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  1. Prattling on about Eurometal vs. Posting the next matchup
  2. Wait, who's compensating for what now?
  3. I had this list all made of the characters I was considering...and I left it on my desk when I left for the four-day weekend. I'll make some pics tomorrow.
  4. Death Tribble isn't actually Death Tribble, but someone else who happens to have the same name.
  5. Q: How are those puppies you had as a kid doing? A: That sounds like a well-researched and factually accurate answer to a question nobody asked.
  6. "Done properly, parenting is a heroic act. Done. Properly."
  7. The writers at Saturday Night Live apparently thought that the President's "Emergency Declaration" was stupid and pointless, and Alec Baldwin portrayed the president in a parody over the weekend. President Trump, of course, tweeted all of the usual things in response: fake news, hit job, Enemy of the People, and so forth. He even worked the word "retribution" into it. Nice. I've grown tired of this stupid reality show. Will somebody just tell Donald Trump "You're fired!" so we can get on with the new season?
  8. Given its much lower temperatures, is the fluid even still a fluid on Titan? Disney Demigod Throwdown: Hercules vs. Maui
  9. I wonder if I can post a comment to this thread and have anybody see it?
  10. Now that the lawsuit has been settled, Yahoo! Sports has posted an article speculating that Colin Kapernick may be headed to the Patriots as a backup to Tom Brady. Mother of Hades, WHY do I read the #×€$×)% comments on internet news articles?!?!
  11. The solar system rendered in Play-Doh.
  12. ... and it all went downhill from there. Salt Lake missed four field goals. Those four field goals represent the same number of points that Birmingham scored in winning the game. Very disappointing.
  13. That was a pretty darn good defensive series to open the second half for Salt Lake.
  14. Tell me when the Kickstarter goes live.
  15. I don't believe the President has any idea what a can of worms he's opening today. But it would not surprise me at all if the next President elected from the Democratic Party declares climate change an emergency and appropriates funds and institutes policy changes as a result. Or if the next Democratic President declares a state of emergency after the next mass shooting and implements a bunch of gun control measures without bothering to get Congressional approval. It's what we science people refer to as the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum: What goes around, comes around.
  16. The fact that Chief Justice Roberts recently sided with the Court's more liberal wing on an important decision gives me at least a slight glimmer of hope that there are enough Justices who care more about the Constitution than about party affiliation that this thing could be resolved properly. Of course, the Court's refusal last week to allow a convicted murderer to be executed in the presence of his spiritual advisor of choice gives me somewhat less hope on the matter. I guess we'll just have to see. Either way, this seems to me like a desperate reach on the President's part.
  17. "I really like your glasses." "Well, they're not for sale!"
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