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  1. allenshock

    Champions Now Information

    if they arwe going to give away PDFs of Champions III as well as Champions 3rd for the KS, they might want to seriously consider including the errata for both products that was published in Adventurers Club #6, Champions III had some major errata issues. Allen
  2. allenshock

    Champions Now Character Build Thread

    Myself, I like the idea that "not everything has to be paid for.
  3. allenshock

    Champions Now Information

    I am actually quite excited about basically getting two versions of the rules in one book. It will be fun to see how they compare. Allen
  4. allenshock

    Retro Edition KS announced

    I am just fine with the current structure i.e. No half END at all, and No END Cost being +2. That, combined with END being back to 1 END per 5 Active Points is a great check on all kinds of abusiveness.