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  1. mattingly

    Funny pics

    "Well, shoot."
  2. mattingly

    Funny pics

    There might be JavaScript on Mars.
  3. mattingly

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series on Hulu. The Emperor's New Groove on Netflix.
  4. mattingly


    Autocorrect can go to he'll.
  5. mattingly

    It's an unpleasant day when.....

    My own security team tricked me with a great phish. On the Monday before election day, they sent a "corporate revised election policy" or something. I totally fell for it.
  6. mattingly

    Satranverse Heroes

    True, true. But at one point, it was planned to be enormous. Like at least triple the size, and be a complete worldbook.
  7. mattingly

    Satranverse Heroes

    If I remember right, those were all going to be a part of his Journey to the Center of the Earth book, which was never completed.
  8. mattingly

    Funny pics

    It's finger-thwippin' good!
  9. mattingly

    MHI Campaign

    I've been playing in a Monster Hunter game for a few months now. After each game, I mock up a book cover to commemorate each of our adventures. And, for the holidays, I figured we'd send Christmas cards to our clients.
  10. mattingly

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    I wish we'd get to see some more Darcy in the MCU. "How's space?" "Space is fine."
  11. mattingly

    Funny pics

    That's why "Gnort, Mr. Alien" is the proper initial greeting to any extraterrestrial.
  12. mattingly

    Funny pics

    "Three books! Nobody said anything about three books!"
  13. mattingly

    Order of the Stick

    "I know, right?"
  14. mattingly


    For heroic games, I generally cap it at 8 DCs to start off.