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  1. The one played by the late R. Lee Ermey?
  2. My mother was an elementary/middle school teacher in the district we lived in. I never had her as a teacher, but both of my younger brothers did. After being corrected multiple times for calling her "Mom" instead of "Mrs. _____" at school, my middle brother slipped up one day accidentally called her "Mrs. Mom". And that's what he and all his friends ended up calling her for the rest of their middle school careers.
  3. Death Tribble was once mistaken for Rocky Raccoon.
  4. I'm a high school teacher. This is literally every day of my life.
  5. Okay, I have a couple of new characters to share: Quark and Red Giant. Here's their story.
  6. "I think this is your daughter." "Her mother hath many times told me so."
  7. Last year I was showing a group of students a picture of my daughter, and one of them asked, "Where did she get that dark hair?" "My hair used to be that color!" "Before you got old?" "...yes."
  8. Death Tribble is powered by a microscopic singularity.
  9. By the way, this was a damn good concert. REO opened with about a dozen songs. In between, Kevin Cronin would talk to the audience like we were just sitting in his living room having drinks. One particularly powerful story he told was about 9/11. The band was in Los Angeles at the time, with their next concert scheduled in Salt Lake City 3 days later. They made the drive up, not knowing if they would be ready to play or if there would even be much of an audience to play to. But when they got to the venue, there were 10,000 screaming fans waiting for them, and they said it was one of the most memorable shows that ever played. It was at that point that they felt like things were finally going to be okay again. Chicago's set was even more impressive. They started by playing their amazing second album in its entirety. Even though it was out of order, they ended that part of the set with an absolutely scorching rendition of 25 or 6 to 4. It was probably a big shock to some of their johnny-come-lately fans to discover the Chicago was, in fact, a ROCK band back in the day. The second half of their set was dedicated to a bunch of their hits, with only two from the 80s ballad era: "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" (complete with the "Get Away" outro) and "You're The Inspiration". There were a lot of great songs I hadn't heard in a long time. All in all, a fantastic night.
  10. How long is it been since we could legitimately say that getting traded to the Browns was a step up for a really good player?
  11. Try this elegant and finely-crafted link.
  12. Nice one. Less creepy than "Don't Stand So Close To Me".
  13. The Jags are dumping Blake Bortles in the wake of Nick Foles coming to JAX, so Elway could pick him up. Overdraft a rookie next month, and you've got a trifecta!
  14. If you come to a bridge, best let him off and go another way.
  15. Completing the spaced-out family.... Sibling #7: Thaddeus Bach As with previous selections, all of his abilities are innate, including the Invisibility/Intangibility (which is normally in his belt) and the Energy Stuff (which is normally in his wristbands).
  16. That which is remembered, remains. Condolences, Bolo.
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