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  1. The Apocalypse: Well, it's complicated.


    When the Dragon of the Moon was banished from the Earth Realm, one of the keys that locked it in place was the Moon itself. Because the Moon's orbit changes by a few millimeters every year, the Dragon has been able to increase its influence in recent years. If the Moon can be moved sufficiently far, or even destroyed, the last of the blocks would be eliminated and the Dragon would be free to return.


    Marc Spector knew this--Khonshu himself revealed it to him--which is part of what led him to adopt the seven in the first place. Starbreaker and Proxima Midnight also know it. And they know that one of Marc's young charges has the power to make it happen: Kevin.


    The destruction or relocation of the Moon would have other consequences, of course. Any significant change in the moon's location would have gravitational effects on the Earth, some of which could be catastrophic. There are also metaphysical problems with the Moon being other than where it is supposed to be. Arcane Horrors, the likes of which the world hasn't seen in recorded human history, would be loosed upon an unsuspecting world.


    In any case, it would be a very bad thing if something were to happen to the Moon.

  2. 1 hour ago, Chris Goodwin said:


    Wait, are you seriously not breaking out the specifics of their Disadvantages, just like no one ever did in the old days?  


    Blame it on the format. There's only so many characters you can put in one line in this thing....

  3. My mother was an elementary/middle school teacher in the district we lived in. I never had her as a teacher, but both of my younger brothers did. After being corrected multiple times for calling her "Mom" instead of "Mrs. _____" at school, my middle brother slipped up one day accidentally called her "Mrs. Mom". And that's what he and all his friends ended up calling her for the rest of their middle school careers.

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