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  1. The two are not mutually exclusive. I work in a high school. I know. V-D Showdown: Flowers vs. Chocolates vs. Promises You Don't Intend to Keep
  2. Armor Wars (Iron Man) Avengers NOW! Issues 1-13 The Twelve West Coast Avengers: Lost in Space and Time
  3. Okay, I did NOT foresee this turn of events. PS: There are 8 planets and at least 5 dwarf planets in our solar system. 6 if you count Farout.
  4. For what it's worth, my plan was: Protagonist: Harley Quinn Ex #1: Joker Complication: He abused her one time too many, so she leaked his plans to Rorschach, who put him in the ICU. Ex#2: Poison Ivy Complication: After finding comfort in the arms of her longtime friend and confidant, she ultimately decided she wasn't comfortable batting for that side. Ex#3: Moon Knight Complication: She tried being good--really, she did!--but ultimately his obsession with justice (and his dedication to Khonshu) was more than she could deal with. True Love: Foxbat - Someone as crazy as herself, but ultimately kind-hearted and in it for the laughs. What might have been....
  5. I said tell us "when to go", not "where to go"....
  6. A good man (or woman) is hard to find, it seems.
  7. Nope. This is your show. You tell us when we go.
  8. I hardly think you can claim all the credit. There were several of us (and I'm one of them) who made comments along the same lines. And you're certainly not to blame for the vitriol of the reaction.
  9. I'm intrigued. I like the idea of a developmental league for the NFL. The other major sports leagues have them, of course, but the NFL has really only had the NCAA as a feeder. Plus, there's a team here in SLC, so that's fun. And some of the rule changes the new league will be using should be interesting to see.
  10. That "NFL 100" commercial that aired during--and was much better than--the Super Bowl last night. We've watched it a couple of times just to see if we can catch all the jokes.
  11. I only own the symphonic version. I know the county Library has Tomita's version, however. I haven't heard that one in a while.
  12. That looks like one angry bird....
  13. As a chemist, I'm always going to go with the answer that includes "mole". Would you rather.... Watching a rerun of Super Bowl LIII vs. Getting a root canal
  14. Opinion: Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman shouldn’t even have been playing in the game tl;dr version: In Major League Baseball, a PED suspension during a season disqualifies a player from participating the postseason. The NFL doesn't do the same; if they had, Edelman would've been watching the game from his couch. But he wasn't, because the NFL doesn't actually care about PEDs. An interesting read.
  15. Report: Raiders to play in SF at Giants' stadium in 2019 As one comment read: "Las Vegas/Oakland Raiders of San Francisco"
  16. I dunno...three or four days, maybe? If we got something started by the 7th, that'd give us two weeks to draft and a week for a poll.
  17. My five year old son is completely obsessed with the planets right now, so I'm taking an opportunity to introduce his sister and him to the music of Gustav Holst.
  18. Gorgon. Catoblepas just sounds ridiculous. Captain Nemo vs. Finding Nemo
  19. As Doc Shadow has plainly stated that he's not going to run the "Why My Love Life Sucks" Superdraft in February, I've taken it off the schedule. If anyone has something they'd be willing & able to put together on short notice, post it here and we'll run with it. Otherwise, we'll see you again in March.
  20. My biggest problem is indecision. Or maybe it's not.
  21. Death Tribble was skipping rocks one day and things got a little bit out of hand. As a result, Mars has two moons that it didn't originally have.
  22. We are a month and a half early for leprechauns yet. I'll go with brownie. Desserts: Brownies vs. Chocolate cake
  23. "Tom, guess what kind of berry this is." "Well, it looks like...." "I'll give you a hint: it's not a blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, boysenberry, cranberry, or elderberry. Gooseberry is out, as is goji berry, lingonberry, juneberry, and mulberry. And don't even mention huckleberry, juniper berry, or banana." "Banana?" "I told you not to mention it!"
  24. "Come on, spore brain, don't milk it!"
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