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  1. Okay, so let's say I have a character who can create a barrier, but has to use endurance to maintain it... When does the END is taxed ? At each Segment ? On the character's phases ? Each turn ?
  2. I have the two 6th Ed base rule books and champion powers
  3. Okay guys, thanks, I'll keep that in mind !
  4. Hey guys, I'm quite new to the HERO system, but I want to GM for it with my pals One of the villain factions in my (totaly homebrew) setting is the Kureiji Warai, a very Yakuza-esque league of villains that aren't afraid to kill led by a super named Laughing Dragon. In the Kureiji, there is a super gadgeteer who builds weapons and robot henchmen -nicknamed Bunrakus- for the gang, Red Pupeteer, so I'd like to create a bunch of different bunbrakus for my players to "kill", but I have a whole lot of questions. My players will start with 400 points (75 complication points) characters, normal SPD between 3 and 5, up to 8 or 9 for speedsters. I want multiple levels of bunrakus, from simple grunts that fall in one hit to commanders that are just bellow them in terms of firepower. I would also like different types, from quick and agile ninjas to tanky samuraïs and deadly snipers. I don't know how many points I should give them, tho. I would imagine something like 150 for the grunts and maybe 350 for the more powerful, but I tried making a grunt ninja and I ended up being extremely short on martial manoeuvers and equipment. So, how many points should I attribute them ? Should I give them complications like any characters ? Should I account equipments in character points ? I tried to find references, but I couldn't find a lot. I'm short on money, so pricey PDFs are a no-no (unfortunately). So if some of you could share your work on the subject for me to get references, I would be soooo happy PS : I'm French, so my english might be broken as frick, sorry for that :x
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