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  1. Matt the Bruins

    Please no more Royal Wedding

    One of my favorite bits in the old Wizard magazine was the photo story where one of the bullpen members became the new herald of Galactus and promptly led him to Endor.
  2. Matt the Bruins

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    I thought it was a slightly blurry movie still, myself. Action figures have come a long way from when I was a kid.
  3. Matt the Bruins

    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    In a world where I'd never seen a post-Iron Man MCU movie... nope, I'd still have been let down by Justice League even if Man of Steel and Wonder Woman were the only decent superhero moves that had been made in the 21st century. It wasn't bad, but it was just a moderately enjoyable popcorn flick. Both Superman and Wonder Woman had solo movies that conveyed the sense of awe and grandeur superheroes should have. And considerably more engaging villains.
  4. Matt the Bruins

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    They basically transplanted the personality from comics Hercules minus his overactive libido. Now instead of a haughty, short-tempered imperialist warlord Thor is a boisterous, well-meaning doofus with occasional flashes of hyper-comptetence thanks to a lifetime thousands of years long. (This is not a complaint, mind you. Thor was the most entertaining part of Infinity War for me, and while I had mixed feelings about Thor: Ragnarok none of the negative ones were due to the title character.)
  5. Matt the Bruins

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    The former is probably a nod to the source material. The latter prevents the sequel from becoming Avengers: Two and a Half Hours of Tony Stark's Manpain (in other words, Age of Ultron.) We've seen Thor's tailoring skills before, in the first movie when he materialized his armor after that 6-mile fall. My take was that the multiple contacts were making the energy shield oscillate, so while it was peaking to fry one Outrider it was weakening in other areas, thus letting others make it partially or fully through. I loved that we got to see both the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and the Images of Ikonn in action. Also impressed that Strange survived going hand-to-hand with Thanos, when he was able to easily take down the Hulk and a hammerless Thor that way.
  6. Matt the Bruins

    [Police brutality] American injustice, yet again.

    Interesting; I've heard the opposite though I can't remember if the friend telling me so was the smalltown police official or the self defense instructor. At any rate, I was told (in the context of threat levels of being mugged) that someone holding you up with a gun was most likely trying to achieve their goal without having to shoot you, whereas someone brandishing a knife had already gone through the process of stabbing you in their mind and was much likelier to make an actual attempt on your life.
  7. Matt the Bruins

    We lost a good one.....

    So sorry to hear this. Hyper-Man was always kind, helpful, and a delight to interact with on these boards. Also dropped my jaw with his talent at HERO-fu, coming up with just the right builds for iconic comics characters. RIP.
  8. Matt the Bruins

    Defender Writeup

    Is it just me, or does it seem weird for that particular Skill to be increased by enhancement from wearing power armor?
  9. Matt the Bruins

    Marvel Character Write Ups

    Yeah, Captain Marvel is pretty much the poster boy for Only in Alternate ID, but Ghost Rider is a good example too. Multiform might be more appropriate for characters who have powers in both forms that differ significantly, or entirely different personas/psychology. I think I'd favor that approach for Jason Blood/Etrigan. Of course, in HERO there's generally not One True Way to build any given character, it's a matter of interpretation.
  10. Agreed. I love Lee Pace, but that role was the ONE time I've seen him stink up the screen. Not pointless; judging by that blazing fist in the image above it's a really good thing Carol wears her red hanky on the right.
  11. Matt the Bruins

    Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    Hela is played by Cate Blanchett, Sauron by Benedict Cumberbatch; Hela wins.
  12. Matt the Bruins

    Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    Nefaria managed to stop a blow by Mjolnir with his Superman-esque strength, but he was never able to actually pick it up from the ground or hold it on his own. So far as I'm aware, that's only ever been done by people Odin would consider worthy.
  13. Matt the Bruins

    Black Panther with spoilers

    I'd say the new Ms. Marvel is well on her way to getting there. And Superboy/Jon Kent is showing that sort of potential, though it's too soon to tell as yet. (Bendis could easily deep-six his future with some too-gritty story that either fridges him for drama or turns him into a sarcastic, rebellious antihero because isn't that what all teenagers are like these days? And get off my lawn!)
  14. Matt the Bruins

    Hyperman in the hospital

    Fingers crossed that your recovery is full and speedy, Hyper-Man!
  15. Matt the Bruins

    Black Panther with spoilers

    Silly, everyone knows movies with principally black casts are a small niche market. Factor in the diminishing returns of a sequel, and there'd be no point! Why, it'd be lucky to make half a billion dollars in domestic ticket sales!