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  1. justdan70

    Switching Editions

    I'm kind of an idiot...my shortcut was directing me to Hero Designer 3... Sorry...
  2. justdan70

    Switching Editions

    I've tried searching the forums and general Google searches, but I can't seem to find how to switch between 5th and 6th editions on Hero Designer. Where can I find that information or how can I switch editions?
  3. It's sort of sad to go into my favorite game shop and not see new Hero/Champions product on the shelf. I miss the old days of 4th Edition having a new sourcebook almost monthly...
  4. justdan70

    Issues Executing .jar Files Under Windows

    Considering I'm the only user, I guess I have something else to figure out!
  5. justdan70

    Issues Executing .jar Files Under Windows

    How long should it display "Loading plugins" before finally finishing loading?