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  1. Pariah

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    I've been desperately hoping for several weeks that the Donkeys weren't going to pick a quarterback with their first pick. Needless to say, I am relieved. With Bradley Chubb lining up opposite Von Miller, I can't help but think that Rivers, Carr, and Mahomes aren't going to sleep quite as easy tonight.
  2. Pariah

    Funny pics

    Great, now that song's gonna be stuck in my head forever.
  3. Pariah

    2017 Word Association Game

    Bass and drums
  4. Pariah

    Complicate the Person Above

    L. Marcus likes to consume Vegemite. Intravenously.
  5. Pariah

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    "...and with the moon in Sagittarius, I see Sam Darnold falling to 27th, where he will be chosen by the New England Patriots as Tom Brady's understudy."
  6. Pariah

    '17-18 NBA Thread

    The Jazz had OKC down 25 in the 3rd quarter and let them come back and win it. Not good. Gotta close it out in SLC tomorrow.
  7. Pariah

    The Academics Thread

    1. It's posted on the front board. 2. It's posted on the side board. 3. It was on the projector at the beginning of class. 4. It's in the instructions on the test itself. 5. I announced it at the beginning of class. 6. I talked to you individually about it during the test. If you don't understand that you can't have your phone out during the test, it's not because you weren't informed. Don't get mad at me. Pay attention, and make better decisions.
  8. Pariah

    Answers & Questions

    Q: What the Hell is Lady Gaga wearing this time? A: That is one big pile of crap.
  9. Pariah

    The cranky thread

    ...add thanks to two kids who aren't yet housebroken and won't follow instructions simple enough for a well-trained German Shepherd, the root canal wasn't even the worst part of my night. If today was a fish, I'd throw it back.
  10. Pariah

    The cranky thread

    Time for another root canal. In about five minutes. Huzzah!
  11. Pariah

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Do you ever use Twitter? A: No job too big, no brain too small!
  12. Pariah

    2017 Word Association Game

    Most Common Superpower
  13. Pariah

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Excuse me, is this where the English horn convention is being held? A: I'm not as stupid as you look!
  14. Pariah

    Complicate the Person Above

    Death Tribble was irritated by a guy from the Securities Exchange Commission, so he had him fired. From a cannon. Into the North Sea.
  15. Pariah

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    > insert gratuitous comparison of Rob Gronkowski and the south end of a northbound horse here <