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  1. Not true. He's now Seattle's problem.
  2. Wait, what?! Joe Flacco reportedly heading to Broncos in trade as Ravens shake up offseason QB market I can only figure that Elway is looking as Flacco as a mentor for Drew Lock (or whoever the Donkeys end up spending too high a draft pick on at QB this April). But still...a mid-round pick, plus 3 years of $20M+ salary for a quarterback already well into this 30s? I don't get it.
  3. 'Canoe paddle' is also an acceptable answer.
  4. I actually had this conversation with someone once upon a time. Them: I don't think secondhand smoke is as big a deal as everyone makes it. Me: Actually, secondhand smoke is a lot more dangerous than you've heard. Them: How's that? Me: Because if you smoke around my kids, you might get hit in the head with a tennis racket.
  5. Proof that villains get XP too.
  6. Looks interesting. I'll see if the wife & kids will let me watch it.
  7. Speaking of which.... It's indefensible Hunt has job, Kaepernick doesn't
  8. Q: How much does a socially awkward penguin weigh? A: Not enough to break the ice.
  9. If I ever got into an escape room, I'd want to do it by myself. I'd find a couch or a comfy chair and take a nap until they came in to drag me out.
  10. Utterly inexplicable. There's no reason for a Court full of so-called Originalists to make such a ruling.
  11. I recently gave my students a conservation of momentum problem involving a U-238 atom that underwent alpha decay. Boy, were the results all over the place.
  12. Good thing he never knelt for the national anthem, or they'd never have picked him up!
  13. All right, folks, here's my second hero pick: Hero: Morgaine le Fey (Yes, she's going to be working with Etrigan. Won't that be fun?)
  14. Are you gonna stop at the Skywalkers' moisture farm and try to get rid of those droids on your way to your vacation destination?
  15. Excellent! Did you solve the problem by finding acceleration from the velocities, or did you use the Work-Energy Theorem?
  16. In my defense, I am a first-year Physics teacher. I'm used to dealing with things on a much smaller scale. That, and I was writing the problem as the tardy bell was ringing this morning. Let's see if any of my students catch the problem as well as you all did. Gold stars for everyone!
  17. "This isn't an English assignment, so I won't knock off points for missing semicolons and the like. But it's also not a tweet or a text message. It needs to include complete sentences; it needs to be something I can actually read; and it needs to address the question. Mainly, it needs to make sense. If you submit something that looks like the President sent it out at 2:30 in the morning, you probably won't get a very good grade."
  18. I think UCF's is worse, but I don't fault you for hating Oregon's. College Basketball: The 10 ugliest courts
  19. ...and I'm out. Astonishing X-Men (Whedon) The Judas Contract Watchmen
  20. What, you mean a minor league whose teams don't call themselves colleges? Yeah, that's worth rooting for.
  21. A 1750-kg truck traveling at 100.0 m/s threatens some nuns in a crosswalk. A superhero named Stupendous Man uses his super strength to slow the truck to 50.0 m/s which buys enough time for the nuns to get out of the road. His heroic effort takes 10.2 s, and the truck travels 765.31 m during that time. 1. How much work does Stupendous Man do on the truck? 2. How much force must Stupendous Man exert on the truck to slow it down? 3. What power does Stupendous Man produce in his effort?
  22. We still have a Creepy Pics thread, right?
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