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  1. rjcurrie

    Champions Now Information

    I've got to admit that my thought was that the "Rules Lite" version of Champions Now would not necessarily resemble the Hero System at all but would be a modern Indie RPG-style rule set designed to specifically create the same kind of experiences that Ron Edwards is tailoring 3E Champions to create.
  2. rjcurrie

    How do I copy and paste text?

    The Hero Designer documentation describes how to Cut and Paste text.
  3. I just updated to the May version and the font scaling has stopped working for me too. I have attached the trace.log file. trace.log
  4. rjcurrie

    Champions Now Information

    My impression is that Ron wants to create a book about how to create a great superhero role-playing experience. That book will include two ruleselts that players and GMs can use to do so. One ruleset is a revised version of Original Champions (1st-3rd editions). The other would be a new rules set with a more modern indie approach designed to capture the same flavor.
  5. Looks like you're trying to use the Attack Versus Alternate Defense modifier. That modifier is for attacks that work against a different defense that usual (for example, Power Defense instead of Energy Defense). You want to use the Alternate Combat Value modifier which includes the OCV vs. DMCV option you want at +1/4. As a more general comment, if, for some reason, the desired modifier is not available, you can use Custom Modifier. Details on using it are available in the Hero Designer documentation.
  6. rjcurrie

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    Does it really matter how silly a plan Thanos may have? Who cares if it's going to work or not? Isn't the only important thing the threat that he presents to the heroes? And I certainly don't see the MCU as a "realistic superhero" milieu.
  7. rjcurrie

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    When populations start getting out of hand again, he just snaps his fingers again for another culling.
  8. rjcurrie

    POD for 6e1 and 6e2

    From what I've heard, they've pulled them because the light blue index entries in the original color PDF comes out as a very light grey when printed and apparently not readable in some copies. It's my understanding that the plan is to fix it then offer the POD again. It's unknown how long that will take.
  9. Sure, why not? We've already seen a different actor play a younger Sarek, what's wrong with different actors playing Pike, Spock, and Number One? And I would imagine that we will meet Spock. He is the main character's foster brother, after all.
  10. rjcurrie

    Petey's 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    The women's hockey tourney started a couple of days ago. The men's hockey tourney starts on Wednesday (USA vs. Slovenia at 7:10 AM ET/4:10 AM PT on NBCSN). A couple of web sites that might be useful to you instead of the app (or to supplement it). Can't comment on the app itself (as expected, it is not available in Canada): http://olympics.org http://nbcolympics.com
  11. rjcurrie

    Skills: useful or just for flavor?

    Personally, I tend to design characters with 40 or 50 points of Skills, Generally, they will have several of the standard skills, a few Knowledge Skills, a Language or two, one or two Professional Skills, one or two Area Knowledge Skills, maybe a Culture Skill or two, and, if appropriate, one or more Science Skills.
  12. rjcurrie

    The new Jumanji[SPOILER WARNING]

    I was never trying to claim that board games were more popular than computer games. I was merely countering your condescending “who plays those anymore" comment with an indicator that the hobby game industry is growing and thriving. However, I’m done here. Clearly, my point was lost on you.
  13. rjcurrie

    The new Jumanji[SPOILER WARNING]

    Here's some numbers for the hobby game industry from 2016: https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/38012/hobby-games-market-over-1-4-billion My impression is that similar growth continued in 2017.
  14. rjcurrie

    Can we forgive old movies?

    Joan Rivers made Rabbit Test not Nancy Walker. Nancy wasn't even in the movie.