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  1. David Hyde Pierce had already stepped down from the Abe Sapien role, which makes that character's absence sting a lot less.
  2. Last weekend I had a strong urge to see a movie in the theater and Isn't It Romantic? was the only thing on that appealed. It turned out to be fairly funny, and for once Rebel Wilson didn't annoy me.
  3. I'm a bit surprised by how well Aquaman has done internationally (is still doing, I guess?). I had fun watching it, but never felt like I was seeing anything particularly special except maybe the part set in Sicily.
  4. My understanding is that studios get a bigger slice of the pie from domestic box office, so that's weighted more heavily than the same gross from international theaters. Also, with Disney involved, ancillary merchandising is a big consideration. I'm not sure how that shakes out in the US vs. international markets.
  5. Reads to me like that minimum of 1 point means that if it's a single half d6 rather than x 1/2d6, you're still guaranteed to do one point of penetrating damage regardless of the roll, but if it's something like a 3 1/2d6 attack you have to roll 4-6 to get the extra point added to the total from the three full dice.
  6. That could be a fight... I'm fairly sure Sparrow's breath is high enough proof to be lit on fire and dehydrate Aquaman. The news about Wonder Woman 2 is not good, but if anyone in DC's employ can pull a coherent movie out I'd say Patty Jenkins is that person.
  7. Friday night I had a dream that was like watching a movie. Set in an alternate 1940s or so based on the cars and some of the outfits, but in a Mediterranean country that was a survival of the Roman Empire. Russell Crowe and Diane Lane were the emperor and empress, and there was some kind of soap opera going on among other members of the royal family and assorted court members. Very Downton Abbey-ish if it were set in a palace with open air terraces over the sea and jade pillars everywhere.
  8. This one makes sense, as I'm pretty sure she has a stage outfit somewhere that could easily be modified for the role.
  9. I can't stand them if they taste strongly of fennel, but I love black licorice and absinthe. I think that anise flavor falls strongly in the "must be paired with sugar" category for me.
  10. There goes any idea of that sun-drenched Greek vacation that the Mamma Mia! movies made me long for...
  11. Or, failing that, maybe flight? If you can fly fast enough to break orbit I don't think rising above some quicksand should be all that big a challenge...
  12. DC is expecting to launch a pay service with the likes of their CW Network superhero shows and reruns of the Zack Snyder DCAU movies? What's the business model, pay them a monthly protection fee or they'll pirate broadcast their IP over media that we're actually interested in watching?
  13. Matt Ryan buys them my viewership, at least for a while.
  14. Wasn't the Rhodey recasting because Terrence Howard is basically batshit crazy and was making salary demands based on the assumption that he was the star of the Iron Man franchise?
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