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  1. I advocate having a minimum of 15 resistant defense, unless you have some other exceptional means of defense, like the ability to hit a 15 DCV, damage reduction, or being able to block/missile defense with a high OCV.
  2. Massey is being generous when he says 'it went over like a lead balloon', see, I watched Mythbusters, they made a lead balloon (specifically a zeppelin) and it flew. I have not seen a 6th edition game.
  3. One should always be prepared for power gaming, to do otherwise is naive. If you want to play a game, you don't always get to dictate the rules that are in play. That said, using the tools that are available to you, and you cannot say that special guns and ammo are not available to you, isn't really power gaming per say. Especially if you find yourself in a campaign where the GM has no sense of scale. This isn't to say they don't understand the rules, it's that they set up encounters that aren't remotely fair. Not every weapon has it's AP and cost listed, especially when it comes to mundane gear, sometimes things fall out of books, I distinctly remember a character not having a set strength, despite being a brick. This is because people make mistakes and sometimes mistakes make it to print. Finally: due to the way the modern world is, much less a super world, there's only a handful of weapons you can't get through legal means and those that you can't, you can get through black markets, which are way more ubiquitous in super worlds than they are in the real one.
  4. Those are not advantages you see come up very often in most iterations of most settings. Even IRL AP weapons probably only have semi armor-piercing. The only times it's really that common, is when you're playing Dark Champions or if you're playing in the Wild Storm setting, and that's debatable. Because it doesn't apply to every time you have to worry about your defense, it's not worth a -1, I'd go so far as to argue a -1/2 is a bit...generous, so the previous -1/4 cost seems perfectly fine. Questionite is one of the rare examples of something that comes up all that often, but seriously: how often are enemies wielding questionite weaponry? Destroyer's forces have a lot of AP weapons, but if you're squaring off against DESTROYER you better bring some hardened defense. Most of the guys who have AP attacks, don't hit that hard, usually 1d6 or 2d6, which by all rights won't punch through your average brick made for this stuff anyways, heck, it may have a hard time doing it to blasters. I would argue that Questionite Claws should use multiple iterations of armor piercing. Questionite is supposed to be tough, more points means higher defenses, means they won't be broken so easily, which is what you want in your questionite, it's questionite, not steel. Edit: also, combat luck's price is utterly unchanged. My friends seem to think I'm way worse about using combat luck than I am, but I generally only give it to people who I want to have a bit of defense, who can't get it through other means, without involving breakable foci.
  5. I don't know if it's considered 'okay' to bump your thread, but I'm bumping my thread. We could always use more players.
  6. Let's do something only a bit different, instead of trying to get the absolute basics of the heroes in question within 250 points. Let's try to build the heroes with their most extreme feats in considerations. Rules: 1) It has to be able to do the most ludicrous things displayed by the characters in all of their published articles. 2) You do not have to buy their skills. 3) It doesn't necessarily have to be 250 points, but you do have to try to fit them in 250 points. If a power or attribute shoves them over, don't sweat it. And, most importantly: 4) Have fun, if it gets too frustrating, post what you've got, and maybe someone will pick it up from there. I know Massey's already posted his 250 Superman, that's a very good example, it's a bit shy, but he's got bigger versions that do cover the remainder of his powers. Make those points scream.
  7. The wall is your best friend and worst enemy.
  8. The short and sweet of it is that Pathfinder is a D20 game. As crunchy as HERO can be, most of your abilities can be summed up in a character sheet (barring some rules) and it's technically got easier math, but you're going to be doing a lot more of it, because there's little bonuses everywhere. In Pathfinder, you get no such luck, every ability has a paragraph or blurb. It's also less balanced as a result of these things and subtle changes in words can differentiate between something astoundingly powerful and something astoundingly weak. There's also the issue of rules interpretation. For example, there's an ability the paladin gets that describes 'a weapon' now, is this one specific weapon, or one weapon on their person? It's not clear and it's not covered in FAQ or any form of errata. If you limit yourself to just the main rulebook, you'll find that the Monk is basically useless, unless you really want to be a kung fu master. Though, in truth, a dedicated 'boxer' fighter is nearly as capable. Plus, there's a lot of fun to be had in the other books, just don't expect it to be balanced. The Wizard in particular has some stuff that can wreck about anyone at level 1.
  9. That'd be a heck of a trek. I don't think one that'd be worth it either.
  10. Yup, the timing is more than a bit awkward.
  11. Saturday is fine, I apparently can't chat through other means.

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