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  1. Matt the Bruins

    Silly idea of mine: Let's make horrible miscasts

    This one makes sense, as I'm pretty sure she has a stage outfit somewhere that could easily be modified for the role.
  2. Matt the Bruins

    Foods for those that just don't care anymore

    I can't stand them if they taste strongly of fennel, but I love black licorice and absinthe. I think that anise flavor falls strongly in the "must be paired with sugar" category for me.
  3. Matt the Bruins

    A Thread For All Things Creepy And/Or Scary

    There goes any idea of that sun-drenched Greek vacation that the Mamma Mia! movies made me long for...
  4. Matt the Bruins


    Or, failing that, maybe flight? If you can fly fast enough to break orbit I don't think rising above some quicksand should be all that big a challenge...
  5. DC is expecting to launch a pay service with the likes of their CW Network superhero shows and reruns of the Zack Snyder DCAU movies? What's the business model, pay them a monthly protection fee or they'll pirate broadcast their IP over media that we're actually interested in watching?
  6. Matt the Bruins

    Foods for those that just don't care anymore

    I know what I'm having for lunch Saturday!
  7. Matt the Bruins

    D.C.'s Legends of Tomorrow

    Matt Ryan buys them my viewership, at least for a while.
  8. Matt the Bruins

    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    Wasn't the Rhodey recasting because Terrence Howard is basically batshit crazy and was making salary demands based on the assumption that he was the star of the Iron Man franchise?
  9. I thought his delivery as Ronan was awful, reminiscent of stock villains in space opera TV shows. But it was a big surprise coming from Pace, he's been pretty much magnificent in every other role I've seen him in.
  10. Matt the Bruins

    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    Very bad decision. I'd say that Cavill's casting was one of the best decisions Warner Bros made regarding their DC movies, probably eclipsed only by the Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot hires. He's had the misfortune of being in movies that stumbled or outright fell, but none of that was due to the actor.
  11. Matt the Bruins

    TV characters you base game characters on.

    James Hong!
  12. Allan Heinberg, if I'm not mistaken.
  13. Matt the Bruins

    Okay, WTF was I thinking?

    Didn't she send serpents to poison him in his crib when he was an infant, too? Cosmetic Transform in the hands of someone modeled after a jealous goddess whose husband had a wandering eye suggests spoiling someone's looks to me. Maybe image inducers, or nanotech that doesn't do any real harm but makes hair fall out, features coarsen, skin go unpleasant colors/textures, etc.
  14. Matt the Bruins

    Senator John McCain Has Died

    I didn't always agree with Senator McCain, but he had my respect and admiration. The world's a poorer place without him in it.
  15. The first one was so evocative for me, I think it became a matter of diminishing returns as more stories were written.