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    Third Edition Renaissance

    For the first time in literally decades, I've been looking back at the Third Edition of Champions. It's the version I learned to play on, and there are times when i miss the simplicity--especially as I contemplate teaching new people to play. So I've begun building characters again. And I've got to tell you, here's something really cool about building a character with pencil and paper. I've had to relearn how a few things work, like END (Holy cow! How did my heroes ever stay awake for more than a Turn?!) and proper Elemental Controls, but I'm now able to create a new character in ~30 minutes, start to finish. It's been a lot of fun. Anyway, I've created a handful of characters under the 3rd Ed rules, and I'm going to post a few of them here. Feedback is, of course, welcome.
  2. Are you in school? Do you teach school? Do you have family members in school? Are you experiencing (or have you experienced) strange, remarkable, and/or amusing things related to school? Or do you just like reading and taking about other people's school experiences? Then this thread is for you.
  3. Great Galloping Geminis, it’s the Noah’s Ark Superdraft! This Superdraft runs much like the ones we’ve done in the past, with one key difference: You will be making your draft picks two at a time! That’s right, true believers, you’ll be drafting heroes, villains, locations, and options in pairs. Here’s how it’ll work: We’ll start drafting on Monday, January 7th at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. (That should be 10:00 p.m. in London and 7:30 a.m. Tuesday in Darwin, if memory serves.) On that date, you’ll make your first pair of selections. Then, at that same time each day for the next two weeks (skipping Saturday and Sunday) you’ll make another pair of picks. When you’re done, you’ll have a total of 20 selections around which to build your story. This is a Supers draft. Focus on superheros, supervillains, and related things, please. Within that framework, however, you can build whatever story you’d like. Here are the selections you will be making: Locations: Yes, plural. Choose two locations for your story. You may designate one as a primary location if you’d like, but it’s not required. This will be your first pair of picks on January 7th. Locations are not exclusive. Heroes: Choose two heroes at a time. Each pair of heroes you choose must have some relationship in canon! For example, if you want to choose Mister Incredible, you can pair him with Elastigirl, Frozone, Dash, Violet, Jack-Jack, or even Voyd or Gazer Beam, but not with Mister Fantastic. You will choose four pairs of heroes. Hero picks are exclusive. (For purposes of this draft, appearing together “in canon” can be interpreted to mean “in some professionally-published work”. Fanfic isn’t canon. Cosplay isn’t canon. Marvel/DC crossovers would be considered canon. “What If” stories are considered canon. And so on. Please ask if you have questions.) Villains: Choose villains two at a time as well. As with heroes, the villains must have appeared together in canon. Villains may be individuals, teams, or organizations. You will choose two pairs of villains. Each villain may be picked twice; the villain does not need to be paired the same way both times. Options: These picks are for supporting cast, MacGuffins, alternate locations, additional pairs of heroes or villains, or anything else that doesn’t fit cleanly into to one of the categories above. Options that involve heroes and villains must still be made in pairs, and they must still have some relationship to each other. Other option picks need not be related in any fashion--for example, you could choose the Maltese falcon (the statue) and Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsabre as one Option pick. Again, ask if you have questions. The usual rules for drafting characters apply. Please draft only professionally published fictional characters. Draft the man, not the mask. Choosing Ant-Man Henry Pym removes all other versions of Henry Pym (Yellowjacket, Giant-Man, Ultimate Henry Pym, etc.) from the board, but Ant-Man Scott Lang and Yellowjacket Rita DeMara would still be available. With a nod to tradition, Supergirl and Power Girl are considered separate characters. The big idea in this draft is to choose pairs. Please don’t choose a hero and a villain together, even if they fit really well or have a lot of history. Don’t pick Batman and the Joker together; pick Batman and Robin, or the Joker and Harlequin. If you use an Option pick for heroes or villains, choose a pair of them. Don’t pick Falcon (Sam Wilson) and the Millennium Falcon together. You get the idea. As stated above, we will begin Monday, January 7th at 5:00 p.m. EST with the Location picks. We will make a new pair of picks at the same time each day until Friday. We’ll take Saturday and Sunday (the 12th & 13th) off for make-up picks, fiction, etc. We will then make picks Monday through Friday the following week. I’ll put up a poll on or around Monday, January 28th and wrap everything up by the end of the month. So, who’s with me?
  4. Pariah

    How do you draw an X?

    #7 for me. To draw a plus sign, rotate #5 45° clockwise.
  5. As someone with two severely arthritic ankles and effectively no useful sense of direction, I'm gonna go with "Stay In the Car".
  6. Pariah

    The Academics Thread

    Would "engraved on metal plates" be entirely inappropriate?
  7. Pariah

    Third Edition Renaissance

    Thunderbird, member of the X-Men for about 3 issues:
  8. I'm too lazy to look up the old thread(s), so I'm starting a new one. It's a word association game. You know how it works. Opening word: Bus
  9. Pariah

    The Academics Thread

    From my current statistics class syllabus: "Homework should not be submitted electronically; rather, always bring a hard copy of your homework to class, as [Professor A] despises trees. Don't worry, she will be punished for this."
  10. Pariah

    The Non Sequitor Thread

    Today's commute playlist: RVW's "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis" Barber's "Adagio for Strings" "1812 Overture" (full choral version)
  11. Well, no updates today. Obviously. Let's shoot for tomorrow morning.
  12. Pariah

    The cranky thread

    She passed away peacefully around 2:00 a.m. The funeral will be this Saturday. After seeing her last Friday night, it's hard to be sad for her. She just wasn't herself anymore. I'm glad her suffering is over. I'll miss her, though. And I feel bad for her husband and son. Their three-year-old and our five-year-old are best buddies. I feel like we're going to see a lot of him over the next few weeks.
  13. Pariah

    Anyone up for 20,000 Point Heroes?

    I really can't conceive of such a thing. I tried to build a villain on 2500 points once, just to see if I could do it. I couldn't. As mentioned above, I ran out of things to spend points on.
  14. Pariah

    Third Edition Renaissance

    Okay, I have a new character to post. A shameless ripoff loving homage to a character whose potential I feel was never truly explored, I give you the mighty Tomahawk!
  15. Pariah

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Headline of the Day:
  16. Exactly what it says on the tin.
  17. Pariah

    A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    Doomsday and Armageddon just had a baby, and it is ugly!
  18. Pariah

    A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    "I had rather be a canker in a hedge than a rose in his grace, and it better fits my blood to be disdained of all than to fashion a carriage to rob love from any. In this, though I cannot be said to be a flattering honest man, it must not be denied but I am a plain-dealing villain. I am trusted with a muzzle and enfranchised with a clog; therefore I have decreed not to sing in my cage. If I had my mouth, I would bite; if I had my liberty, I would do my liking. In the meantime, let me be that I am, and seek not to alter me."
  19. Pariah

    In other news...

    The lunar eclipse was visible in Salt Lake City, and it was spectacular.
  20. Pariah

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Have you seen Connie and Carla? Written by and starring Nia Vardolos, in some ways it's a distaff counterpart.
  21. Pariah

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Crocodile Dundee. So very, very 80s.
  22. I anticipate updating things tomorrow morning, as it is a holiday here in the States. Also, I'm withdrawing my picks from a couple of days ago. I have no story (nor even 12% of a story) to go with them. Feel free to use any of these characters as you see fit. Excelsior!
  23. Pariah

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    I'm not sure which bothers me more: the thought of Ndamukong Suh getting a Super Bowl ring, or the thought of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Bill Belichick getting another one. Nevertheless, I will be wearing blue and yellow two weeks hence. (Sorry, Cygnia. Nothing personal.)