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  1. Toxxus

    Maxima and Other Things

    Very interesting thread. Perhaps one way to avoid the NCM limitations and potentially wasted points in racial packages would be to purchase the higher stats as some sort of Aid. Ex: Dexterity of the Elves - Aid DEX 2d6 (fixed at 6pts - 3 DEX), 0 end, persistent, always on. Less sure how I'd write-up the negative modifiers, but possibly a persistent suppress/drain of a fixed amount that you received points back for having.
  2. I was hoping there'd be something already done. The Tasha's 6e HTML is pretty good, but I didn't spot anything to track encumbrance and sectional armor defenses. Not even sure how sectional armor would be handled in HD6 without some sort of mod to add a new tab. I've been putting the covered locations in the equipment descriptions, but that's a long ways from what I was shooting for. My current table are all D&D 5e'ers and I've been trying to ease their transition into the Heroverse. Even got them all Hexman dice.
  3. Ultimately, our group settled on a variation Analyze for this purpose. Analyze Motive (a bit of a pathfinder rip of sense motive). I'll allow players to use persuasion as well, but unskilled INT rolls would be at a -3 as I want points spent on skills to be of substantial value.
  4. Toxxus

    The Turakian Age is Seriously Underrated

    If you like that campaign style you will find the Pathfinder adventure path War for the Crown to be particularly interesting. It thoroughly mixes in royal balls, senatorial intrigue, exploration and a modest chunk of combat. It is a very nice change of pace from dungeon crawl heavy runs like Dungeon of the Mad Mage.
  5. Toxxus

    Improving Intimidation

    At first I thought it was a typo and he meant 60 STR, but then that didn't work out either. Nor did 30 DEX using NCM. The point is still reasonably made though. If a guy spends 50 points on X instead of 50 points on Y - Does it really break game balance? My general thought - Yes. Some stat ranges - depending on the campaign - can absolutely obliterate any sense of balance at the gaming table. Keeping a group of players happy with game balance requires that both the reality of the balance and the perception of the balance be in a good place. Each Hero must feel like their particular strengths and skills are just as important to the groups success as those of the other players. If StatMan does double the damage of his counter-parts while being nigh invulnerable and faster to boot then it will be difficult to keep SkillMonkey and MagicMarven happy unless the campaign throws obstacles that favor their abilities over the raw combat power of StatMan fairly often. In my Fantasy Hero campaign I set hard caps on primary stats at 15 and - at their current power levels - my players can have two stats in the 16-20 range or one stat in the 21-23 range. As the campaign progresses I'll raise the caps until it's just the standard NCM. So far so good. Everyone has found their niche. We have crowd control elemental martial arts guy, spirit shaman brick guy, melt-your-face-magic-lady (my wife) and a guy playing a recreation of the Witcher.
  6. Fourth edition for me as I primarily played Fantasy Hero and 4th edition Fantasy Hero was SO good. In fact for my current 6e Fantasy Hero game I have retained the weapon, armor and encumbrance charts from 4e as I feel they did a much better job of balancing the effectiveness of gear.
  7. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? Around 1995 I made a Shadow Knight in Everquest roughly themed after the god of disease (Bertoxxulus) so I shortened it to Toxxus. What was the first tabletop RPG you played? D&D when it still came in pastel colored cardboard boxes (Basic and Expert) What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? D&D basic followed shortly by Boot Hill What are you currently playing/GMing? I'm playing Fantasy Hero using Pathfinder adventure paths for content. My Saturday group (mostly D&D 5e'ers) is enjoying the new system though I admit I'm enjoying it more as it comes with 30 years of nostalgia for me. When did you start to play Hero? Right around 1980 when I picked up a softcover edition that came in a cardboard box (they all did back then). Played Fantasy Hero extensively in high school and college.
  8. Toxxus

    Fantasy Hero Encumberance and STR Mins

    I'll give the exact value thing a shot and let you know how it goes. Do you know of any Fantasy Hero-centric export formats that include encumbrance / total weight carried?
  9. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I can't see a spot on the exported character sheet (default one) for total KG of carrier gear. This is pretty important for a FH campaign where encumbrance substantially effects DCV, Movement and END sue. Also, STR min limitation on weapons (HKAs) leads to pretty inconsistent output. Is that because they're defined as ranges or... ? I'll finish with - I love HD and it has made creating a host of characters, campaign rules and items very easy.
  10. I've purchased the pack and it's good, but what would really make it awesome would be a Fantasy Hero specific character export format for Hero Designer. I'd like something that allowed for sectional armor and tracking weight / encumberance.
  11. Toxxus

    Maxima and Other Things

    It's going to be pretty tricky to balance mathematically. You're going to have to trust your gut to a large degree because only you will have the level of campaign-specific knowledge to decide that. Example: Which stat is more important STR, DEX or INT. STR: Really depends on how often strength-based weapons are used and heavy objects are encountered. If there are a host of monsters with str-based entangles then the value goes up. If everyone is using magic wands and laser rifles it goes down. DEX: How important is it to go first to win the fights? Is the most important aspect of combat offense, defense or resource management? INT: Are the most powerful players wizards? Are there INT based devices and challenges that come up frequently? I am interested to watch this thread though.
  12. I really liked the Entangle idea, but I'd be concerned with characters in a Fantasy Hero setting (where I generally run games) breaking through a 1 DEF/ 1 Bod entangle with a casual CON roll. What I normally do to balance out the abilities of Pathfinder / D&D converted modules is allow the ability to be defeated with an attribute roll contest vs. the strength of the spell or ability. So in this case because it is DC 13 and I translate that to base roll +1 in difficulty (rough estimate for pathfinder is every +4 DC = 1pt shift in skill rank for Hero) I would have my player make a CON roll vs. the enemies funky stench using a 12 or less for them. If the player succeeds by the same or more points than the creature then they would be immune to the effect for 24 hours. Otherwise entangled. Not keeping the skill roll contest in play to simulate saving throws tends to make the converted enemies VERY strong. I like to add it to the limitations of converted monster/NPC spells as a -1/2 for abilities that are at 1/2 effect with a save and as a -1 against abilities that are completely negated by a save.
  13. Toxxus

    HS6E GM Screen

    Good stuff. Hope I can find a Fantasy Hero version of this.
  14. Toxxus

    Browsing through the HERO store

    I'm currently taking my Saturday group through a pathfinder adventure path, but we're using Hero system rules and characters. It's working very well. Mostly I just adlib my creature / NPC conversions since there are so many good examples in the Hero Bestiary that I have a good rough-estimate for almost anything I'm trying to work with. Coming back to Hero system hits me squarely in the nostalgia button. I remember picking up champions when I was like 10 years old.
  15. So far I like the following ideas best: 1- Persuasion vs. Persuasion. 2- Persuasion vs. INT roll. 3- Persuasion vs. Analyze: (Motive / Honesty / etc.). Thanks everyone!