically, the player is probably going to ask the GM “Will this adventure take place at night?” before every game — and if the answer is no, he won’t play, or will play some other character. Now with that out of the way, I see the player as having three options here.The math and optimization will be different, but that is to be expected. Option 1: They are do poor damage against humans. Treat this as a limitation for power on non-demons. Don't go for raw "It doesn't effect humans" though. The Damage Resistance rules might be handy to figure out how to exactly manage the damage reduction. The exact -x depends on how often you expect demons to show up. This lets them have more points to go around, and allows them to go about and do as they will. It allows them to be relevant in non-demon fights, but not quite shine as they otherwise would. Note however, this is a limitations all around, not a bonus to anything. This is important. Option 2: They do great damage versus demons. Treat this as an advantage verses demons. You can treat this as a caveat on Penetrating, or Does Body... if you are feeling dangerous. Nudge the advantage cost a tick down in exchange for a limitation. Does Body to Demon, or Penetrating to Demon. Something of that sort. This makes the power more expensive than the method mentioned above, but it can still be used as normal for humans, thus broadening their ability to interact with non-demon hunting ventures. Option 3: They can't hurt humans. Yup. Slap the Limited Power, Only Effects Demons, or Does not Effect Non-Demons on the powers. Give it an extra tick of limitation on the power. Shoot, throw together a complication for it perhaps. However! I can not stress this enough, so again, However! Make certain they have powers for non demon hunts. Entangle, Barrier, Healing, Something. Let them know that by focusing a whole awful lot of powers that will only effect a select number, they are limiting their ability to impact other types of encounters. Make certain they have something they can do. Nothing is more unpleasant than having a player who can't do anything, or playing a character who can't do anything. It sucks for everyone.
  9. Quickish questions! Looking through what I've managed, I've yet to be able to answer these or find answers. First off, can Gestures only be done with the hands? RAW I can't find indication of otherwise. Was thinking something such as a sumo's hold and long stomp to activate something might be neat, but that would be bound to the legs, rather than hands. Or a Headbanger prepping for a Sonic blast of sorts. So, are Gestures "slotted" exclusively for the hands, or more open? Or as many things, ask the GM. On that point, Gestures states that if a character is Grabbed or restrained, they are unable to use a power with Gestures. Grabbing someone however seems to indicate that it targets two limbs (head, legs, arms, ect...) So does it infact disable all Gestures, or Gestures can be "slotted" to different limbs, do those limbs have to be Grabbed/Restrained for those powers to cease functioning? Furthermore, Extra Limbs! If one takes Extra Limbs and grows more arms (or legs or whatever if Gestures applies to what have you), does a gesture have to be then tied to a specific limb? That... made more sense in my head. Example for clarification. Presume someone has four arms, and has Gestures on a power. Using that power, would they still have three functional arms to use? Beyond that, with the added -1/4 to use both hands, does it only tie up two of their arms, or all of them? Beyond even that if a cheeky player played keep away with their limbs on a larger character, growing them out of their neck or what have you, to perform their Gestures, would that work? Probably would reduce the value of Gestures, but I'm not certain! EDIT: Realized something before this had been answered. What about full body Gestures? Think something like the Maori War Dance, or simpler things like a jumping jack, or a Charlie Brown Dance. Is that what is meant by using both hands, or is that something else? Granted most Dance or similar thing would need Extra Time to finish and probably Concentration. Some demented Power Up Hokey-Pokey. Dunno. Is that it's own thing, or just a conglomerate of other limitations? And while I'm remembering, if one can assign gestures to limbs, could one mix and match limbs? Throw the horns and headbang for some Rocker based hero of some sort. Then again, with those concepts Gestures and Restrainable have a wee bit of overlap. Hrmm. And if one's gestures are capable of being done only by arms, what about ambidexterity? Would you only be able to gesture with the dominant or non-dominant hands, depending on what you used? If so, would make Ambidextrous more handy at times! Suppose that is more GM question than overarching though, but cans of worms do what they do.
  10. Ha! I'd be glad to share what I find, when I find it that is! Fresh blood, new ideas, or at least old ideas rehashed in a different light. I'll make certain to do just that!
  11. Sveta

    Hacking Field & Powerful Radar

    While I'm not entirely certain what it is that you are looking for, the first thing that jumps to mind when you mention hacking people and cyborgs and what not is simply using the higher Target Presence Attacks. As always with these, the character gets some manner of resistance, but typically will obey a command as long as it is not too far outside the bounds of what it's "Normally" okay with. Even that vanishes at higher hits. Granted this is not "Hacking" but if I am understanding what you are intending, that is the closest that springs to mind.
  12. Sveta

    Gotham Inspired

    It feels to me more akin to a prelude than the start of what most would expect. Low power, backstory bulk with some hints of what may come, all in a dangerous, but typically mid-stake range. Not important enough that people would hunt them down, and learning to deal with their growth as people over the Super Hero aspect. Pros: More human to human interaction Skills and challenges that the players can more easily relate to Character integration into the hero community is more organic Cons If they are expecting to be blasting lasers, likely will be disapointed Less space to optimize the crunch of the game All in all, it's the transition from a good person to a hero. Not a SuperHero, but a hero. Less putting on the mask of a person when the Super wants to hide, but someone who swallows the bile and grits their teeth to put on a mask. I'd bite, but that's just me.
  13. Well, managed to find this rabbit-hole of a place and get on, may as well give my piece! How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? That part is the easy one. The name came from Golden Sun Dark Age, the name of a supporting cast character. Considering their role was such a departure from the tried and true methods of the other characters, and that the original game holds a special place in my heart, I used the name online once or twice. Eight years later, seems to have stuck. What was the first tabletop RPG you played? D&D 3.5, not far back for many, but off in 2011. Easy enough to learn, hard as all get out to master with all the ad-dons that came after the core. That campaign lasted about two years, and the birth of one of our player's child. After that, we moved away and only rarely chat. Far as they've mentioned, they still swing D&D about on the rare occasion. What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? D&D 5e, not a year and a half ago. A nice and pretty world, more ruled by underpinning conspiracy's and hired leaders quelling local rabble. Leaders of dying countries sitting atop their mountain of pride to rule it all into the dirt lest their name be marred. Learned hard and fast that your world is plenty fine and dandy until PC's make crazy ideas and you let them run with them. Also helps to figure out if the players are looking for Dungeon Delves or inner turmoil and bizarre lenses for examination of human conditions. Lessons more or less learnt. What are you currently playing/GMing? I'm currently playing in World of Darkness, the Chronicles of Darkness in nWoD, not the old Masquerade-eske set. Something struck between a dour mystery and a Lovecraftian tea-party. Where the fact one swallowed a key is equally important as where the werewolves are. Nightmarish convoluted, as these things tend to grow, but a fun and amusing sort. Been going on now for some year and a half, and only just pushing our GM to their limits. When did you start playing Hero? Considering I can count the number of weeks I've known about the Hero system on my thumbs, hate to say that I haven't! Lovely system from what I've been able to devour of it. Convoluted too, but not in the traditional extraneous rules way, but in what it lets the players and GM do in it. A less focused direction in any one point, but that's sort of the point now isn't it? To let it become what is envisioned in the world of Hero's and Villains and underdogs and monsters, ect... Required flaws, more than comprehensive skill, equipment, base, vehicle lists, and the ability to create something fresh and new, or rehash an old classic in a new way... Well, I quite enjoy the look of it, and am looking forward to seeing what experiences it might bring!