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  1. Pariah

    Complicate the Person Above

    Cancer just couldn't let the thread pass quietly. Kind of like his students.
  2. Pariah

    A Game Of Questions

    What if I don't have a sister?
  3. Pariah

    2018 Superdraft Central

    I do not accept excuses. I'm just going to have to find another giant Superdraft, that's all.
  4. Pariah

    The Academics Thread

    I wish I could Like this a dozen times. Also, I'm stealing this for the Book of Face.
  5. Pariah

    Answers & Questions

    Q: I can't tell for certain whether or not that is cat feces. Where did you find it? A: Clearly I can not choose the wine in front of you.
  6. Pariah

    '17-18 NBA Thread

    They should change to this logo, because they certainly got plucked by LeBron James.
  7. Pariah

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Man, this stinks! A: Schrödinger's pigeon.
  8. Pariah

    The Academics Thread

    The grade for the class consisted of three exams. I scored comparatively low on the first and the last, both of which primarily emphasized Relativity. On the middle exam, which emphasized Quantum Mechanics, I had the second highest score in the class.
  9. Pariah

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    Yeah, Happy birthday, Hermit!
  10. Pariah

    I challenge you!

    Satan, of course. The Girl Scouts are just minions. M.J. Masterworks: Thriller vs. Bad
  11. Pariah

    2018 Superdraft Central

    Do it! I dare you!
  12. Pariah

    2017-18 NHL Thread

    Pariah => <= Badger
  13. Pariah

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    An expansion team is in the NHL conference finals.
  14. Pariah

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    (As the old question goes, "What's the best thing ever to come out of Wyoming?" Answer. "I-25 headed south.")
  15. Pariah

    The Last Word

    Getting eaten by a grue?
  16. Pariah

    The Academics Thread

    FINALLY got my score back on my Quantum Mechanics & Relativity final exam (that was due May 1st). I did okay, not great. Overall, I ended up with 81.69%, which is a B- before the professor's promised curve. For a graduate level Physics class, I'll take it.
  17. Pariah

    2017-18 NHL Thread

    The last time a Canadian team won Lord Stanley's cup was 1993--the Montreal Canadiens. Twenty-five years without a Stanley Cup winner in Canada. This is unconscionable. For the next couple of weeks, you can count me a fan of the Winnipeg Jets.
  18. Pariah

    '17-18 NBA Thread

    At this point, I'm pulling for a !Cavaliers vs. !Warriors Finals.
  19. Pariah

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    One more heroine to help save the day... Heroine: Amanda Sefton (417)
  20. Pariah


    Q: What kind of fish is made of two sodium atoms?
  21. Pariah

    Insights from the long vacation

    Liquid hydrogen AND hydrofluoric acid on the same trip?! Some guys have all the luck....