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  1. At least that worked out. I had a family member get denied, get their appeal insta-rejected and then had to lawyer up. About 15 months before they saw check #1 and 25% of the accumulated disability payments had to go to the lawyer. If you have any doubt that the rate of fraud is picking up just spend a morning at the SSA office and look who's applying for benefits.
  2. I've been largely doing this on the fly for my D&D group and it would be great to have something more formalized. One of the things I've had to address is the action economy around reactions. They don't really have that in HERO so I've built out most of those abilities with a Trigger advantage that can't be reset until the start of your next phase. A pleasant surprise is that the blatantly overpowered spells of 5th edition D&D are all prohibitively expensive in HERO. AKA - Active Points balance the powers out better than Crawfordian fiat.
  3. My wife's character has an AoE usable by nearby life support ability vs. poison and disease. I've allowed her to "heal" sick people by spending a couple days with them with their immune systems being able to eventually prevail while the deleterious effects of the disease were held at bay by the life support. Made for an interesting RP encounter where the normally nuke happy fire witch was willing to sit with a family of infected villagers for a couple days.
  4. I'm trying to get Encumbrance penalties to show up on the character sheet. There doesn't seem to be a way to do that out of the box. I'll give the customer adders or modifiers a try.
  5. We're running Fantasy Hero 6th edition with a couple of house rule carry overs from 4th edition (encumbrance and armor penalties and weapons with STR min based on active points).
  6. Medicare fraud is clocking in at around 25% compared to 3% for private insurance so maybe a little extra scrutiny applied to verifying people who claim the need have the need isn't unwarranted. Alternately, I really need all your money and only embracing fascist evil would make you hesitate to hand it over. If we're being serious though - I had a family member who was legitimately in need of disability payments. They applied twice, got shot down twice and had to sue. 15 months before the need started and the money started. Not a fun ride at all. I balance that with also knowing someone on welfare who claimed to not know who the father of her children was so that he could get paid to babysit them at home. There are no easy answers to this stuff.
  7. Massive Area of Effect Tunnelling, limitation only lasts for 2 phases, side effect - Mountain falls on you if you're still in the tunnel when it ends.
  8. I've gone with a hybrid of 4th edition Encumbrance rules where if the players strength is high enough they can remove 1 level of penalties. Anything after that I attribute to weight & bulk and they have to deal with it. My Wednesday night team has a strange mix of a true tank (full plate, big shield, martial strikes every round to get +2 DCV) and is usually sitting at 8rPD, 8PD, 12 DCV, 6 OCV. The "backup" tank is wearing heavy plate 9rPD, 8PD and dual wielding. He's generally at 2 DCV (yes, two) and 10 OCV due to armor penalties. The small shots fall away like rain drops, but the big bads drop him constantly. It's not a *real* encounter until Scrappy is KO'd. Anyway, interesting take on the shield-as-barrier idea. So against a big bad like a dragon pulsing out 4d6k or 3d6k armor piercing the shield would most likely be destroyed on the first use as a barrier. Do you remove the DCV bonus when the shield as used as a barrier so that if the character is attacked from the sides or back they don't benefit from the shield?
  9. Also, it's quite historically accurate to be able to block arrows with shields. It is the historical go-to tool for dealing with ranged attacks.
  10. True, but that last one really hurts. Being 1/2 DCV for an extended period is a real liability. Barriers are an interesting item for Fantasy Hero. I've forced the players to make a DEX roll to successfully abort to Barrier as a defense. Otherwise it's just TOO effective. I've also applied an armor-stacking mechanic to barriers to prevent them from reducing damage to virtually nothing. Example: Plate Armor Man (8 rPD/ 8 PD) is behind the Barrier( 7 PD, 3 bod) that Earth Mage has thrown up. The Tectonic Dragon breathes a shower of deadly rock shards (4d6k) at Plate Armor Man. The roll is (14 BOD / 28 STUN). Do you... 1- Remove 10 BOD / 10 STUN as the attack annihilates the barrier and apply 4 BOD / 18 STUN against Plate Armor Man's defenses resulting in 0 BOD / 2 STUN taken? OR 2- Remove 10 BOD / 10 STUN as the attack annihilates the barrier and apply 4 BOD / 18 STUN against the stackable portion of Plate Armor Man's defenses (2 rPD) and apply 2 BOD / 16 STUN?
  11. This is true, but I'm trying to balance the effectiveness of the move against Dive for Cover which in action economy terms and combat vulnerability is VERY expensive. 1- You abort your turn. 2- It may not work. 3- You end up prone (1/2 DCV) until your next phase. If you just aborted that's closer to two phases. They've made it intentionally difficult to avoid AoE damage and that's probably there to prevent Captain DCV from avoiding too many forms of damage. The tank on my Wednesday crew is in full plate armor with a large shield and with hits martial arts and combat skill levels he's usually at 12 DCV. Standard attacks rarely hit and when they do the damage is heavily mitigated. He's like the Tick. Nigh invulnerable. If I let him further mitigate AoE damage by hiding behind shields... That steps on the toes of the vulnerable low-armor high-dex types who make up for their fragility with mobility. I'll agree with you that it is a pretty iconic fantasy trope - hiding behind the shield to avoid dragon breath damage - but if its too easy to pull off or too effective you'll put game balance at risk. How would you handle it?
  12. I would probably allow a variation of my limited-armor-stacking scheme and do: +1 rPD/ +1 rED for Medium Shield - requires abort or held action +2 rPD / +2 rED for Large Shield - requires abort or held action If you wanted the move to be more effective you might replace it with a variation like this: 25% resistant damage reduction (PD/ED) for Medium Shield with a successful block roll 50% resistant damage reduction (PD/ED) for Large Shield with a successful block roll
  13. Toxxus

    Clue Aversion

    One of the challenging parts with stories that lean away from combat is that you need to develop two things: 1- Motivation - Why do the characters care? What's their stake in what's happening? If they seem to not care about NPCs (not knowing names is a big clue) then they haven't been hooked. a. The NPCs have to feel like real people in the story. Real people that they care about. b. This works for villains as well. They'll stop most any villain because it's the right thing to do, but a villain they have personal reasons to loathe will add an intensity to the combat that is otherwise absent. 2- The characters have to be actual characters. This means the players have to feel they have a character in a story and not a pile of combat stats. a. Some (most) of this is on the players. If they are just moving the Knight on their chessboard they're not as deeply invested. b. Some of this is on the GM to hook the players and their characters into the story. It's hard to do well. Keep practicing. If you're using pre-canned adventures then be picky. I grabbed War for the Crown from Pathfinder a few months ago and started my group down that path even though I had concerns it would be too social schmoozing and intrigue related and too light on combat. The players love it! It is such a nice break from the other campaign we were doing - Dungeon of the Mad Mage - which is a 1000 room dungeon slog.
  14. I mostly run Fantasy Hero so here's what I'm currently running with: If you have a shield you can make a block against a ranged attack with a standard roll. If you have magical powers of synergistic or antagonistic special effects you can block a ranged attack with your ranged attack (fire to block fire or ice to block fire, etc.). I don't allow for blocking ranged attacks with a weapon unless you buy the Deflection power. If you were going to make it more sophisticated with modifiers I would recommend these: Range: The defender gets a bonus to the block roll equal to 1/2 the range modifier between themselves and the attacker. More range = more time to block. Shield Size: -1 for bucklers, standard roll for medium shields, +1 for large shields AoE: If the defender is using magic to block another magic attack maybe allow for a bonus if their attack is a cone or other AoE
  15. You are seven years older than Jesus. Deal with it!
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