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  1. "I am the terror that flaps in the night!"
  2. Darwin. Einstein is almost universally venerated, even by people without a hint of the mathematics necessary to understand even the most basic things he said. Bigger Sin in Modern America: Being an intellectual vs. Being a moderate
  3. If the movie is as tedious as this thread has become, I'll probably skip it.
  4. Meanwhile, Cancer is singing this whilst grading exams:
  5. Somebody gave me one of those fruit juice and kale smoothie things, and I got around to drinking it yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't vile at all.
  6. I posted a sign a week and a half ago saying that all late work, make-up work, re-submissions, etc. had to be done by Monday, March 18th at 2:30 p.m. I posted another sign just below that one on Monday at 2:45 with a picture of Porky Pig saying, "That's all, folks!"* A kid walked in today during lunch to ask if I could reopen some of the assignments online--some going back to the first week of the term--because he had been 'sick'. Seriously?! -- *This was new this year. In previous years, the sign has just said, "NO."
  7. "Look, Dad-dee, a snake!" *WHACK* "Snakee go down the hooooole."
  8. I just handed back several papers...without recording the scores first. I need a nap.
  9. Have you seen the awesome 90s-style website for the movie?
  10. Violence directed against evil is still violence. Sometimes it can't be helped. I'm pragmatic enough to understand that. But it sure would be nice if there were a better way.
  11. My wife's family are fond of "Son of a motherless goat!" from The Three Amigos.
  12. Since the 2019 season starts today (in Japan), is it time to start a new thread?
  13. There's also a specific word for which [obscene gerund] is an adequate substitute.
  14. You called it. Raiders sign controversial linebacker Vontaze Burfict despite ugly history with Antonio Brown\ * muches popcorn *
  15. I will also occasionally write [REDACTED] where a profane word would normally go. I think I got the idea from Heinlein, one of whose characters in Starship Troopers said something about "the best redacted unit in the whole unprintable army", or words to that effect.
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